Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Egypt

About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Egypt

Since the early 90's, the Egyptian government has taken numerous initiatives to improve the nation's education system. More recently, such initiatives have included the introduction and promotion of online courses, degrees, and distance learning in Egypt. The country is making efforts for increasing the literacy levels, as well as, access to higher education by means of online courses and distance learning schools in Egypt.

Initiatives for Online Courses and Distance Learning in Egypt

One of the biggest challenges faced by the Egyptian government while trying to promote distance learning and online education was the lack of universal internet connectivity in the country. Having established some amount of broadband connectivity and basic infrastructure to introduce ICT tools in education, the government then established a distance learning network, specifically aimed at teacher training and personal development courses. This initiative included facilities for video conferencing with trainers, video presentations in schools, and interactive learning tools to test students’ learning levels.  Efforts were also taken to improve trainer-student interaction, along with a training scheme to train teachers in the use of ICT in classrooms.

Currently too, the country is pushing for further developing telecommunications across all regions, urban and rural alike. Egypt presently aims to increase access to distance learning facilities, and online degree courses by utilizing modern ICT tools, methods and facilities.

This is immensely beneficial for a country which is still developing its economy and has a high rate of illiteracy, poverty and school drop out ratio. The lack of infrastructure and transportation facilities in certain regions of the country, make ICT based education, especially valuable and convenient.  Online courses, online degrees and distance learning schools in Egypt can open up new avenues for the citizens. Access to higher education, study material and obtaining professional qualifications from anywhere in the country, without having to move to big cities, quitting one’s job or compromising on family responsibilities is a huge benefit of online education in Egypt. Moreover, online courses are cheaper than regular college programs; they do not require campus presence and can be undertaken along with a part time job. 

What’s Next

With a huge number of ICT trained professionals, Egypt stands to become an attractive option for investment and global business opportunities. There are several initiatives in place to extend and develop distance learning in Egypt. First there is a knowledge source network, where a central library of digitized knowledge and data can provide information and study material for distance learning schools in Egypt online.

Moreover, plans are underway for setting up an educational satellite television network, dedicated to providing educational programs for schools in rural areas. A non-profit organization called iEARN has been established to extend ICT services for promoting online courses for children and young adults.

Lastly, the NEPAD e-Schools project aims to provide connectivity for schools across Africa as a whole, to promote learning and knowledge sharing across all schools which are connected and to provide information on each school's performance.
Finally, Egypt still has someway to go, as far as providing universal access to online education goes. However, once in place, ICT systems promise exponential growth in this direction. In terms of online degrees, courses and distance learning, Egypt stands at a good position to implement it’s plans and policies, and leading the way for other African countries.

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