Video Maker/Producer

Video Makers/Producers form videos for a variety of industrial and advertisement purposes. They propose, coordinate and make easy video projects from beginning to end, both in a location and studio. They are the chief players in the film, video and TV industries for the fact that the idea of a project initially comes form them. A Video Maker/Producer supervises each project from the start up to the end point. They research and evaluate ideas and completed the scripts. They build up and develop a new product or artistic creation. A Maker/Producer is expected to report directly to the client.

Video Makers/Producers are also expected to set up the financial support for every project. They are in charge in controlling the production expenses based on the financial plan or budget. They also arrange the shooting schedules. They are utilizing computer software applications for budgeting, scheduling and screenwriting. A Video Maker/Producer is responsible in appointing key staff to shoot videos and films. They oversee the development of the project. They have a regular assembly with the director to talk about the characters and scenes of the said project. Some of the technical main parts of the works include sound recording equipment and cameras. Lighting methods is also significant in this kind of field. Video Makers/Producers arrange lights to facilitate them to shoot film whether indoors or outside. Makers/Producers often used the computerized editing systems to combine, cut and set up shots, and to enhance or develop the quality of photos and sound. They consider the clients demands before planning and organizing for recording. Other aspects of the work include marketing and sales.

Theoretically, the Maker/Producer handles the practical and political features of maintaining the operation of the project without difficulties and effectively, in order that the director and the production staff can focus on the artistic or originative angles. Professional quality videos are utilized for education, training, public relations and marketing, including events such as weddings, birthday, graduation and etc.

The required education for this kind of profession is a Master/Bachelor’s degree with major course associated to communications, TV production or other related field. The skills needed for aspirant Video Makers/Producers include knowledge in video and audio production software (Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools and CAD), familiarity in using portable lighting equipment, organizational and communication skills, social abilities, professional behavior and capacity to work under pressure to meet the deadline on time.

Sometimes they are required to travel whether local or international.
Companies making videos for radio and TV programs are fewer. Perhaps, there are chances with these companies if the applicants possess significant training and experience. Several Makers/Producers are self-employed or freelance. The competition for the entire work in this business is intense.

The approximate salary for a Video Maker/Producer in New York-Manhattan and Los Angeles ranges from $90,000 to $100,000 per year, while in Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Indianapolis and Orlando from $40,000 to $68,000 per year. But it also depends on the kind of production and project they are working with or employed.

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