Business English Teacher

The growing demand for Business English teachers is anticipated as more companies, learning centres, universities, and agencies seek for highly-proficient professionals. The perfect qualifications for Business English teachers are set and they include the following:

  • A degree in related studies such as Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy, and Business Education among others

  • Credentials and certificates on English teaching qualification examinations

  • Masters with a specialization in Business English, Business English teaching, testing and course designing, etc.

  • A degree that is related to the company where you will teach like science degree, engineering degree, foreign language degree, and other related fields

  • Certificate of trainings, workshops, conferences, and seminars that are relevant in teaching Business English

  • Work experiences related in teaching top level managers, intensive and extensive English courses, designing and writing English teaching materials, teaching experiences in mixed levels and mixed nationalities, etc.

  • Business experience is also relevant but not required when you are applying for a Business English teaching position

  • Work experiences such as writing, proofreading, and editing of business documents can serve as pertinent qualifications

  • Knowledge in relevant technology, emailing, presentation-making, video conferencing, and others are useful credentials as well.

As a Business English Teacher, whether you are non-native or native speaker, you are expected to have a general English background. More so, English Language Teaching (ELT) certifications would mean a lot from the people of the business world and so, aspirants of a Business English position should not simply have knowledge and practical skills of Business English but effective teaching skills as well.

During the teaching process, Business English Teachers are needed to develop students who will have a clear-cut understanding of the basic and key concepts in using the English language and in doing business at the same time. As a Business English Teacher, you need to become familiar with the methodologies that are considered to be the most effective executions in a business environment.

The curriculum that Business English Teachers need to teach includes the following topics:

  • Methodologies and approaches for learning Business English studies

  • The terms, languages, concepts of the business industry

  • The differentiation of teaching General English from Business English

  • The development and usage of specific and suitable teaching materials

  • The core communication skills which are used during meetings, negotiations, telephoning, presentations, and more

  • The writing techniques in the business environment for documentation, writing reports, memos, and analysis

  • The business ethics needed by professionals who work in a business environment

  • Proper attitude toward working with other students

Apart from the mention qualifications of a Business English Teacher and topics included in the curriculum for Business English courses, Business English Teachers need to possess good qualities that are oftentimes overlooked. To become an effective Business English Teacher you have to be patient, comfortable to be with, critical, good-tempered, fair-minded, assertive, reliable, and good decision maker.

Thus, a Business English Teacher who has a full grasp of what he or she is expected to be and is able to teach with the right attitude and qualities, then, that Business English Teacher will produce highly-taught Business English students and professionals.

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