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Arteneo is a private school situated in Madrid and it has been dedicated to the training of professionals in the fields of editorial and advertising design, graphics, image and digital paint, 3D art, 3D animation, 3D and cinematography, traditional illustration, digital illustration, info-architecture and interiors, and video games for over a decade. These courses are divided into three main modalities: face-to-face, blended, and on-line.

As a school, Arteneo is well-known for the quality of its teaching throughout the globe via the Honorary Award for Education Work in the III Hispanic-American Summit on Education. Arteneo has a teaching team with a vast background dedicated to art and digital image. There is a fusion between new technologies and educational approaches and as a result, the school’s curricula are often created for the multidisciplinary training in visual communication and the enhancement of creatives in precise training. The curricula also keeps on updating. There are state-of-the-art technical equipment available for the students who are normally taught in small groups of 13 per class so as to ensure individual follow-up.

Arteneo also offers career plans to its students. These plans are normally developed and designed carefully to prepare the learners for the job market and to make them competent in the various creative fields of communication and visual art, for instance, web design, advertising, 3D animation, videogames, editorial illustration, scientific illustration, didactic illustration, story board, cover illustration, layout, design and illustration, matte painting for cinematography and comic drawing among others.

All Programs Available:
  • Arts, Design and Crafts
    • Drawing and Illustration
    • Illustration
    • Creative Arts
    • Video Game Design
    • Accesory Design
    • Visual Arts
    • Painting
    • Graphic Design
    • Design
    • Architectural Design
    • Arts
    • Web Design
  • Business
    • Corporate Communication
  • Computing
    • Software Application Specialist
    • Computer Animation
  • Sciences
    • Geothermal Energy
  • Technology
    • 3D Studio MAX
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Type of school

Independent Private College




C/ Raimundo Lulio, 9, Madrid, Spain, 28010

More information about Academic Programs

Diplomaturas: Dibujo e Ilustración Digital y Tradicional. Animación 3D-2D & Ambientaciones CURSOS ANUALES: Animación 3D-2D & Flash. Diseño & Ilustración Digital. Ilustracion Tradicional. MASTER: Creación de la cartera. Dibujo & Ilustración Tradicional. Animación 3D-2D & Ambientaciones. 3D Studio Max & Infoarquitectura. Estereoscopía digital Pintura digital. Monográficos: Diseño Gráfico y Tratamiento de Imagen. Ilustración y Diseño Digital Ilustración Tradicional Arte 3D. Escuela de dibujo artistico, animacion, diseño grafico. Cursos de animacion, ilustracion, infografía, multimedia, 3D, multimedia, diseño, 3d studio max, pintura digital, zbrush.

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