The Academic Calendar of Universities in Spain

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Note: This calendar is outdated but it may serve to give you an idea of the spanish university schedules.

Academic calendars for most Spanish universities are similar throughout the country: classes begin in October, and end in June. The first semester exams take place in February, and the second semester exams are in June. Nevertheless, there can be important variances in these schedules from one university to another.

Autonomous University Of Madrid (Spain)

  • End of September, classes begin for all students (new and returning students).
  • From the 20th of December through the 7th of January, 2003, Christmas vacation.
  • 7th of January: end of first semester classes
  • 20th of January through the 8th of February: Examinations for subjects/courses given in the first semester. Also, make up exams will be given at this time, to those students who request them, and did not pass an exam during the last academic year. Also, for students who will be graduating or receiving a diploma, examinations may be taken in anticipation of subjects/courses to be given in the second semester.
  • 10th through the 17th of February, no classes scheduled.
  • 17th of February, second semester classes begin
  • 24th through 31st of March: Holy Week vacation
  • 30th of May: end of second semester classes
  • 2nd through 27th of June: exams for subjects/courses given during the second semester, as well as year-end exams. (Does not include University Entrance Exams)
  • September: Make-up examinations (date to be determined, the official schedule of these exams will be announced during the month of June)

University and major or department specific holidays:

Below you will find the calendar for the 2001-2002 academic year. In August or September, the calendar for the coming year will be announced, we’re giving you this schedule so you can have some idea of what to expect:

15th of March, 2001
Proposal presentations for Doctorate programs.

27th of April, 2001
Announcement of course schedules for first and second cycle students (includes obligatory and optional classes) for all plans of study.

11th of May, 2001
Announcement of elective classes and specialty courses that will be available. This announcement will include maximum class sizes, times, semester given, exam dates and any pre-requisites.

2nd of July, 2001
Publication of the of the 2001-2002 academic year calendar. Includes courses of study, exam calendar, and any required internships, fieldwork or laboratory work.

16th through 20th of July, 2001
Phase A applications for entrance into 2nd cycle of studies.

1st through 5th of October, 2001
Phase B applications for entrance into 2nd cycle of studies.

2nd through 20th of July, 2001
Transfer of records for transfer students who, having studied at another university, wish to continue their studies at the UAM

Before September 17th, 2001
Responses to transfer requests from the different schools of study. Responses will also be communicated to students.

23rd through 27th of July, 2001
Registration for second through last year students who passed all June exams.

25th through 31st of July, 2001
Registration for first year students admitted in July.

24th September through 5th October, 2001
Registration for all other second through last-year students, and those students repeating classes from year one.

19th through 26th of October, 2001
Registration for first year students admitted in September.

9th of November, 2001
Approximate date of response for applications of confirmation of partial credit for studies, with responses also being sent to students.

Until 14th of September, 2001
Access to third cycle by students who have studied overseas.

17th through 21st of September, 2001
Pre-registration for Doctorate programs. Done directly in the department/school.

17th through 21st of September, 2001
Pre-registration for Doctorate programs. Done directly in the department/school.

Before September 28th, 2001
Departments will send information regarding third cycle students to their corresponding secretaries.

15th through 31st of October, 2001
Registration for doctorate programs.

November through February
First semester of doctorate courses.

March through June
Second semester of doctorate courses.

Before 28th of February 2002
Official closing of first semester final grades for doctorate candidates

University of Alcala de Henares (Madrid, Spain)

  • Start of classes for first semester: end of September
  • From 20th of December through 7th of January, 2003: Christmas vacation
  • End of first semester classes: 17th of January
  • Exam period: 18th of January through the 8th of February
  • 24th through 31st of March, Holy Week Vacation
  • Start of second semester classes: February 10th
  • End of second semester classes: 29th of May
  • Exam period, including Saturdays, 1st through 30th of June

Below is a list of holidays for each of the schools/departments at the University of Alcalá de Henares, some of which coincide with holidays at other universities.

  • 15th of October, School of Documentation
  • 16th of November, School of Chemistry
  • 23rd of November: School of Biology
  • 30th of November, “Cardenal Cisneros” School of Teaching
  • 14th of December: School of Pharmacy
  • 18th of January: School of Law
  • 22nd of February, Schools of Business Administration, Technical Architecture and Tourism
  • 15th of March, Politechnical Department
  • 12th April: School of Economics and Business Administration
  • 19th of April “Cardenal Cisneros” School of Environmental Studies
  • 26th of April: School of Philosophy and Letters
  • 10th of May: School of Nursing of the INSALUD; School of Nursing of the University, and the School of Physical Therapy
  • 17th of May: School of Medicine

Holidays that affect only to the city of Alcalá de Henares:

  • 9th of October (Birth of Cervantes)
  • 2nd of May (Community of Madrid)
  • 6th of August (Holiday of the Holy Children)

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)

  • 1st October, 2002: Academic year begins. (Offices will remain closed)
  • 2nd October, 2002: First semester classes begin for first year students.
  • 7th of October, 2002: Classes begin for the semester for all other students, including optional and elective classes.
  • 27th of January, 2003: End of the first semester.
  • 28th of January through 15th of February, 2003: First semester final exams. No classes are given during this time.
  • 17th of February through 30th of May: Second semester
  • 31st of May through 30th of June: Final exams

Holidays for all majors, courses and departments within the university

  • 12th of October: Virgin of Pilar
  • 1st of November: All Saints Day
  • 6th of December: Day of the Constitution
  • 8th of December: Feast of the Immaculate Conception
  • 26th of January: Saint Thomas Aquinas (patron saint of students)
  • 1st of May: International Labor Day
  • 2nd of May: Community of Madrid
  • 15th of May: Saint Isidoro*
  • 9th of December: The Almudena*

* These days are not holidays for all majors, schools or departments within the university.

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