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About SpainExchange.com

What we offer

SpainExchange.com is the largest English speaking resource on the Internet for finding all types of schools and programs in Spain. SpainExchange.com also has an extensive database of schools all around the world.

By signing up on our website, both English speaking and Spanish speaking visitors searching for schools and programs in Spain and other countries can find your school on SpainExchange.com.

About Us

SpainExchange.com, was created in June of 1999 when we sought to meet the need for a comprehensive, free, and impartial source of information online for students from other countries planning to study in Spain. Not only did we develop a directory for schools in Spain but we also included schools from other countries as a resource to our Spanish student audience searching to study abroad.

Our Mission

SpainExchange.com has for its mission to facilitate student exchanges at the global level by promoting international education and intercultural exchange.

Our Values

We value truth and honesty in our business, excellence in the quality of our services, the dignity of all individuals, and our purpose expressed in our mission statement.