Foreign Service Officer

Your degree in International Relations or International Politics provides you with immeasurable background in diverse fields of studies namely economics, political science, anthropology, sociology, business, and history. Because of the multidisciplinary approach being taught in courses of International Politics, you become immersed with a variety of future occupations and career orientations and one of which is to pursue a career as Foreign Service Officer.

As a Foreign Service Officer you represent your country around the world. You are trained to interact with not just the local government agencies and departments but with international organizations and foreign policy makers and leaders. You are considered to be an emissary and you gain your local and foreign post in embassies and consulates abroad.

As a Foreign Service Officer, you are given the opportunity to opt for a career path that will best suit your interests, trainings, education, and talents. As what has been mentioned earlier, your duties and responsibilities as a Foreign Service Officer will be regarded as duties directly related to career tracks such as Public Diplomacy, Economics, Politics, Management, and Consular among others.

The usual business that you will be handling as a Foreign Service Officer is to work on reports and assemble your reports through writing. You are also expected to have strong communication skills as a Foreign Service Officer. Such skills are highly essential because you are entering a profession that requires you to work with diplomats and decision makers from foreign countries and from around the world.

Foreign Service Officer is a tough job that doesn’t simply require standard education but commitment and dedication as well. As you do negotiations with local governments and foreign policymakers you are expected to handle problems professionally and satisfactorily because the stakes are high. The results that will be yielded with your course of actions and decisions will be taken as international affairs that will benefit an entire country.

As a diplomat and Foreign Service Officer you are leading your country’s Foreign Service department or institution. With this kind of duties and responsibilities, you have to remember that acquiring the position of a Foreign Service Officer is a tough and extremely rigorous process of selection because it is an attractive career that receives high risks if failures happen.

The career of a Foreign Service Officer is considered to be the best-known international career that requires in-depth knowledge in international business and a prominent role in the present condition of the international relations of your country. And so, if you have taken courses that allowed you to master international expertise you can do the job of a Foreign Service Officer.

As a Foreign Service Officer you will gain international experience. Thus, it is indispensable that you develop specialized skills and backgrounds that will be relevant in undertaking foreign language experience.

So, if you are a graduate of law school, business school, political science programs, and international affairs courses you have just gained the opportunity of pursuing the career of a Foreign Service Officer. As you have seen, the duties and responsibilities of a Foreign Service Officer can be very compelling. However, the rewarding achievements and life-changing experiences you will earn are both invaluable and overpowering.

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