The people who study theatre and performing arts mostly want to become professional actors and actresses. Contrary to what some people may think, Hollywood isn’t the only place where actors and actresses are needed. Actors are needed in radio, film, advertisements, and independent film productions and so on. They are also needed in theme parks, cabarets and even in clubs. But even though there is a demand, the competition is tough and one must really persevere in order to succeed in the business. Although some people who really want to act study in schools, there are those people who stumble into acting accidentally. But there is a big advantage for those who studied acting because those who didn’t will have to learn about acting as they go along, whereas those who studied need only to put into practice all that they’ve learned so far in order to hone their craft.

So what does it take to be an actor? First of all, one must persevere. Although acting is a very rewarding job, one must understand that acting jobs don’t come all year round. There will be times when an actor will have long months ahead of him without a job while on some days, he/she will have acting jobs here and there. Another reality that would-be actors face is that they will struggle if they really want to be well-known and highly paid actors. Although there are lucky people who “stumbled” upon acting and succeeded, the reality is that when they were discovered, from that day onwards, they did their best and improved their performance every single time. Another important quality for an actor to have is “star quality”. What this means is that they should be able to connect with their audience and win their seal of approval. Also, they must be able to adapt in different environments, work under pressure and most importantly, deal with different kinds of people. An added bonus if they have other kinds of talents as well beside from acting, like, dancing and singing.

Many want to be in the business but sadly, only few make it to the top. Some actors only gain popularity and the attention they deserve when they’ve been in the business for a long time, while some get attention even if they are still young. The good thing about actors is they are no longer tied to just acting on stage or in front of a camera. They are now needed in order to make audio books, do voiceovers for animated films, TV shows and even in ads on both radio and TV. And when they’ve become experienced and well-known in their field, they can teach a new generation of actors and actresses in schools. Stars who are highly successful usually give off the impression that actors earn a lot, which is not true. Not everyone has high wages. But acting in itself is a very rewarding career choice, so, maybe the earnings won’t really matter in the end.

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