Business Management Degree (International)

For this special international degree program students take the first two years of studies at their home institutions, and the next year and a half at a school abroad, to return home for the last semester. The Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences, located in the Somosaguas Campus, offers students: Internships Office, International Relations Office, Library, mentoring program for first-year students, Cycles of Conferences, Training Activities, Conferences Professional Orientation, etc. Some of the courses included are: Economic History, Business Law, Principles of Business Management, Introduction to Economics, Business Mathematics, Business Statistics, Financial Accounting, Principles of Business Financial Management and Microeconomics.


Undergraduate Bachelors

Madrid, Spain

Program Duration

The degree is 4 years long.


For all levels students must have at least intermediary Spanish language skills as most courses are taught in Spanish. To access undergraduate degrees students must have finished secondary studies equivalent to the Spanish bachillerato. To access Master’s courses students must have completed a University Degree. To access Doctorate courses students must possess an undergraduate and master’s degree.

Dates and Deadlines

Courses start at the end of September. Classes will be out during all official Spain and Madrid holidays.


Registration fees per credit for undergraduate degrees: First registration is from €21.94 - €26.81, second registration ranges from €41.05 - 49.26, third registration ranges from €82.30 to €98.75 and fourth and successive registrations range from €113.71 - €136.44. Registration fees per credit for master’s degrees: First registration is from €25.52-34.59, second registration is from €42-56.75, third registration is from €91-€122.21 and fourth registration is from €126 to €169.21. Doctorates cost €390 per year for full time and €234 per year for part-time. Complimentary training ranges from €49.84-69.93 where applicable.

Is this course available online?

No, only at our location.

Study Program Category

Business Administration

EU Business School
Bachelors, Masters, MBA's in Spain, Switzerland or Germany for English speaking international students.
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