Language Immersion Courses in India

About Language Immersion Courses in India

Millions of people around the world are currently studying a second language.  Some do it for personal reasons, a sense of accomplishment, meet new friends, etc., while some see it as a way to enhance their professional prospects.  Either way, this trend has been going on for centuries, including in India, where many native residents take courses in English or one of the European languages as a means towards improving their career prospects at home and abroad.  A more recent trend, however, is an increase in the number of foreign individuals studying Hindi—the language spoken in most areas of India.  There are many factors that may explain this recent phenomenon, but perhaps tops on the list is economic opportunity.
India, a country in Southern Asia, is by population the second largest country in the world next to China.  The majority of its 1.2 billion inhabitants speak Hindi, although the country officially recognizes two languages, Hindi and English, the latter due to India’s former status as a colony of the British.  Although poverty in India still remains a major concern, the overall economy has been steadily improving over the past two decades.  India now owns the tenth-largest economy in the world by nominal GDP, and the third-largest worldwide economy in terms of purchasing power.  According to scholars, these improved economic statistics can be traced back to the major economic reforms that were passed in the early 1990s, reforms that have steadily transformed India into one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.
Needless to say, considering India’s large population and economic improvement, learning to speak the Hindi language can translate to increased business opportunities for international companies, as buyers of goods and services in this country represent approximately 1/7 of the total world population.  And to expedite the process of mastering Hindi, many people are electing to travel to India to conduct their studies, participating in one of the country’s full-immersion language programs.  These classes/programs enable students to combine an exciting language-learning experience with culturally-rich vacation.  Classes are available in almost every major Indian city, giving participants the unique opportunity to visit some of the most treasured sites in the country and the world, including those found in the country’s third-largest city:  Bangalore.
Students electing to study in Bangalore will never be at a loss as to how to spend their free time.  The city features a number of interesting and enjoyable diversions from the classroom component of language studies, as well as some historically significant, must-see sites, including the Vidana Soudha.  Built in 1954, Vidana Soudha is one of India’s most treasured landmarks.  This massive structure is a prime example of neo-Davidian architecture, featuring magnificent ornate domes on each of its four corners.  Many government offices are housed in this impressive building, including the legislative body for the state.
After a long day of classes at one of many of Bangalore’s Hindi language institutes, you may want to unwind by taking a stroll through the lush 240-acres that make up the Lalbaugh Botanical Gardens.  This rare collection of exotic tropical and sub-tropical trees and plants is an absolute treat for the eyes, as is the majestic glasshouse that rises proudly from the park’s center, a structure built to model the renowned Crystal Palace in London, and a great place to relax and enjoy the sights, sounds and aromas of this magical Bangalore attraction.
The best part about studying Hindi in India—the land where the language is actually spoken—is the learning experience continues long after you leave the classroom for the day.  Whether you decide to live with other students in the school’s dormitories or stay with a gracious host family, your entire language-learning adventure will be uniquely Indian, from the language to the food to the hundreds of sights and attractions, offering a mix of exciting fun, cultural enrichment and plenty of opportunities to practice and master the Hindi language.

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