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  • Philology, Languages, Literature
    • Spanish Language and Culture
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Language School




Calderón de La Barca 522 Alta Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina, 5000


Program E.L.E.

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Training in the Spanish language, medium, initial levels and advanced.programs of pasantías and volunteerisms

Admission Requirements

Requirements of elementary incomes: adulthood, most minimum 18 years of age, medical insurance of traveler, true interest to study the Spanish language

Language Requirements

No hace falta conocimientos iniciales del idioma español,pero es conveniente tener un mínimo del mismo


Prices 2010 The prices of the courses,include: Teaching material Textbook Certificate of study Does not it include: Alternatives activities Classes of Tango,Salsa,Aero-Gim Causes expenses in educational visit City-Tour out of Cordoba city To change to € Euro,Real or another currency you consult us to e-mail: [email protected] Price of inscription Insciption to course US$ 50.ºº Courses per week Weekly intensive course grupal/20hs week US$ 145.ºº weekly intensive course indiv/15hs week US$ 195.ºº Super intensive weekly course grupal 30 hs week US$ 230.ºº Organization of Pasantías (ad Honorem) US$ 350.ºº Organization of Voluntary Works US$ 300.ºº Classes for hour U$S 14.ºº Contact: [email protected] Lodging in family houses per week PRIVATE ROOM Simple Lodging US$ 120.ºº lodging + Breakfast US$ 140.ºº Lodging + Breakfast + Lunch or Dinner US$ 160.ºº Contact: [email protected] lodging to share in family house per week Simple Lodging US$ 100.ºº Lodging + Breakfast US$ 120.ºº Lodging + Breakfast + Lunch or Dinner US$ 140.ºº The room 2 students they share it.The price include bed linen. Contact: [email protected] Varius Prices Transfer from airport or station of buses to lodging the day of arrival US$ 36.ºº Alternatives classes Tango,Salsa,Music,Aero-Gim US$ 10.ºº Cost by class of 1.30hs of duration per day in the school Contact: [email protected] Prices of lodging in Hostel Lodging per week US$ 80.ºº Prices of the lodging in hostel,exclusive for students that do course and/or practices in our school.These prices include:Room to share,bed linen,utilization of different areas of the Hostel. CONSULT and RESERVE : [email protected]


Lodgings in Hostel exclusive for students and at home of families, All counts on all the services and comforts