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Escuela Delengua

Granada, Spain
Escuela Delengua is a Spanish Language Teaching Institution, founded in 1997 in Granada, Spain. Their teaching system is directed towards action and interaction. The institution boasts of high standard facilities with free internet services, libraries and cafes. Spanish courses are taught from as short as 1 week to as long as a full year. The courses provided by EscuelaDeLanga are Intensive Spanish Courses, Intensive plus and Special Spanish courses (such as the one-on-one teaching) all within a maximum of 8 students per class. Relating to accommodation, the school gives several options... See full description.

Escuela Hispalense

Tarifa, Spain
Hispalense is a language school, situated in Tarifa, Southern Spain. It was established in 1989, during which time it was one of the first language schools in Cadiz Province. The courses in Spanish language organized by the school are aimed at all adults, teenagers and kids. The school itself is located in a residential area of Tarifa, in the centre of the town, and only a two-minute walk from the beach. All of the classrooms are equipped with air-conditioning and heating. What distinguishes the Spanish language classes given at the school is the fact that the teachers strive to make them... See full description.

Escuela La Ola

Madrid, Spain
Escuela La Ola is a language School founded in 1996, in the heart of the beautiful city of Madrid, Spain. Starting as a language travel agency and language school providing foreign language education to local students of Spain, Escuela La Ola now teaches foreigners Spanish Language. Situated right in the city of Madrid, the school brings students great access to standard and high quality social amenities and infrastructures available around the institution. Escuela La Ola teaches standard and intensive Spanish courses. The school provides many interesting facilities and services to... See full description.

Escuela Montalbán

Granada, Spain
Escuela Montalbán has been offering Spanish courses in Granada, Spain, since 1986. Located within walking distance of downtown Granada, the Andalusian-styled school building offers a quiet and friendly environment. Escuela Montalbán boasts accreditation by the Instituto Cervantes since 2002. Aa an official examination center for the Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera, it is also a member of Tandem International, a network with schools in several Spanish cities, such as: Granada, Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastián. Courses take place all year round at all levels, and can be... See full description.

Escuela Oficial de Idiomas - Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
The Official Language Schools (EOIs) are public centers, specialized in the teaching of languages to adults. The Official Language School Barcelona Drassanes (EOIBD) is the oldest such center in Catalonia. It is part of the Department d’Educació de la Generalitat de Catalunya and of the network of EOIs of the whole state. To its students, it offers the opportunity for them to learn the following languages: Arabic, Basque, Catalan, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish for foreigners. Besides, the Department of Special... See full description.

Escuela Santa Clara

Santa Clara School is a private, independent institution, with over 20 years of experience, which integrates in the same company academia and the working world. Our clients, students and companies, acquired in the same environment, knowledge and experience needed to enter the labor market as well as the skills and precise skills to carry out their professional activity more effectively. And, under a perspective of continuous improvement and constant innovation, our professionals involved in all phases of the training process.

Escuelas de idiomas 247

Valencia, Spain
Escuelas de idiomas is a language school teaching Spanish in Spain, English in the UK, as well as many other languages, such as French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Catalan, etc. The institution has formed schools in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and London. The method Escuelas de idiomas has adopted is one to one instruction, which ensures maximum attention for each student. Classes are very flexible to suit the participant’s busy schedules. The school in London offers Intensive English, Basic Business English, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge Exams as well as working experience;... See full description.

ESHOB - Escola Superior d´Hostaleria de Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
The ESHOB - Escola Superior d´Hostaleria of Barcelona is a private, non-profit entity founded in 1985. It is dedicated to the training of future professionals in the hospitality industry.

ESPANALIA - Language school

Liérganes, Spain
We are a new school in the North of Spain. We offer language services for people in the region including English, Russian and Spanish as a second language, eventually some others. A credited psychologist from Spanish Psychologist Association is in charge of some educational programs for bilingual education, learning difficulties and coaching, parents assessment and cultural bilingual workshops. Our privileged location in a small town near Santander, offers a different experience to all those who want to be introduced in Spanish language and culture out of the stress of large, full of... See full description.

españ - Spanish courses in Spain, Mexico and Germany

Malaga, Spain
Español is a specialized organization, offering Spanish courses for adults, summer courses for children & teenagers and special programs for schools in Spain and in Latin America. Participants in Spain have a great choice of 22 destinations, while in Latin America the opportunities for travel and study are in Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay. The organization has made available courses at all levels, and they include intensive Spanish language courses and special courses, Business Spanish, Spanish for tourism, hispanic culture, politics, law, for E.L.E. teachers, as well... See full description.

Espanole International House Valencia

Valencia, Spain
Espanole is a Spanish language school in Valencia, part of the reputable International House World Organization. It’s a medium-sized institution, ensuring an amiable environment and well-qualified teachers, who are fully committed to the mission of teaching Spanish to foreigners. The school is located in the historic district of Valencia, only minutes away from many places of interest. The choice of course options available is quite varied and includes General Spanish (Intensive 20, Intensive 25 or Superintensive) Spanish for Business, DELE preparation, Spanish + Cooking, and others.... See full description.

Estudio Hispánico

Barcelona, Spain
Estudio Hispánico is an organization, dedicated to offering Spanish language courses throughout Spain. The schools, where the programs are executed are based in the centers of the following cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella, Salamanca, Alicante, Valencia, Granada, Seville, Cadiz, Vejer de la Frontera, Santiago de Compostela, Tarifa, Malaga, Nerja, San Sebastian, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, Benalmadena, Lanzarote, Tenerife and Pamplona. Students have the chance to spend their time in a number of different cities, thus exploring different parts of the country. The teaching method applied... See full description.

