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In Dominica, the educational system is governed and looked after by the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth Affairs under the Education Act 1997. The Ministry has the supreme authority to frame various educational policies in Dominica. Education in this country is free and mandatory. The higher education system follows the American and European model of Education.
Institutions of higher education and universities in Dominica, which are functioning in Dominica at present, can be categorized into the following sectors:
State sponsored/public: Institutions and universities in Dominica, which are wholly or mostly maintained and operated at state expenses.
Private: Institutions and universities in Dominica, which are owned, managed as well as financed by an individual, religious community or a body that is neither government owned nor is subsidized.
External: Institutions and universities, which are locally based or provide distant higher education. These institutions are generally not of Dominican origin
Local: Institutions and universities, which may be private or public, and are of Dominican origin
Higher education in Dominica is provided either through Universities in Dominica or by Colleges in Dominica.
Higher education in Dominica is offered at public, private and distant education institutions. The Universities in Dominica provide different courses in three different formats:
The Core Component Courses:
Foundation Courses:
Major and Minor Courses:
The courses offered under the Core Component Courses are:
There are courses on various languages, education on different parameters of social studies, Mathematics, Literacy, Health and Family Life. The options available for the students are study of French, Arts and crafts, Music, Agricultural research and Physical Education.
The foundational Courses offered are studies on Caribbean Issues, Technology, English for Students of Tertiary Level, classes on Psychology of the adolescent, Fundamentals of Learning & Instructions, Philosophy, and History & Sociology of Languages, Fundamentals of Learning & Instruction, Measurement and Assessment.
Major and Minor Courses include courses on Agricultural Education, Courses on Social Studies, Courses on English Language and Literature, Courses on French Language, Higher Education on Mathematics and Science.
Higher education in Dominica is structured into a three tier system, like most other countries, made up of first cycle (bachelor’s degree in Dominica), second cycle (master’s in Dominica), and third cycle (Doctorate in Dominica). The first cycle lasts four to five years, the second cycle spans one to two years, and the third cycle takes anything between three to five years of research and dissertation.

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