To begin with, a Diplomat performs a multitude of duties not just within the state but across the globe. Diplomats are also known as generalists and their tasks and duties include issuing of visas, protecting the state’s citizens and their interests, going along with foreign officials, conducting press conferences intended for ambassadors, researching and reporting on diplomatic issues and more. As Diplomats, they are expected to be knowledgeable and have expertise on various areas of diplomacy namely political, economic, administration, consular, and public diplomacy.

If you are a graduate of Diplomatic Studies you have an edge in acquiring the position of a Diplomat. However, most Diplomats consider their career as either their second or third career since the average starting age of a Diplomat is about 30 years old.

Diplomats are considered to be highly-skilled professionals because they have passed tremendous examinations provided by the Foreign Service Department of a certain country to test and gauge their skills and behaviour. Communication, leadership, proper judgement, flexibility, ability to work with other people, objectivity, and level of confidence are all measured. Apart from such test of credentials, a candidate for a Diplomat position also undergoes security and background check.

The service rendered by a Diplomat is truly enticing to many since the lure of learning and getting immersed with new cultures and challenges are at stake. Travelling is a great perk and a bonus that you can’t simply ignore since you get to interact with people overseas. As a Diplomat you get the opportunity to experience a specific culture in the eyes of the natives. But, the bottom line of everything is that: you get to serve your country more in abroad.

Your post as a Diplomat requires you to become a strong Diplomat. This means you have to be prepared for the undertakings linked to bureaucracy. You have to acquire knowledge in history, political systems, cultures, world geography, international affairs, governments, political issues concerning your state and the world. Your educational background in accounting, statistics, interpersonal communication, management, and economic principles including the newest trends are essential. Your exposure to current events is another important qualification you need to acquire as a Diplomat.

The requirement in becoming a Diplomat is high since such position is not for everybody—it is only for the chosen ones, or the ones who were born to become Diplomats. Dreaming on a career of a Diplomat is not enough; you have to start living a lifestyle that is yielding and flexible. More so, such career doesn’t simply pay well, it is way too fulfilling.

As you practice diplomacy, you have to learn how to judiciously separate your personal opinions and beliefs from your professional thoughts grounded in the foreign policies that your country executes.

The job of a Diplomat is a tough one but it is also fascinating area to work in since you are dealing with building strong relationships with other countries, taking care of sensitive issues that will protect your country’s interests, negotiating with foreign ministers and seeking their advice, learning different languages, and finally representing your country the way it should be signified abroad.

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