Estudios Hispánicos, Universidad de Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
The University of Barcelona is one of the Spanish universities which have formed a good tradition in teaching Spanish language and culture to foreigners. It was established in 1450, and acts as a public university, teaching 75 undergraduate programs, 353 graduate programs and 96 doctorate programs to over 63,700 students. Estudios Hispánicos is the center within the university, providing Spanish as a foreign language to various groups of students. The center offers both Spanish language and Spanish culture courses to students from over 200 countries. The programs offered include Spanish... See full description.


Valencia, Spain
Spanish, Internships, Academic programs in Valencia (Spain). Different services: accommodation, airport service, orientation, activities, Spanish courses, excursions, trips.


Cordoba, Spain
Eurolingua is a language school in Cordoba, Spain, offering Spanish courses to small groups of up to 6 students. The center was established in 1983, since when it has provided language education in Spanish, English, French and German to thousands of international students. All Spanish teachers are native university graduates and have extensive experience in teaching to foreigners. Eurolingua is located in the heart of the city, whilst courses offered combine the study of both the Spanish culture and language, along with a strong emphasis on oral practice. Eurolingua is especially proud... See full description.

FEDELE (Federación Española de Asociaciones de Escuelas de Español para Extranjeros)

Marbella, Spain
FEDELE is the Spanish Federation of Associations of Schools of Spanish as a foreign language, consisting of 6 different associations and 90 Schools teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Spain. Their main objective is to teach Spanish language to foreigners of all nationalities right there in Spain. As a group consisting of several schools, FEDELE speaks of great quality and recognition worldwide. All schools, forming this large association, are accredited appropriately. The major fields FEDELE specializes in are training, promotion and business development. FEDELE provides its member... See full description.

Florida Universitària

Catarroja, Spain
Florida University is a higher education training centre, established in Catarroja, Valencia in 1993. It is affiliated to the Universitat de València and the Polytechnic University of Valencia for their degrees. It also provides vocational training with the Generalitat Valenciana, as well as own and official programs.


Cartagena, Spain
Welcome to FUNCARELE, your best option for learning Spanish in the Region of Murcia, Spain. We are an accredited Cervantes Institute Centre, where you will learn Spanish in a simple, friendly and practical fashion, and with the quality of tuition you’d expect. You will have dedicated installations at your disposal in a privileged zone of the historic centre of Cartagena: The Palacio Molina and the Faculty of Business Sciences. Our academic co-ordination is linked to that of the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena and the centre is supported by the Town Hall of... See full description.

Fundación - Empresa Universidad de Navarra

Pamplona, Spain
The Institute of Spanish Language and Culture (ILCE) was created within the University of Navarra in 1964. The school itself is a private Spanish university, founded it 1952. The institute offers courses in Spanish language and culture for students of Spanish as a foreign language. Furthermore, ILCE is representing the center Cervantes Institute to provide the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE). The faculty is composed of ILCE graduates, graduates of masters and doctors of the faculty of the University of Navarra, specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Fundación Comillas

Comillas, Spain
The Comillas Foundation is a private, non-profit institution, founded in 2005. Its aim is to provide a study centre dedicated to the promotion and specialized teaching of the Spanish language and Hispanic culture.

Fundación FIDESCU

Madrid, Spain
The Foundation for the Development of and Research into Spanish Culture, (FIDESCU), was created in 1996 with the primary goal to promote Spanish culture at both national and international level. The services it offers include Spanish courses in Spain, on-line Spanish courses, International Diploma in Spanish, Spanish Language and Culture Consultancies, translation courses, cultural activities, cultural exchanges, and linguistic services. FIDESCU comes under the Protectorate of the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Foundation also has an Honorary Advisory Board which is made up of... See full description.

Fundación José Ortega y Gasset

Madrid, Spain
Fundacion Jose Ortega y Gasset (FJOG) is a leading independent, nonprofit-oriented educational institution founded in 1978 in Madrid, Spain. The University has a number of departments and centers that are involved in activities like graduate training, teaching of foreign students, organizing seminars, lectures & conferences and rendering many other types of educational & technical support. Being proud of their highly competent experts, the institution now has 2 headquarters: one in Madrid and the other in Toledo. The institution, ever since its creation, has always strived to achieve... See full description.

GADIR, Escuela Internacional de Español

Cadiz, Spain
GADIR is a Spanish language school, established in Cádiz, Spain in 1989. It is a small to medium-sized school, which offers the coziness of an atmosphere, where all teachers and students know each other. Its location is in the district of the Bahía Blanca, only a few minutes away from the historic city centre and the beach. The teachers the school employs are young, but well-qualified professionals, who constantly strive to update and better their methods and materials. The quality of the courses is guaranteed by institutions such as Instituto Cervantes, CSN, Bildungsurlaub and FEDELE.... See full description.

García Lorca Escuela de Español

Madrid, Spain
García Lorca Escuela de Español is a language institution in Madrid, Spain, teaching Spanish language to people from all walks of life. The school states that studying with them is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to ‘’actively’’ learn Spanish language in Spain. Madrid is one of the most interesting cities in Europe with cathedrals, palaces, famous museums, folklore festival etc. making it a wonderful experience studying there. The school provides advanced studying gadgets like audio-visuals, computer rooms with free internet service, free photocopying services, fully... See full description.

Global Business School Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
Global Business School Barcelona is the first business university in Spain with a true focus on the world. The Business School is committed to providing students with real exposure to global trends and cross cultural proficiency, to developing the capacity to communicate with people of different backgrounds and to feel at home everywhere in the world. Global Business School Barcelona is an excellent place for students who are looking for innovative business degrees in Europe in the trendiest urban and cosmopolitan environment of the Mediterranean. The business school’s... See full description.

