The Most Celebrated Castles in Spain

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Spain has been known for its magnificent history and majesty during it glorious years.  Strong evidences of its past include palaces and castles scattered all throughout its provinces.  Each structure has its own story to tell.  All of them have played important roles at one point in Spain’s grand years.

Alcazár of Seville (Alcázares Reales de Sevilla)

The Alcazár of Seville is a regal palace in Seville.  This castle has one of the best illustrations of mudéjar architecture.  Succeeding monarchs like Charles V have made various changes on the fort.  Major sections of the fortress are the Patio de las Doncellas, Los Baños de Doña Maria de Padilla, La Casa de Contratación, Dormitorio de los Reyes Moros and Salon de Embajadores.  The Alcazár of Seville was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1987.

Loarre Castle

The Loarre Castle is a Romanesque palace located in the province of Huesca.  It was built between the 11th and 12th centuries.  The outermost walls of the fortress and its 8 towers were built between 13th and 14th centuries.  Famous parts of Loarre are the Torre del Homenaje (Homage Tower), Torre de la Reina (Tower of the Queen) and a chapel dedicated to Saint Mary of Velarde.

Alcázar of Segovia

Located in the ancient city of Segovia, the Alcázar of Segovia is stone fortification and is remarkable because of its shape – similar to the bow of a ship.  It rises on a cliff above the confluence of the Clamores and Eresma rivers.  It was originally constructed as a fortress but after some time the Alcázar of Segovia became a royal palace, as state penitentiary, Royal Artillery College and currently a military academy.

Castle of Cardona

The Castle of Cardona is considered to be the most significant medieval castle in the province of Catalonia.  It combines the Gothic and Romanesque styles.  Major parts of the fort’s walls were destroyed by the Bourbons in 1714.  At present, the castle’s main attraction is the torre de la minyona which stands at 15 meters with a diameter of 10 meters.  The fort is presently a state-run luxury hotel.

Alcázar of Toledo

Situated in the highest part of Toledo, the Alcázar of Toledo is a stone fortress that was used a Roman palace during the 3rd century.  The castle played an important role at some point of the Spanish Civil War.  Nationalist José Moscardó Ituarte refused to surrender the Alcázar to the Spanish Republican forces even if it would mean his son’s life – his 16-yeal old son was taken hostage by the adversaries.  After the war, the palace was extremely damaged.  It was restructured and presently houses the Museum of the Army (Museo del Ejercito) and Castilla-La Mancha Regional Library.

Castle of Miranda de Ebro

The Castle of Miranda de Ebro is a medieval fortress positioned in Miranda de Ebro.  It stands 500 meters above sea level at located on the hill of Picota.  In 1358, Tello of Castile asked the bishopric of Calahorra for a land to build a castle at the peak of La Picota, which was occupied by Santa Maria church.  The construction began in 1449 when Pedro Sarmiento resided in the church.

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