Film Critic

Becoming a Film Critic or Movie Reviewer is considered to be one of the best jobs in the world. Yes, anyone can talk and discuss about the pros and cons, the high and lows of a movie or the newest offering in Hollywood. However, doing the best job in the world doesn’t simply mean you chatter about your opinions all the time and then you are done with your job—this is a complete myth, and every successful Film Critic knows this whole twisted truth.

If you are a graduate of a course related to Cinema and Film Studies you will consider film critiquing to be an appropriate career starter for you. With this kind of profession, you will master the art of criticism which can be both related to appreciation and evaluation of films. On the other hand, criticism also pertains to getting an in-depth understanding of the film industry that produces various films under different genres. It is not always about seeing at least 300 films a year as you eat your popcorn.

As a Film Critic you are expected to be responsible and careful to whatever you say about every film you see. Knowing the various approaches and the different literary criticisms that can be applied in film critiquing will be helpful in writing about bad cinema or good cinema—without eliminating the fact that movies too are a form of art. You have to accept the fact that films are manifestations of cinematic techniques directly related to conveying a profound human experience.

To some extent, Film Critics need to have substantial prior experience before delivering relevant and pertinent criticisms. This is how you make a career out of being a Cinema and Film Studies student. More so, pursuing the career of a Film Critic also involves deciding which among the many genres of film will you critic. And then, you have to identify yourself with directors who have greatly influence you in knowing and understanding the things you acquired as a Film Critic.

The life of a Film Critic is full of duties and responsibilities that can not be taken for granted or take out of whim. As a Film Critic you have to answer life-changing questions such as the following:

  • How will you decide which movie to critic or review?

  • How will you get your choice of film reviewed or critiqued?

  • What will be your literary approach or reviewer approach to the film you are going to write about?

  • How are you going to handle yourself or protect yourself from getting influenced by other Film Critics without compromising your own review of the film?

  • How do you manage film advertisements?

  • How do you produce great impact to your readers as you review films?

  • How will you identify yourself as a Film Critic amidst the great number of Film Critics who persistently make their influence distinct and overbearing?

The life and the career of a Film Critic can be both rewarding and unacceptable. However, given the proper education you acquired in Cinema and Film Studies and the right attitude you are surely tracking the right path that will be traversed by an excellent Film Critic.

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