Go! Go! España

Go! Go! Espana offers everyone with a love of the Spanish language an opportunity to study Spanish in Madrid. We offer assistance with long term enrollment and/or short studytrips to Madrid. Packages include accommodation and activities so you don't have to wander around town on your own. Explore this beautiful city and make new friends in the process.

Gran Canaria School of Languages

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
The Gran Canaria School of Languages has been offering Spanish classes to foreigners since 1964. The faculty is highly specialised and experienced in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. A member of other Spanish and local cultural and professional associations, the school is also recognised since 1986 by the German government of Hamburg and Hessen as a collaborator in teaching Spanish (Bildungsurlaub) for professional training. The school owns 3 buildings near each other and all of them only a few meters from the beach of Las Palmas (Canteras Beach). In one of the building the... See full description.

Hispania, escuela de español

Valencia, Spain
Welcome to Hispania, escuela de español, a Spanish Language School that has taken into consideration the recommendations of their teachers and students in order to create the ideal school. In 2014, Hispania was awarded by EducationSatars as the best Spanish Language School (voted by students).

Hispanic Studies Program at Universitat de Girona (Spain)

Girona, Spain
The University of Girona is a public institution of higher learning, established in 1991. Since 2001, it has launched a new Study Abroad Program, organized by the Girona Faculty of Arts. The program is a summer course, targeted at both national and foreign students, who can choose between these programs: the Jewish past of Spain, Catalonia and Girona, or intensive Spanish language learning. Furthermore, students will have the chance to immerse themselves in Spanish and Catalan culture through activities and field trips included in the program. The program applies two teaching methods:... See full description.

Idiomas 247

Idiomas247 is a chain of schools in Valencia, Barcelona, and Madrid. It also offers TEFL Certification programmes with a UK partner. We offer paid jobs to head teachers, in company teachers, and other language teachers. Please enquire as we have openings all year round. We specialise in prepared private classes, with guided conversation scripts, prior listening and reading practice through e-learning, and written assignments. It is a fantastic and dynamic way of learning a foreign language. We offer great timetable flexibility to our learners.

Idiomas Carlos V

We are a center dedicated to linguistic immersion and we promote the learning of the Spanish language. We offer Spanish courses and language trips for school groups and teachers, among other linguistic services. We are accredited by the Cervantes Institute and we are also a DELE preparatory center. We help the teachers plan the whole trip (normally we encourage the teacher to come as a companion for free) and to adapt the training program for the students. We would love to inform you about our language immersion program and tell you about our current offer t be a free companion. We... See full description.

Idiomas Flow

Idiomas Flow is small language school based in the centre of Alicante's old town. We focus on teaching Spanish to foreigners, and English to locals. We have an interactive and dynamic method based on speaking and listening - no boring written exercises in class! We offer a variety of Spanish classes for all levels. Also, we're located a short walk from the beach, so you can there after class to do your homework! We also have many extra-curricular activities such as cooking classes, Spanish dancing classes, guided tours of Alicante, and language exchanges.

Idiomes Carmen Elías, Amposta Exchange

Amposta, Spain
If you are a Spanish teacher in an English Speaking country, our students will be happy to host yours to exchange friendship, languages and culture. With the programme Amposta Exchange by, we have already made it possible.

IELE - Instituto de Estudios de la Lengua Española

Seville, Spain
The Instituto de Estudios de la Lengua Española (IELE) is a private language center in Seville, Spain, focused on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. The school has already gained 14 years of experience in providing a variety of courses all year round. Students come from countries across Europe, Asia and the United States, and are accepted to the school regardless of their level of Spanish. The atmosphere is truly international, whilst classes are kept small – there are about 8 students per class. Tutors at IELE are native speakers with many years of teaching experience.... See full description.

IH Mataró

Mataró, Spain
International House Mataró is a language school, located 30 km away from Barcelona (this takes about 40min. by train). It was founded in 1976, since when the school has built a good reputation in the region. A lot of its students are the children of satisfied customers. IH Mataró has a couple of departments, the major one of which is an English one, organized into the following sections: Kids; Juniors; Teens; Adults; Cambridge exam classes; 121 adults on-site; Off-site company classes. Other departments include French, German, Italian and a translations service.

Inhispania, International Language Center

Madrid, Spain
Inhispania is strictly dedicated to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. The school has two locations in the center of Madrid and is recognized by Instituto Cervantes as a Centro Acreditado para la Enseñanza del Español como Lengua Extranjera. It prides itself with the high-quality teaching it provides for an affordable price. Courses start each week, and include intensive courses, regular ones, summer courses, crash courses, business Spanish, DELE, A-levels, and others. Weekly after-school activities are organized, too.

Inlingua Santander

Santander, Spain
Inlingua Santander is a language school in Santander, Spain, having accumulated more than 40 years experience. In 2000 it was the first language school in the north of Spain to obtain the European certificate of quality ISO 9000. The teachers employed by the institution are all native speakers, who have been trained to teach their mother tongue as a foreign language. Inlingua Santander offers courses in English, French, German, and Spanish for foreigners. Furthermore, the school provides assistance and information in enrolling courses at Inlingua schools abroad. The types of courses... See full description.

Instituto Andalusí de Español

Malaga, Spain
Instituto Andalusi was established in 2002 in Malaga, and offers courses in Spanish to international students and residents. The variety of opportunities is great – there are general, intensive courses, the options to combine Spanish with tennis, specialized courses for teens, for families, DELE preparation, Business Spanish and so on. Furthermore, Instituto Andalusi organizes a wide range of excursions and activities, which focus on the Spanish language and culture. These include excursions to Cordoba, Granada, Seville and Morocco as well as visits of museums, memorials and churches in... See full description.

