Music Therapist

Music therapy is a good way to enrich lives by helping people become more aware of their own selves. It also helps people explore and express their emotions, and, best of all, encourages people to connect with other people. Music therapy is mostly interpersonal and it uses the different facets of music in order to help a person improve one’s self – either physically, emotionally, mentally or even spiritually. A Music Therapist can help people of all ages – from young kids to elderly people.

A Music Therapist can help a child overcome shyness, fear and a string of other negative emotions that can hinder his or her growth. A Music Therapist can do this by encouraging children to be involved in a series of activities that makes use of music. Singing, dancing and learning new instruments can also help children become more attentive, socially adept and well-behaved than children who rarely do those things. A Music Therapist can also do wonders for elderly people who are recovering from surgery or diseases. So in short, a Music Therapist is similar to a psychologist or therapist except that they always make use of music and sounds.

A person who has an innate love for music and at the same time has a genuine desire to help others is a good candidate for a career in music therapy. People who choose music therapy are often inclined to both medicine/psychology and music. So in order to become an excellent music therapist, excellent musicianship is also required. One must be able to fully understand the power of singing, music and other kinds of sounds. It’s also ideal that one is inclined to using instruments such as the guitar and piano since many institutions favor music therapists who can play instruments as well. The ability to sing is also another factor that can be taken into consideration when looking for a music therapist.

There are other requirements that future Music Therapists must also possess. First of all, budding music therapists are often required to undergo therapy in order for them to be of sound mind and body. It is unheard of for a music therapist to have past issues left unresolved. They can only truly help other people when they themselves are healed.
There are many career options for music therapists. They can be practitioners, clinicians, professors and so on. The salary depends on a music therapist’s number of years in the field, experience, expertise and of course, the employer or company. But a typical music therapist could earn US$39,000 a year in the US. It is important to note that governmental institutions can give a higher salary than those from the private sector. But it really depends on the music therapist’s background, experience and so on. But really, the salary is not as important as being able to help others. For those who love both music and helping other people, a music therapist is a dream job that can give a great amount of satisfaction.

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