Multimedia Creative Director

Multimedia products and contents are made with the collaborative effort of a creative group that can consist of artists, graphic designers, photographers, copywriters, multimedia programmers, and a production staff. To be able to produce a quality multimedia content, a creative group has to be led by a Multimedia Creative Director that has creative, technical and managing skills. A Multimedia Creative Director is the one in charge of the whole creative team, checking and rechecking the team’s progress to keep them on track and to make sure that what they are doing is according to the client’s request.

Aside from being the team’s supervisor, it is also the Multimedia Creative Director’s responsibility to finalize the choice of models, art, props, copy, color, and other elements of the production that is why knowledge on graphic and production designs is an advantage, if not a requirement. If the need arise, the Multimedia Creative Director will also provide some graphic designs to be presented to the client.

Multimedia products are different from other mediums because of formers’ interactivity with its viewers. It is the Creative Director’s responsibility to make an interactivity flow chart that will help the creative team during planning and production. The Multimedia Creative Director should create the diagram that will show the link between the different mediums used in the multimedia product like texts, sounds, still or animated images, and so on. It is the Director’s responsibility to define the course of navigation the user will take to get to the information he/she is looking for.

A Multimedia Creative Director can find job opportunities in different industries. In the gaming industry, for example; a Creative Director is tasked to create and oversee the building of the “progression architecture” for the game. This means planning and defining the access sites, surfing possibilities, animations and graphics, embedded movies, and even the flow of the game’s plot. It is also the Multimedia Creative Director who gives the final say on the consequences generated from user actions. For example: by clicking a part of the game screen, an animation will appear or a sound will activate.

A Multimedia Creative Director can also find himself working in an advertising agency. The main responsibility is to help and oversee the creative group in making ad materials and campaigns. A Director should be able to plan, design, direct, and help in the production of ad materials and 360-degree ad campaigns with his/her creative team. Both creativity and marketing skills are required to be a successful in this industry.

Being a Multimedia Creative Director is a demanding yet fulfilling career. To become one, you should have good knowledge on practically anything — from art to marketing to production designing. This will be a great advantage when it comes to deciding the final design for the multimedia product your team will produce. A Creative Director should also be versatile and multi-tasking; able to think of designs and at the same time supervise the creative team. Of course knowledge and expertise in software like Photoshop, CorelDraw, Flash, and others that are used to create multimedia content is a requirement. If you know or are familiar with web programming languages like CSS and Java, it will be an advantage for you especially if you are working on a multimedia product for the web. Communication skills, creativity, managing and people skills will also help you in leading your creative team to success.

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