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The Instituto Universitario de Sevilla (University Institute of Seville), or IUS, is one of the oldest and most well established study abroad programs in Seville.  The Institute, which has worked with American college students for nearly 25 years, has maintained over the years its commitment to offer top-notch, exemplary programs for international students studying abroad. 

About IUS

The University Institute of Seville offers an excellent and very high-quality academic selection along with well-defined cultural immersion activities to ensure that each participant of the program receives not only the highest standards of "excellence in education" but also an opportunity to broaden their cultural horizons.       

Since its founding, IUS has been on a constant quest to maintain its educational offerings. As such, the school has recently entered into a formal new agreement which EUSA, which will make it possible for IUS to increase its course offerings and expand other academic and cultural services. Through this alliance, students will be able to enroll in new classes in fields such as journalism, advertising, public relations, tourism and audiovisual communications, and have plenty of opportunities to explore the country of Spain, learn its language and mingle with its people. 

In the fall of 2013, the University Institute of Seville began providing its student body with a new study site—a second university campus.  The initial site, used by the institute since 2002, is situated in the heart of Seville, while the new site is located near where the University of Seville’s departments of Social Sciences and Humanities are situated.

With the new campus addition, IUS participants will now be able to study alongside 3,000 local and international students from the University of Seville, while continuing to enjoy the institute’s unparalleled diversity of programs.

The Staff

The IUS study abroad program is staffed by an outstanding team of educators and administrative personnel, many of whom have lived in and/or studied in the United States. All of the faculty is experienced in working with American students and collectively strive to create a memorable learning experience for every IUS student.

What Is Included in the IUS Study Abroad Program Package?

Students who elect to study at the University Institute of Seville will receive invaluable services aimed at making the transition from the United States to Spain as smooth as humanly possible. Some of these services, which can be broken down into “pre-departure” services and “campus orientation,” include:

Pre-departure Services

  • Students are contacted by an IUS professional with important pre-departure information.
  • Students receive helpful visa and immigration information
  • Financial aid and assistance (if applicable)
  • Information about course and administrative fees
  • Personalized advising from someone who has previously studied abroad
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) director that is available 24 hours a day
  • Resident staff support—International staff that live in Seville provide students with a local perspective on travel opportunities and activities.
  • Advisement on credit transfer process at your home university
  • Airport reception—all students are greeted at the airport by an IUS staff member who will help with transportation to their new housing.

Campus Orientation

  • Walking tour of the campus with an IUS representative
  • Assistance in enrolling in recreational opportunities such as sports, clubs, music lessons or volunteer groups
  • Walking tour of the appropriate outside facilities, such as libraries, study areas, and recreational venues.
  • Tuition information
  • Explanation of the registration and placement test process
  • Information regarding the sending and receiving of transcripts
  • Meals and lodging information/assistance
  • Visitor policy information
  • Explanation of cultural activities and excursions
  • Health care information and services (see final paragraph below)
  • Tutoring information and assistance
  • Research opportunities

In addition to the health care provided to international students through the IUS health insurance coverage, the school also has made special arrangements with professional health care providers throughout the city of Seville. These specialists tend to the needs of all students at IUS, in areas such as general medicine, gynecology, dentistry, psychiatric care, and more.

All Programs Available:
  • Philology, Languages, Literature
    • Language Courses
    • Language Courses and Cultural Immersion Programs
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