Instituto Cervantes

Alcala de Henares, Spain
The Cervantes Institute was founded in 1991 to promote the spanish language and the official languages of Spain. The Center has offices in 77 cities in 44 countries on the five continents. In Spain, it has two headquarters, in Madrid of Alcalá de Henares, and Centro Virtual Cervantes.

Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza

Ibiza, Spain
the Institute of languages Ibiza is a spanish language school, located on the island of Ibiza, in the Balearic Islands. The school is located in the centre of the city, in a modern building. Classes start every Monday, all year round. The courses are intensive and for small groups and teachers are native with extensive experience and university degree.

Instituto Español "Murallas De Ávila" (IEMA)

Ávila, Spain
Instituto Español "Murallas De Ávila" is a language school, which started working in 1989 due to the initiative of the Spanish philologist, Maria del Carmen Varas Velayos and the German philologist, Dr. Rainer Rutkowski. The school follows the mission to provide high quality Spanish courses to small groups of individuals, who can experience the true Spanish atmosphere in a small city, which is situated in a region, where “castillian”, the official Spanish, is spoken. IMEA courses are known for their practicality and strong pragmatic orientation. Except for general ones, the school... See full description.

Instituto Hemingway (Bilbao)

Bilbao, Spain
Instituto Hemingway is a Spanish language school in Bilbao, offering Spanish courses, internships in various companies, as well as assisting students to find jobs, volunteer programs, and diverse university programs. The school aims to design its programs so that they deliver fast results – courses are taught by professional, native teachers, groups are small, and methodology and learning material is all up-to-date. The level of teaching is ensured by an accreditation by the Cervantes Institute. The full list of activities that the school has made available are Spanish courses,... See full description.

Instituto Hispánico de Murcia

Murcia, Spain
Instituto Hispánico de Murcia is the first and only school in Murcia, specialized in the provision of Spanish language courses to foreigners. They describe themselves as the ‘best smallest school in the Mediterranean coast’ and put great emphasis on providing an enjoyable learning environment for their students. Instituto Hispánico de Murcia was established in 2001, since when it has been paying personal attention to each and every student, for which reason it has welcomed about 3000 Spanish learners. Courses offered are intensive, super intensive, fully immersive program, Special... See full description.

Instituto Mediterráneo Sol

Granada, Spain
Instituto Mediterraneo Sol (IMSOL) is a language school in Granada, Spain. Operating since 1992, the school offers Spanish language courses at all levels. Worth noting is that IMSOL is an Instituto Cervantes Accredited Teaching Centre, also complying with the CEN regulations (Comité Européen de Normalisation) concerning the language study trips. The course levels provided are organized in accordance with the European Common Reference Framework for Languages. On top of these, daily cultural activities are organized by the school to ensure a full immersive experience for its students.... See full description.

Instituto Universitario de Sevilla

Seville, Spain
The Instituto Universitario de Sevilla (University Institute of Seville), or IUS, is one of the oldest and most well established study abroad programs in Seville.  The Institute, which has worked with American college students for nearly 25 years, has maintained over the years its commitment to offer top-notch, exemplary programs for international students studying abroad.  About IUS The University Institute of Seville offers an excellent and very high-quality academic selection along with well-defined cultural immersion activities to ensure that each participant... See full description.

Intereuropa, español para extranjeros

Valencia, Spain
Intereuropa is a school of Spanish in Valencia. We offer different courses all year long: intensive courses,individual courses, DELE preparation courses . Intereuropa also offers accomodationa and activities.

InterFor Spanish Language School

El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain
InterFor is a Spanish language school, which is dedicated to passing and teaching Spanish language, culture, and customs to foreigners. The school takes pride in its team of professionals, who are well-qualified in various subject areas, for which reason the breadth of the program offered at the school is significant. Not only are students placed in a Spanish speaking environment, but their learning is assisted by modern technology, video material, and other similar means, assisting their effective acquiring of the Spanish language. The school is located in the town of El Puerto, near the... See full description.


InterLenguis is a Spanish language school located in the centre of the city of Salamanca. At InterLenguis we offer you the best and most modern facilities. The school is really close to the shopping areas and to the most important monuments of the city. At InterLenguis we assure you a learning of the language like anywhere else, due to our specialists in ELE teaching who will accompany the student through the whole learning process. Live this unique opportunity at InterLenguis. We are waiting for you!

International College of Seville (ICS)

Seville, Spain
International College of Seville (ICS) is a center which cooperates with the University of Seville, whose purpose is to promote international education. It offers courses of study of intensive Spanish language and culture.

International House VIVA Group Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
IH Barcelona is one of Europe's most reputable language and teacher training organizations. It was established in 1972 and has grown to currently offer a wide variety of Spanish and English courses for both language learners and teachers. IH Barcelona is also one of the eight schools in the IH Spain organization, which includes language and teacher training centers in Barcelona, Cádiz, Córdoba, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, San Sebastián, Sevilla y Valencia. A big advantage the school has to offer to those who wish to meet local Spanish people is that 40% of their students comprise of... See full description.

Intérpretes y Traductores Salamanca (I.T.S.)

Salamanca, Spain
I.T.S. is a school, which was established in 1993 with the purpose to offer specialized courses on interpreting and translation. Currently, the school provides both this type of classes, which are high-level courses (targeting future interpreters and translators as well as professionals, working in this field) and general Spanish courses at six different levels. All Spanish courses are divided up into modules, which means that each student can design their own curriculum, tailoring it towards their specific needs. All instructors are well-qualified to teach in their specialist areas –... See full description.

