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About Study Abroad Programs in Hungary

Are you a high school or university student who’s considering the possibility of studying abroad in the near future?  Have you considered making the beautiful and historic city of Hungary your destination of choice?  The opportunity to study abroad is an once-in-a-lifetime adventure that should not be missed, and Hungary offers a wealth of things to do and see when you’re not busy in the classroom.  To help you get started, below we will provide just a few of the basics of studying abroad, followed by a list of some of the sites and attractions that make Hungary such a great place to visit.

Study Abroad in Hungary:  A Few Facts

As a study abroad student you’ll receive classroom instruction at a Hungarian secondary school or university, studying in an academic program that’s been approved by your school in a language you can understand.  Programs can span a full academic year, a semester, or just a few weeks during your summer or winter break, and all the credits you earn while studying in Hungary will be transferred in full to your home school.  Accommodations during your adventure can vary, ranging from a residence hall to an apartment to staying with a host family, and while you’re not busy studying you’ll have the unique opportunity to explore all that Hungary has to offer, making lasting friendships along the way with the locals and other international students.  From its historic sites and buildings to its relaxing leisure activities and restaurants, the country has everything you could possibly imagine to make your journey a memorable one.

Study Abroad in Hungary:  Things to Do and See

Hungary is a beautiful European country that is steeped in history and tradition.  Below are just some of the things to do and see during your visit:
  • Castle District, Budapest.  Located in the country’s capital and towering over the city on Castle Hill, the Castle District in Budapest is the historic hub of Hungary.  Here you will find the Royal Palace and numerous museums and galleries, all bursting with a variety of stunning art and artifacts.  From Clark Adam Square in Budapest it’s just a short ride up on the cable car to the Castle District, providing you with an awesome view of the city below.
  • Esztergom.  This small town on the picturesque Danube River is home to Hungary’s largest church and is the country’s former capital.  Rich in history and beaming with post-card like beauty, Esztergom is one of the most interesting places to visit in the entire country.
  • Municipal State Circus, Budapest.  Also in the country’s capital is the Municipal State Circus, the only circus in Europe that operates year round.  Here you’ll be treated to a day of high-flying acrobats, death-defying trapeze artists, great snacks and amazing animal tricks—a great way to unwind from a day of studying.
  • Lake Heviz.  Lake Heviz is Europe’s largest thermal lake, and its accompanying spas consistently draw crowds from around the world.  Heated by underwater volcanic craters, the soothing water and mud of this expansive lake will leave you feeling rested and relaxed for hours.
If the opportunity to study abroad sounds appealing to you; if the chance for an adventure in a country that’s as historic as it is beautiful sounds fun; you simply must put Hungary on the top of your study-abroad list.

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