Real Estate Broker

One of the most financially rewarding jobs in the world is being a Real Estate Broker. Being a Real Estate Broker is basically a sales driven job. There are times that even just making one sale is enough to guarantee a good life. Primary objective, of course, is to sell as many real estate properties as possible. A Real Estate Broker earns a commission for every sale they close. Selling real estate properties however is not a very simple task to do. Just like any sales job, having a presentable and dignified aura is a golden rule. Looking spiffy and dapper immediately impresses potential clients even before uttering a single word. A good and clear speech would be helpful but the more important thing is that a broker should exude deep knowledge of the product he is selling. In any type of seminars about sales, one thing is always emphasized by sales gurus and that is “practice your sales pitch”. This is very important because when done right, the flow and pace of the conversation would be on the brokers control leaving almost no room for questions except “where do I sign?”

Apart from selling, Real Estate Brokers secure agreements from property owners to sell the property. The more successful Real Estate Brokers are the pro-active guys that are always knocking property owner’s door asking if they might want to sell their properties. With more properties to sell, the more commissions to be made.

Real Estate Brokers should know relevant laws applicable for a particular locale concerning real property. Depending on the country, like, in the US, different states have different laws governing buying and selling of properties, so knowing these pertinent things would give real estate brokers added edge in selling properties.

Consider the scenario: Somebody who obviously is a foreigner, walked in and expressed interest to buy the property the broker is selling. Naturally, the Real Estate Broker smelling a potential sale goes for the jugular and makes the client sign up a contract. In some countries, foreigners are allowed to buy real estate properties and in some it is restricted. In the scenario above, if in his area of operation does not permit a foreigner to own real property but allows foreigners to own condo units then the broker could have recommended selling a condo unit instead of the house he originally offered. Aside from the wasted effort, the reputation of the broker would have also been tarnished if the scenario above happened in real life.

Brokers should also be able to know available financing options as most transactions are through financing. Different commercial banks usually offer different financing terms and sharing this bit of information to the clients especially as to what bank gives the best terms might sometimes translate to referrals. The government may also offer affordable financing programs so it is up to the broker to recommend which among available options would fit best the needs of the client.

Perhaps the most important skill a broker should have is the ability to expand his network of acquaintances. As mostly is the case, most sales happen because somebody recommended somebody to his/her broker and walk-ins actually buying are rare cases. That’s why calling up old friends and old clients from time to time won’t hurt so investing in a reliable cellular phone would also be a wise decision.

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