Iscralando Idiomas

A dynamic and interactive language school where the teachers are willing to teach you with a lot of dedication one of the most beautiful language of the world. Learn Spanish with us in the heart of Gràcia fast and easy. Free registration, open the whole year. Come to visit us and try your first class for free ;)

Itering Languages

Madrid, Spain
Itering Languages is a company specialized in language solutions, related with languages in their different disciplines. The options are: Outsourcing:, Languages courses abroad, training professionals and translators and interpreters.


Seville, Spain
IUS stands for International University Studies, and is aimed at American college students who have a strong desire to speak the Spanish language and understand the Spanish culture. The institution describes itself as providing ‘a quality extension of a liberal arts education’, and has been working since 1993. They aim to make available to students a study abroad opportunity that acts as cultural, personal, and academic enrichment. Students choose their classes from a range of beginning, intermediate and advanced-level courses, many of which may fulfill core curriculum requirements at... See full description.

K2 Internacional

Located in the heart of Cadiz city, K2 Internacional is one of the best known and most respected languages schools in Cadiz that is also accredited by Cervantes Institute. Since 2001 our pride is providing our students with a high education and all the resources necessary to make learning easier and fun. We have 7 fully equipped classrooms, computer roon and also provide free Wi-Fi to our students. Our library helps students to continue their Spanish learning outside of the classroom and for those who love the sun, the terrace can be an ideal place to do the Spanish homework and talk to... See full description.

La Aventura Española - LAE Madrid Spanish Language School

Madrid, Spain
La Aventura Española is a Spanish school accredited by the Cervantes Institute. It offers a great choice of courses for everyone: intensive, semi intensive, part-time, DELE preparation, individual, business Spanish, Spanish classes and internship, and Aventura española plus. Our classes focus on the communication and interaction of the students. They go hand in hand with fun activities inside and outside of the school so our students can immerse themselves in the Spanish language and culture. All our teachers are natives with a formation specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign... See full description.

Lacunza Escuela Internacional

San Sebastian, Spain
Lacunza Escuela Internacional is a Spanish language school, located in the city of San Sebastian, Spain. They offer both Spanish Courses and Teacher Training Courses. The school is a member of the worldwide organization International House, which has been specializing in improving the teaching of languages since 1953. The methodology applied by the school is standardized with International House, which is also the guarantee for the quality of the courses provided. These include beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced, and proficiency. Lacunza Escuela Internacional provides a number... See full description.


Barcelona, Spain
Check out Languages4Life! Your school for Spanish in Barcelona. We're in the center of the city in a beautiful modernist building. Our teachers are native speakers with experience. We have the latest technology with Apple computers, internet access, and Interactive Whiteboards in every classroom. We offer competitive prices. If you want to study spanish in Barcelona, we are your language school: Languages4Life.

Lengua Versión Original

Barcelona, Spain
Lengua Versión Original is a Spanish Language School located in Barcelona, Spain. The school is the result of the union of a group of young, qualified and very experienced teachers willing to transmit their enthusiasm for Spanish language and culture. In comparison to some of the larger and much more informal Spanish language academies, Lengua Versión Original is a small language school, one that is primarily devoted to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. The excellent school is located in the center of Barcelona, near Plaça Catalunya and Las Ramblas. Lengua Versión... See full description.

Letra Hispánica, School od Spanish Language and Culture

Salamanca, Spain
Letra Hispánica is an accredited center, offering courses in Spanish language and Hispanic Culture. The academy is located in the heart of Salamanca, a few minutes walk from the Main Square. It takes pride with its modern amenities, which include multi-media screens, sound devices, wheelchair access, air conditioning, and so on. The variety of programs provided is more than wide: language, history, literature, film and art classes are available, as well as workshops, cultural trips, seminars, and conferences. Letra Hispánica is also very proud of the fact that in addition to the high... See full description.

LEXIS idiomas

Malaga, Spain
LEXIS idiomas is a Spanish language school, situated in the city of Malaga, Spain. It is especially proud of its location, with the modern City Museum placed next to the school and its vibrant surrounding area. The teaching staff of LEXIS idiomas is an experienced team of professionals, who design their own materials to combine them with the best published materials available on the market. The courses offered by the school are general Spanish courses, or specialized ones like Spanish for Business, Legal Spanish Course, Spanish for Tourism, Spanish for Teachers, and DELE. There are also... See full description.

Linc Spanish School

Seville, Spain
Linc Spanish School is a language school in Seville, Spain, regarding itself as one of the most modern and innovative ones in the field. All staff is dedicated to providing personal attention and a progressive focus for all students. Intensive Spanish courses are available at all levels, as well as Professional Spanish for Business, Medicine, and Tourism. The maximum capacity of the school is 60 students. Classes in the mornings consist of no more than 10 students, whilst Medical Spanish classes in the afternoon have no more than six students in a group. The latter pay special attention... See full description.

Linguamania Language School

Vigo, Spain
Linguamania Language School is dedicated to the teaching of Spanish as a second language. It is located in the town of Vigo, in the center of the city, surrounded by places of interest and close to the port. it has modern facilities and their teachers are native and very experienced in the teaching of the language.

