Video Game Designer

A Video Game Designers design game play, plan and conceptualize the structures and regulations of a game. They produce or generate the detailed or elaborated design documents. A design document comprises of descriptions of entire features of an electronic game such as artwork, flow charts, plot, mission, rules, sound and special features. The design document is utilized by computer programmers, sound designers and graphic artists to make a software program or system for video game. Video Game Designer works with a team that comprises of a marketing staff, computer programmers or coders. The coders supply the rough draft of the game and different kinds of designs that will be utilized in the game. They are also expected to design graphics, which are used for websites that advertise or market the game. Most of the time a Game Designer’s day is spent in the computer and assembling or meetings. Having experience and enthusiasm are certain pluses or advantage for a game designer.

The video game industry is still arising; therefore there is an opportunity for new Game Designers to obtain a great job and compensation as well. For those who perform or work hard, the industry also provides some rewards and fringe benefits. Some of the companies that employ Video Game Designers include animation, cell phone, digital entertainment, educational game, motion capture companies and console gaming industries.

Making a video game requires program, music, art, and writing abilities. In order to begin in this stimulating profession, you must know a great deal about the game industry and take a look at the several industry magazines so you will be able to adjust your skill to a fast changing market. Also, try to improve your knowledge in design, storyboard and computer software application. Other qualifications needed to become a successful in this kind of career include patience, teamwork, artistry, project management skills and problem solving abilities.

Video Game Designers are mostly holding a bachelor’s degree in Art, English, computer science, computer engineering and other related fields. Colleges and universities are currently providing a certificate and complete or entire degree programs in this particular field. Some of the potential courses for video game designer are graphics programming, object-oriented programming (3-D modeling C++ or Java, etc.), animation theory, artificial intelligence and sound tool courses.

Salary of a Video Game Designer in the United States particularly in Kentucky, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Texas and Washington ranges from $40,000 to $70,000 per year. But it also depends on experience, training and education, job description, location and the gaming industry.

Some of the well-known Video game designers who designed computer games, arcade games, console games include Michel Ancel (King Kong and Beyond Good & Evil), Cameron Davis (Game Boy Advance), Rieko Kodama (Sega - Phantasy Star), Toshihiro Nishikado (Space Invaders), Alexey Pajitnov (Tetris), Satoshi Tajiri (Pokémon games), Tōru Iwatani (Namco - Pac-Man) and Ted Price (Insomniac Games).

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