Study Abroad Programs in Venezuela

About Study Abroad Programs in Venezuela

Often cited as the gateway to the Caribbean world, Venezuela’s geographical diversity, rich culture and educational opportunities make it an attractive choice for many study abroad programs. Those willing to pursue studies in biology, eco-tourism, biodiversity and other environmental studies will find Venezuela a perfect fit. As a partner in different study abroad programs and global exchange initiatives, Venezuela is more than available to students from all nationalities. Explore the country, as well as its academic world, by opting for study abroad programs in Venezuela.

About Venezuelan Study Abroad Programs

Some aspects of Venezuelan study abroad programs that tend to set them apart from other international study programs include:
  • Smaller, individualized classrooms. Many students prefer the more personal learning environment offered by Venezuela’s study abroad facilities.
  • Lack of language prerequisites. While it is beneficial to have some knowledge of Spanish before attending a study abroad program to Venezuela, it is not required except in cases where a scholarship deems it necessary.
  • Availability of study abroad programs at many education levels. College attendees aren’t the only ones who can experience lively education in this South American country; those in high school study abroad in Venezuela as well.
Summer study abroad in Venezuela is another main attraction for many young scholars, as summer produces the height of environmental experience. Many students opt for a summer semester term in Venezuela for the heightened beauty of the country during that time. For example, visiting the world’s highest waterfall, Angels Falls, is one of the most popular summer trips for international students.

Scholarships and Fellowships for International Students

Students from all over the world are on a constant search for cheap study abroad programs to the South American country of Venezuela, due to its beauty and educational opportunities. To ease finances, the governments of many countries (including the U.S. and the U.K.) will provide scholarships for students who wish to study in Venezuela. Financially disadvantaged students may also attend specially structured courses or apply for financial aid scholarships. 

In order to achieve many of these scholarships, students are usually required to study in specific fields. International study abroad programs to Venezuela often focus on subjects of marine biology, ecology, environmental science and maritime studies – excellent educational choices, since Venezuela is home to miles of rainforest and natural coral reefs.
Those who want to study abroad in Venezuela can also apply for scholarships under Spanish language programs. These students may range from Spanish-language beginners to native speakers, both seeking a complete cultural and linguistic immersion experience in Venezuela.

Other scholarships are offered by national or international organizations with specific goals. For example, the Conference on Latin American History gives out a scholarship to students interested in Latin American cultural studies; the Rain Forest Alliance, a world-renowned organization, awards a scholarship to students seeking studies in the conservation, preservation and restoration of Amazonian rain forests.

Venezuela as a Study Abroad Location

There are many factors contributing to Venezuela’s popularity as a study abroad location. Not among the least if these is Venezuela’s cultural, environmental and other tourist hot spots. Students who explore the country between classes will witness the scenic beauty of the Andes, the diverse wildlife of the rainforests and the pristine beaches lining the coast. There is a mixture of Native American, Spanish and African culture rooted in Venezuela, with notable influences from its Caribbean neighbors.

Students from around the world constantly return to Venezuela for the education and cultural experience. The lighthearted attitudes of Venezuelans, their innovative learning techniques and their daily trips to gorgeous natural locations keep students coming back time and time again. For students interested in a study abroad course surrounded by nature and culture, Venezuela is a top destination.

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