Linguaschools Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
Linguaschools is a language school offering Spanish language courses for international students. We have intensive courses, semi-intensive courses, afternoon classes, DELE exam preparation courses and private tuition with native teachers holding language teaching qualification

Live Spanish

Valencia, Spain
Live Spanish offers unique language courses in Valencia, Spain. Their approach is to provide students with the opportunity to apply the language in a wide variety of real life situations. What is different in this program is that lessons are conducted on a one-on-one or one-on-two basis in the teacher’s home. In this way, your instructor can draw up on your own particular learning requirements and design an appropriate curriculum. Courses are available over any number of weeks and at any time of the year, with no seasonal increases.

Madrid Plus, S.L.

Madrid, Spain
Madrid Plus is a Spanish language school, whose doors were opened in 1990, and since then they have received more than 2000 students from all over the world. The school is situated on la Calle Arenal (Arenal Road), which is in the heart of the city of Madrid. The courses offered include Plus Course (two classes per day), Standard Course, Spanish for Business Course, Intensive Course, Private Classes, and Evening Classes. Students receive a diploma in the end of each course, whilst they also have the possibility to combine courses. Main emphasis is put on the oral skills of the students,... See full description.

Malaca Instituto

Malaga, Spain
Malaca Instituto is a unique language school in Spain that has been specializing in the teaching of Spanish to students, executives, and senior citizens for more than 40 years. The school is located in Malaga and what makes it different from all the others is that it has built its own ‘mini-campus’, where it houses a large set of facilities: 102 bedrooms, 25 classrooms with audio/video equipment, dance studio, activities room, practice kitchen, swimming pool, mini gym, and others. Each course includes five cultural activities per week, such as Flamenco, Salsa classes, cultural talks... See full description.

Málaga ¡Sí!

Malaga, Spain
Malaga Si is an international school, dedicated to the teaching of the Spanish language. It is located in Malaga, Spain, in a genuine Andalusian building. The courses offered vary from intensive, to super-intensive, combined, private tuition, D.E.L.E and tailor-made courses for special purposes. There are also junior programs and summer camps. Accommodation options are numerous, too – there is the choice between a host family, a residence, and a student house.


La Coruña
Melibea is an organization dedicated to the promotion of the Spanish language and culture in the world. Our approach to all our programmes emphasizes a close relationship between our students and the Spanish society they participate with, combining traditional language clases with activities carried out with Native Spaniards. We also manage cultural programs designed to "dig deeper" in the local culture through a close interaction with the local society, history, gastronomy, music, nature... Melibea offers its courses in Spain, in our locations in La Coruña, in the north, and Sevilla,... See full description.

Mester Salamanca

Salamanca, Spain
The Mester Spanish school in Salamanca is a Spanish language center, situated in the city center of Salamanca, Spain. It offers general and intensive Spanish learning opportunities as well as DELE preparation courses, Medical Spanish language courses and an academic year in Spain option. The school is located in a three-floor building, priding itself on the well-equipped classrooms, library, labs, computer room, meeting room, offices, as well as a gym, and assembly halls. Classes are engaging and cover grammatical, communicative, lexical and cultural objectives, applying the communicative... See full description.

My Spanish Spot

Castellon de la Plana
Thanks for choosing My Spanish Spot, our aim is to make your stay with us a unique experience. We are looking forward to seeing you in our school soon, we understand that experiencing cultural changes can be challenging at times but , we aim to make the challenge enjoyable. Our school will help you to meet new people quickly, undertake new activities and immerse yourself in a different way of life. From the very beginning we will be by your side making sure you not only acquire the language, but also making you feel part of the school family.

Native Language College

NLC provides more than just an education, but a list of services for students willing to come to spain to study in our facilities: Acceptance letter to proove enrollment at our language school in order to meet the Visa requirements (if needed) Accomodation, 5 minutes away, walking, from our School, right in the middle of Madrid city. Health Insurance in order to be protected in case of any accident or emergency takes place while you are studying in Spain. Basically we advise you about any type of doubt you might have. We care about your needs. Our school prepares you in order to... See full description.

Net Languages

Barcelona, Spain
Net Languages is an online school, founded in the beginning of 1998, offering English tutored and non-tutored courses to individuals, corporate, government, and educational institutions. It provides specialized courses like ‘General English’, ‘English for Work’, ‘English for Doctors’, as well as IELTS and FCE exam preparation. Levels of difficulty of the courses range from pre-elementary to advanced. The school has also developed Spanish courses that mirror the English ones when it comes to course organization and quality. A competitive advantage the institution has is that... See full description.

Notting Hill Language School, Tenerife

Tenerife, Spain
Notting Hill Language School is a Spanish training center based in Tenerife South. Established in 2002, the school has been dedicated to helping foreign students acquire the Spanish language in an enjoyable and effortless way. The school strives to provide excellence in learning, combined with a friendly and helpful service, ensuring that students feel at ease during their stay. The school offers general Spanish and intensive Spanish options as well as a DELE preparation course and Spanish for special purposes (i.e. Spanish for Banking and Stock Markets, Marketing and Advertising,... See full description.


Barcelona, Spain
Located in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Novalingua is a language school that specializes in teaching Spanish (and other languages) to foreigners and non-native speakers. Novalingua employs a staff of linguists and language experts experienced in teaching a variety of languages. Among the many languages individuals can master with the help of Novalingua are Spanish, German, English, Catalan, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Mandarin Chinese. Since 1978, Novalingua has taught thousands of students at its Barcelona campus. Those participating in these intensive... See full description.


Madrid, Spain
OISE is an institution, offering intensive language courses in a variety of countries. OISE intensive Spanish courses in Madrid provide a complete immersion program for students, who wish to learn Spanish. Students have a good choice of options – they can embark on a fully individual program, or an option of maximum of four students per group. There is also a choice of how many hours per week they wish to spend studying – these vary from 15 to 30 hours per week. The language courses in Madrid also include press review sessions, pre-class preparation periods as well as a program of... See full description.

