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Chiropractic practice since the days of its foundation has generally evolved and is gaining wider acceptance throughout the globe.

Different schools of thoughts have sprung up but it is the Mixer Chiropractors that have become more popular as they tend to be more modern in approach as opposed to the straight chiropractors who have stuck to the original concepts of its founders. Mixers are called as such because they combine other type of treatments like osteopathic methods, massages, nutritional supplements, yoga, herbal medicine and acupuncture with chiropractic methods as a total package. Osteopathy have a close resemblance to chiropractic practice where physical and manual interventions are employed in the treatment of muscular, joint and back pains but is more concerned to the efficient flow of blood in the veins and arteries while chiropractic is leaned towards better flow of neurotransmitters of the nervous system which is located centrally in the spine. Massages including reflexology are also getting more popular and are employed for therapy purposes like those who got bed-ridden for a long time causing muscle atrophy. Nutritional supplements and herbal medicines are also becoming popular as technological advancements can now isolate key active ingredients of herbs beneficial to the body which are now readily available in gel or powdered forms and are easily mixed with the patient’s favorite juice flavors.

Mixer Chiropractors as with any type of chiropractors primarily can diagnose patients through the misalignment of the spinal cord but does not shy away also from traditional methods like interviewing the patients’ medical histories and would employ modern diagnostic machines like x-rays and MRIs and even give interpretation. When diagnosis is arrived at and their patients cannot be readily treated by chiropractic methods, then they would advise patients to seek further medical advice and treatment from specialists specially those who are extremely sick and those who have surgery left as their only recourse. For example, the Chiropractor found one of the vertebra is misaligned and that vertebrae is directly related to the kidneys, what they would do is align that particular vertebrae and then would do further test like subject the patient to an X-ray machine or MRI to confirm if the patient would need to go see a kidney specialist if indeed they need to have one of their kidneys removed. Mixer Chiropractors would also advise patients on matters of nutrition, exercise, correct sleeping habits and ways to reduce stress.

Mixer Chiropractors are generally graduates of chiropractic degree courses. Some schools have incorporated other sciences into their curriculum like massage therapy, nutrition, acupuncture and physical fitness. Yoga are usually taught by Yoga gurus so if somebody have mixed chiropractic methodologies with yoga, most probably that chiropractic doctor have took it to himself to learn yoga from a yoga master.

Chiropractic Doctors with mixer orientations generally have a broader range of patients as they have more services to offer compared to straight chiropractors. Opportunity-wise they can set up their own clinics provided they have obtained necessary licenses and accreditations or they can have themselves employed by hospitals, chiropractic clinics or be a personal therapist of athletes or of an athletic team.

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