Interior Designer

Everybody’s interested in them and some even want to be like them. They even got their own TV shows that just prove how popular they are. Who are they? They’re your friendly neighborhood Interior Designers. Maybe because of the surge in popularity, you got to admit, a peek in the life of an Interior Designer has crept to your mind. Although it may not become a possibility unless of course your best friend is an Interior Designer, you got to admit that it would be a fun or, at the very least, an interesting notion. Well, the truth is, you could say that Interior Designers are like the older, albeit wiser sisters of Fashion Designers – more serious, less prone to changing their personal sense of style depending on the season, but, still equally fun. But despite their portrayal in television as having the glamorous life, filled with meetings with equally fabulous people and with the power to make blah spaces into luxurious abodes, an Interior Designer’s life is not that easy. In fact, it is quite hard. So that’s why even if a lot of people want to be Interior Designers, they don’t make it in the business. But even if that is true, if you yourself know that you have what it takes, you’re willing to invest a few years to study the ins and outs of designing, then, nothing should hold you back.

Basically, an Interior Designer is the one in charge of designing an area which may not always be found inside. They make sure that they incorporate the personal taste of the client, with a little mix of their own style and of course, they have to make sure that the space is still functional and no aspect of the design will sacrifice the functionality of the area. After they’re satisfied with a general idea, they will then put it into paper or in some cases, in their laptops. Some Interior Designers choose to stick with drawing the area manually, since it could prove to be faster and easier than using specially designed software like AutoCAD. But knowing those kinds of things are not the only requirements of an Interior Designer. In order to be a full-fledged – and not to mention successful – Interior Designer, one must have good communication skills and know how to budget as well. They must have a trusted group of people who they will turn to when the need for electrical repairs, fixtures or furniture arises. So in short, they need not only be artistic, but also know how to lead, organize and be in the know when it comes to technical stuff.
But before they got there, it was no walk in the park. One had to undergo at least six years of combined education and experience. But the result is of course very gratifying. When you’re a successful Interior Designer, you could be earning more than 70,000 American Dollars. So if you truly want to be a designer, you could be doing something that is easy as pie for you for the rest of your life and earn a good amount of money. Now that’s hitting two birds with one stone.

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