Oxford TEFL

Barcelona, Spain
Oxford Tefl is among the most highly-regarded teacher training institutions in Europe. Over the last 15 years more than 2500 teachers have earned their TESOL certificate in our centre in Barcelona. Study at Oxford TEFL and you can gain a TEFL qualification to work anywhere in the world with our four-week, 134-hour intensive TEFL course. Minimum 6 hours observed teaching practice Dynamic workshops and input sessions Visa and careers support – before, during and after the course. A prestigious, internationally recognized qualification A positive, dynamic and supportive... See full description.

Planet Idiomas

Gijon, Spain
Planet Idiomas is a language center, which was founded in Gijon in 2002. It provides a variety of linguistic services, whilst striving to apply the most modern and innovative methods in a welcoming atmosphere. The mission of the center is to unveil the beauty of language, making learning easy and accessible. Languages taught are English, German, French, as well as Spanish. All programs are highly customized and always designed according to the clients’ needs. There are courses for children (starting at one years of age), adults, and companies. For the children’s courses, there is full... See full description.

Proyecto Español

Alicante, Spain
Proyecto Español specializes in teaching Spanish as a second language and has schools in downtown Alicante, Barcelona, Granada and Madrid, Spain. By combining Spanish language and culture classes with fun activities at an affordable price, Proyecto Español aims at providing its students with a study-holiday experience that rises to their expectations.Teachers are Spanish native-speakers with an educational background in Spanish language and literature. Classes are taught in small groups and are available in standard, intensive, superintensive or long duration mode. The school also... See full description.

Salmínter, Escuela de español

Salamanca, Spain
SALMíNTER is a language school, located in Salamanca, Spain. It was established in 1986 with the purpose to help foreign students get a feel of Spanish language and culture. The institution believes that what truly distinguishes them from other schools is the fact that the whole team consists only of teachers, and is also directed by teachers. The courses offered are aimed at students of all ages, interests, and levels. They include Intensive Spanish, Intensive Spanish Language and Civilization, Spanish Culture, Business, Official Exams (D.E.L.E), and a number of other options.

Santander Euro-Centre

Santander, Spain
Santander Euro-Centre was founded in 1991, and is located in the heart of the city of Santander. The school specializes in the teaching of Spanish language and culture, priding itself with its experienced staff and up to date methods. Group classes include no more than 6 students and great emphasis is put on student participation. Courses involve the areas of conversation, comprehension, grammar and written skills. Situational dialogues and task-based activities are widely used, too. Furthermore, students with a more advanced level have the opportunity to study Spanish Culture and... See full description.

Sheffield Centre Spanish Courses

If you are looking for a school that offers everything you could possibily want, SC is your choice! We are leaders in our field, with a deep feeling for our responsabilities and obligations, endorsed by 27 years of experience. Our school and headquarters are located in Madrid with local offices in Barcelona, Valencia, Sheffield and Roma, which enables us to support you in all your needs in Spain or abroad. Our Spanish Programs Department offers you all kind of quality Spanish Courses supplemented by a rich agenda of social and cultural extracurricular activities. Our friendly team is... See full description.

Sociedad Hispano Mundial

Granada, Spain
SHM is a Spanish language school, established in 1995 – located in the Andalusian city of Granada in Southern Spain. The school has built a good reputation with the language and activity courses it offers, and these include Spanish and Culture, Spanish Conversation Courses, Spanish and Sports in Granada, Spanish and Horse Riding, Spanish and Flamenco, Spanish Teacher Training, and Combined Courses. The accommodation offered is a host family option with carefully selected local families, which will guarantee a full immersion into Spanish language and culture.


Barcelona, Spain
Solbarcelona offers various options to learn the Spanish language and one of them is the immersion programs organized in Barcelona. The goals that these programs strive to achieve are teaching students how to express themselves more fluently in various situations; improving students’ pronunciation and accent; enriching the students’ vocabulary and enhancing their reading skills; improving their Business Spanish skills if they wish to. The immersive programs include various tours and social activities, giving students the chance to truly enjoy their Spanish learning experience.

Solingua Instituto - Spanish School

Solingua Spanish School have the best location in Costa del Sol to learn Spanish. Located in the heart of the beautiful Puerto Marina of Benalmádena, just 100 meters from the beach and 15 minutes from Malaga's international airport. With special methods, qualified teachers and excepcional structure we can make your learning experience look more like vacations! Beside the Spanish learning you can have extra activities like surf, kite surf, flamenco classes, cooking classes, cultural excursions, beauty treatment and much more!

Spaneasy Spanish school in Madrid

We are a Spanish school located in Madrid. We offer different kind of Spanish courses to make our students lear Spanish with an easy method. We have a team of Spanish teachers well qualified, who are really dynamic and enthusiastic with teaching. We use the communicative method to teach focused on your improvement. Our international atmosphere will give you the option to meet new people from all over the world and join a lot of complementary extra activities to live a real Spanish immersion, by learning and discovering Spanish culture, history and gastronomy while you learn Spanish.

Spanish Courses Colegio Delibes

Salamanca, Spain
Colegio Delibes is one of the best private schools, centrally located in Salamanca, and exclusively dedicated to providing Spanish Language Courses for foreign students year-round. Its facilities include air-conditioned classrooms, Wi-Fi coverage, an audio laboratory, a video-conference room, a library and a computer room with free Internet access, as well as an enclosed patio in the typical Spanish style, where students can relax and socialize during coffee breaks.Colegio Delibes does not offer just Spanish language courses, but a variety of courses with different specializations and... See full description.

