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About Study Abroad Programs in Chile

Chile, with its awe-inspiring natural landscapes, rich culture and history, and high degree of political stability and personal security, is an ideal place to study abroad. It has a wide range of offerings, from intensive study of the Spanish language to climate and environmental studies in the Antarctic glaciers of the southern reaches of the country. Put simply, there are 3 main types for study abroad programs in Chile, with many variations on these themes. The three types are: language and cultural studies (programs are located primarily in Santiago and some of the other main cities in the country), economics and international business (again, concentrated in Santiago), and environmental studies programs, which might be based anywhere in the country.
Chile is extremely popular among students of the Spanish language and Latin American studies. It is widely considered to be the safest destination in South America, since its rapidly-growing economy has reduced crime levels and its democratically-elected government has given it a measure of political stability not found in some of its neighbors. Along with Peru and Ecuador, Chile is seen as one of the most secure places to study Spanish in an open immersion program. It is also an excellent destination as a result of its being a historic center of Hispanic culture in South America. Many of the continent’s most eminent writers and artists have been of Chilean origins, and Chile is deeply proud of its cultural and literary heritage.
Stability and economic growth also enable Chile to offer excellent universities, something few neighboring countries can offer. In many study abroad programs in developing countries, the program itself is responsible for all academics, but in Chile, the nationwide system of world-class colleges and universities provides a structure of support for students studying in the country. Many exchange programs exist that will enable you to take classes alongside Chilean locals, and this makes studying abroad in Chile into a true immersion experience – rather than living in a dormitory with other foreign students who speak English, you can live and work among Spanish speakers and thus develop a far more firm grasp on the language.
Outside of the cities, Chile has a vast and wild countryside composed of mountains, deserts, beaches, glaciers, and a few sparse rainforests. This provides a wide variety of different possibilities for those who are interested in coming to Chile to study its natural, rather than human, heritage. Options include research trips to the far southern reaches of Patagonia and even to Antarctica (parts of which are claimed by Chile as a territory). Ultimately, of course, it is the combination of natural and human heritage that makes Chile so appealing to so many students studying abroad in Latin America.

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