Chinese Language and Cultural Specialist

Chinese Language and Cultural Specialist must have certifications and diploma in pedagogy, linguistics, second language acquisitions, and other related fields. A Specialist should be equipped with instructional methods in the principal languages of China which also include understanding Chinese literatures.

As specialists, they are expected to have expertise in the regional culture and are fluent in using the Chinese language and if possible other Chinese dialects deemed relevant in providing university-level experience of teaching Chinese. Chinese Language and Cultural Specialist employs communicative, proficiency-based learning method, and has native or almost fluent communication skills in using both Chinese and English languages.

China is striving as a world power with its rapid growth and influence in world’s economy, social, cultural transformation, and politics. Learning the Chinese language and its culture, along with its roles and responsibilities in other Asian countries and the world, is the principal instructional duty that a Chinese Language and Cultural Specialist is required to do. More so, the function of the Chinese Specialist extends to the cultures of China using linguistic, literary, and textual analyses.

Chinese Language and Cultural Specialist’s qualifications, which are identified as invaluable when it comes to instruction and training of students, include knowledge and proficiency in topics such as identity representations of contemporary China, popular religion in China, calligraphy translations, and other courses in Chinese language and culture.

The tasks and duties of Chinese Language and Cultural Specialist seem to be synonymous with the qualifications of Chinese Teachers. Chinese teachers are getting high demands across the globe specifically in intermediate schools in the United States. High quality Chinese language instruction in elementary and students with high-advanced level skills in Chinese language and culture are the target participants and students for most schools demanding Chinese Language and Cultural Specialists.

The essential functions and responsibilities of Chinese Teacher and Chinese Cultural Specialist include the following:

1. Qualified to provide effective and appropriate differentiated language instruction for learners who belong in other cultures.

2. Able to provide high standard language instruction that incorporates culturally-accurate learning experience.

3. Competent in developing thematic language curriculum for the entire Chinese learning and teaching program.

4. Proficient in integrating teaching and learning strategies that support developing Chinese literacy for diverse students.

5. Value the interaction needed in promoting Chinese language and encourage all students to produce output as part of learning.

6. Adept in supporting achievement and bilingualism within an enriched educational model that is very much linked to Chinese teaching strategies and learning experiences.

7. Language and Cultural Specialist should possess the skills in dealing and interacting with the families of the students. This function is highly relevant since it promotes family involvement as it supports student learning process, too.

More functions and duties are at stake in a kind of job related to Chinese language instruction from schools and companies from across the world, with more emphasis on Asian countries. Language and cultural studies made possible by professionals with Chinese language and culture teaching certifications and diploma are indispensable when it comes to understanding China’s role in global activities and events particularly in the education sector.

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