Spanish Courses Gran Canaria Academia El Capitán

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
We are a young and innovative Spanish school in Spain. Our intensive courses focus on communication and our students speak Spanish from the first day on in class and in real environments with our Outdoor Classes. We also offer cultural activities to get to know better the history and the culture of Spain. The Intensive Spanish Courses consist of a grammar part and a strong conversation part to apply and practice the new knowledge right away. By creating real life situations, our experienced native teachers will teach you Spanish in a fun and spontaneous environment. Our weekly... See full description.

Spanish Heaven

Our first-class courses are on the learning of the Spanish language and contact with our traditions aligned.

Spanish Institute. Audio Gil

Castellón, Spain
Spanish Institute is an international language academy, dedicated to the teaching of Spanish to foreigners. Its main purpose is for its students to thrive in a fun international environment, whilst acquiring the Spanish language. Spanish Institute is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, acknowledged by the Spanish Ministry of Education, and awarded by the University of Alcalá de Henares. It provides courses at all levels in Castellón, Spain, including intensive, part time on-to-one, summer camps, and exam preparation courses. Numerous cultural and fun activities, visits, and... See full description.

Spanish Language Center - SLC Marbella

Spanish Language Center (SLC) is located in the penthouse of a 3-storey building, in the heart of Marbella (Costa del Sol), just 5 minutes walking distance from the old town and the beach. We offer high quality programmes in and outbound, service and support. SLC was founded in 1999, is accredited by Instituto Cervantes and is a member of FEDELE, ensuring the highest standards of service and quality for its students, being authorised to provide the necessary documents for students to obtain a study visa in Spain. We offer accommodation with host families, and shared apartments located 3... See full description.

Spanish Plus

La Coruña
Spanish Plus courses at LanguageJobSpain put together language and culture. We arrange Spanish language courses for adults and young people with a “plus” in culture in A Coruña, North West coast od Spain. We also provide one-to-one and tailor- made courses. Our Spanish programmes include cultural work shops, exchanges with the locals guided city tours, day trips and other activities that will give students a real view of the Spanish and Galician cultures. During the summer, from June to September, we offer combined Spanish classes with Surf, Spanish + Surf. CulturELEmente –... See full description.

Spanish Studies Program, Instituto Franklin-Universidad de Alcala

Alcala de Henares, Spain
The Instituto Universitario de Investigación en Estudios Norteamerianos Benjamin Franklin of the Universidad de Alcalá was founded in 1987, when the University created a center for the study and research of North America. Since then it has been dedicated to developing new ways of institutional collaboration between Spain and North America. The Spanish Studies Program was initiated with the purpose to promote collaboration between the Universidad de Alcalá and North American universities, interested in internationalizing their students. The Program was established in 1987, too. It... See full description.


Spanish-International provides spanish courses in Málaga center for students from all over the world. Our spanish school is located in the center of Málaga. One of the oldest spanish schools in Málaga. Visit Spanish-International

Spanish4you, Spanish courses in Granada

Granada, Spain
Spanish4you is an organization, offering specialized Spanish courses for foreigners. It receives more than 20,000 students from over 52 countries. All teachers are experienced professionals with university degrees, strictly specialized in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. The school in Granada is located in the center of the city, only 5 minutes away from the Granada University and Cathedral. The course options there include standard course, intensive course, and star courses. Except for these, the full package includes accommodation, loan of course material, an organized... See full description.

Spanorama Language International

Malaga, Spain
Spanorama Languages was established in 1991 and with the quality of service they provide, the school considers themselves as one of the best language centers in Spain. They offer Spanish courses for foreigners in the cities Malaga, Alicante, Barcelona, Almunecar, Cadiz, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca, San Sebastian, Santander, Sevilla, Tenerife, and Valencia. More than half of their students come through recommendation, and Spanorama Language International believes that this is due to the fact that they pay equal importance to the quality of accommodation and activities program as well as the... See full description.

Spark Spanish

El Puerto de Santa María, Spain
Spark Spanish is an educational institution dedicated to the teaching of Spanish language. It is located in the city of El Puerto de Santa Maria in Andalusia in southern Spain. It offers numerous course options such as General Spanish, Intensive Spanish, DELE Course, Spanish Language Holiday, as well as Online Spanish options. Spark Spanish is guided by the principle that language learning should be fun and exciting. The center applies a number of innovative approaches in order to ensure students become confident in using Spanish in different situations. Some of them include the... See full description.

Speakeasy Spanish School

Barcelona, Spain
Speakeasy Spanish school was established in 2001 with the mission to become the best Spanish language school in Spain. It prides itself with the high quality service it provides, and the fact that 50% of its students come through recommendations. The staff consists of Spanish and foreign internationals, ensuring an environment that is truly multicultural in nature. Speakeasy Spanish School is located in the very centre of Barcelona, close to Plaza Catalunya, and offers strictly specialized courses in groups of no more than 10 students. The approach applied is communication-centered and... See full description.

StudyTravel Idiomas

StudyTravel provides languages courses abroad to learn English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Italian and Chinese for adult, juniors, professionals and teachers.

Taller Flamenco

Seville, Spain
Taller Flamenco is a specialized center in the teaching of Flamenco and Spanish Language. It was established in Seville in 1994 by a group of university students. The courses organized and offered by the school all year long include Flamenco Dance – focusing exclusively on the staging of choreography for different flamenco styles; Technique for Flamenco Dance – helping the students learn the coordination of movements of different parts of the body; Flamenco Guitar – this course teaches all aspects of flamenco guitar, methods, exercises, falsetas, playing for singing and dancing;... See full description.

Language Immersion Courses in Spain by City:

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