Multimedia Designer

Multimedia is the most popular way of presenting data through electronic devices such as computers, televisions, cellular phones, and even in a live stage. If you open a web browser and visit a webpage, you will notice moving ads and interactive applications like doodles or games like Solitaire. If you turn on your television and watch a recording of a live concert and observe the laser show; or watch an animated film with 3D characters, then you are familiar with multimedia usage. But website content and presentation are but a few of the many usage of multimedia; and every industry — from Entertainment to Advertising to Education — is out to maximize multimedia. Doing this will require the help of a specialist, a multimedia artist that specializes in the designing multimedia content that will suit every company’s needs: a Multimedia Designer.

More often than not, a Multimedia Designer will work in a creative group that will provide the clients with the multimedia content they need. The main responsibility of a Multimedia Designer is to design; that is, to produce sketches, scale models, plans, and drawings of the multimedia content to be developed. These plans and sketches will be checked by the creative director or by the production manager for any inconsistencies or for production feasibility. Multimedia Designers are the ones in charge on the overall feel of the multimedia content. They can design the props, set, and decide on the costumes that will best compliment the design. Multimedia Designers can also direct and advise set assistants and other production staff if needed to maintain the design.

Multimedia Designers are very in-demand and can have a career in the film industry, in television stations, in the advertising industry, and in video production houses. This is because the industries and fields mentioned above often use multimedia as the main content or as an addition to their presentations (e.g. television commercials, movies, websites, etc.). Multimedia Designers can also find a job opportunity in a live theater or live concert production where their designs improve the overall feel of the performance (laser shows, animated stage backdrop, etc.).

Aside from innate creativity, the ability to see the “big design,” and good communication skills to better express his/her ideas, a Multimedia Designer is expected to be very accurate in doing his job. A small mistake on the multimedia designer’s plan will cause a mistake in production — which is definitely not cheap — or will end up in a bad performance. A Multimedia Designer should also be familiar, if not an expert, on software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and Corel Draw for designing and planning; Fireworks for designing web graphics; and Flash for motion graphics usually used for movies or game applications. Basic knowledge of web programming languages like Java and CSS will also come in handing if working on a multimedia content for the web. A multimedia Designer should also know how to operate gadgets like digital cameras and digital camcorders; these will be very helpful in providing pegs for production purposes.

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