Career Colleges and Vocational Schools in Dominican Republic

About Career Colleges and Vocational Schools in Dominican Republic

With the second largest economy in the Caribbean and Central American region, the Dominican Republic has experienced a significant impact of globalization on its economy in various ways. Once dominated by sugar production and mining, the economy of Dominican Republic has gradually been transforming into one that is services oriented. This has led to an increased demand for a greater number and diversity of courses at vocational schools in Dominican Republic. Recognizing this trend, the government, during the last three decades, has increased its focus on vocational training in Dominican Republic.
Professional and vocational education in Dominican Republic is delivered at both, public and private, training centers. Vocational education in Dominican Republic can be imparted at centers, movable workshops or Operative Systems Centers (COS). These centers for vocational training in Dominican Republic have been developed to deliver on the important objective of social development through effective training of human resources, and thereby positively impacting the country’s economic growth and development.
Vocational training in Dominican Republic is provided in various areas including graphic arts, electric installation and maintenance, electronic maintenance, refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance, sales, bar services and restaurant, bakery and bread shops, cooking, secretarial services, accounting, beauty parlors, computing, and similar occupations.
There are three types of diplomas offered at vocational schools in Dominican Republic, namely Technical, Technical Teacher and Teacher of Professional Training. Aside from this, vocational training in Dominican Republic leads to four different types of certificates:
  • Professional Aptitude Certificate (CAP) for candidates who have completed a training module in a trade
  • Professional Aptitude Teaching Certificate (CAPD): for those who have attended and successfully completed training as pedagogic trainers
  • Approval Certificate (CA) for those who have completed technical professional training that is not included in training programs, with partial leaving. Partial leaving implies that a student has acquired the basic skills that are necessary to enter the labor market, but has not completed the course
  • Certification of Participation (CP): for those who have participated in training and information activities that do not require exams or assessment
Aside from imparting vocational training in Dominican Republic, some public vocational schools in Dominican Republic also play an advisory role. These vocational schools in Dominican Republic train and advise on promoting small and medium enterprises. They advise, assist and train teachers of information technology and education methodology. They even advise, assist and train for curriculum design using both, a traditional approach, as well as, an occupation-specific approach.

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