Fiction Writer

Master storytellers, literary artists, weaver of words, pen warriors and magicians of words are just some of the titles bestowed to these people who make a living out of making make-believe stories. In normal circumstances, these people are normally called Fiction Writers. Examples of famous fiction writers are J.K. Rowling, Neil Gaiman, J.R.R. Tolkien, George RR Martin, Robert Jordan, Dan Brown and Anne Rice.

Fiction Writers are writers who write about stories borne out of their imagination. A fiction story could be about anything as long as the plot could be justified. Fiction Writers however differ in their approach in coming up with a best-seller. Some writers incorporate factual places, people and events but the main characters are entirely made up. Anne Rice employed this approach in her famous vampire series. Her main characters are vampires but when she describes a place like Paris or New York, she is actually describes them as it is or as it was depending on the time setting. Some writers like the late great J.R.R. Tolkien wrote his masterpiece, “The Lord of the Rings”, series out entirely from his mind. From the setting (Middle Earth) to the languages spoken (Elfin, Orcish and Dwarfish) and cultures were all entirely a product of Monsieur Tolkien’s mind. Imagine the scope of his work as he had to invent his own set of languages.

As before, a Fiction Writer, as with any other genre writer, would need a typewriter as an essential tool of the trade like a hammer is to a carpenter but modern writers cannot do without a laptop computer. Most of the time writers do their writing in coffee shops along with their laptops.

What sets a good writer apart from so-so writers is, first and foremost, a good command of English. Writing a novel or short story would definitely require a wide range of vocabulary. Writers are often said to have their own distinctive style. Book publishers are more often convinced of publishing a literary work of art because of how it was written and not on the merits of its story like what Anne Rice did with her “Interview With the Vampire” where she presented the story from a writer’s point of view as the vampire recounts his tale or like what J.K. Rowling did with her Harry Potter series where each installation of a Harry Potter story represents a school year at Hogwarts. Best-selling authors also share a common characteristic that perhaps gave their book the distinction of making the New York Times Best-seller list and that is exceptional development of characters. Distinctive style and exquisite build up of characters is perhaps the winning formula on the road to fame and fortune in the field of fiction writing.

A remarkable thing about fiction writing is there are actually no set of rules that would be observed as any genre can be easily injected into it. Fiction Writers can write about any fictional story on romance, fantasy, mystery thrillers, suspense thrillers, spy thrillers or whatever suits their fancy. Fiction Writers or Budding Writers should also take advantage of the courses being offered now with regards to book publishing as some writers are also their own publishers.

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