Sports Therapist

Sports games that require extreme physical conditioning like basketball, American football, soccer, hockey, tennis, volleyball to name a few have seen great players come and go and come back again due to injuries. Some players have managed to come back and play the remainder of the season, some have missed important games and caused their teams to be out of contention, some have sat out the remainder of the season and some have retired from the sport because their injuries would just worsen should they continue playing. Because millions of dollars are at stake especially for team sports like basketball, American football and soccer, team owners usually hire a medical team consisting of a medical doctor and therapists. Like the players, the medical team is also present in every game including practice games in case the players get themselves injured while in the line of duty. In a medical team, of course, it is always the doctors who get initial contact with the players but it is the therapists who do the actual therapy and care so that the players are in tip-top shape.

The nature of team-based sports is on a season basis and so when a player gets injured, it is a tall order to rehabilitate the injured player as soon as possible and hopefully in time before the season ends particularly when a championship title is within reach.

The team’s therapists are indispensable side-team members because their services are rendered whether the players are injured or not. In the case of healthy players, team therapists make sure that every muscles and bones of the players are as tight as ever. They make sure that the body parts susceptible to injury like knees, tendons, fingers, neck, elbow, calves and back muscles are regularly checked upon. Should they find or suspect that a player might be suffering from any condition that might worsen should they play in the next game or more, they would immediately tell the team doctor that if they don’t rest, the player might tear a tendon or aggravate his back muscles or something.

In the case of a real injury, athletes’ usual injuries are torn ACL like the one Tom Brady had, broken foot like the one that made Michael Jordan 64 games, it is the sports therapist’s job to make sure that the injured players get rehabilitated. Getting the players up and playing again is not just a health issue but a matter of economics too as the team owners would be forced to pay the players millions of dollars even though they are not playing as long as the players are under contract. They would make sure that the players are eating the right food and taking their medicines and special food supplements to speed up the healing process. They would also be responsible for keeping track of the player’s schedule of tests like MRIs, CT Scans to monitor the level of healing of the injury and design appropriate programs based on the test results.

To sports fanatics, becoming a Sports Therapist is a sure way to have season tickets for free while being paid top dollar. One of the sure ways of becoming a sports therapist is by obtaining a chiropractor’s license as a lot of sports therapists are chiropractors.

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