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Studies & Degrees in Occupational Training

Choose the degree program you would like to study:

Administrative Assistant Administrative Management Aircraft Maintenance Applied Mechanics Attention to People in Situation of Dependency AutoCAD Auxiliary veterinary Specialist in Exotic Animals or NAC Baking and Pastry Bookkeeping Cakes and Pastry Canine Training and Education Carpentry Catering Assistant Clerical Studies Cocktail Barman Conservation of Forests, Natural Parks and Protected Areas Construction Corporal Therapeutic Massage Correctional Institutions Cosmetology Culinary Arts Driving School Teacher Dubbing Actor Electromecanics Equestrian Veterinary Assistant Farm animal veterinary assistant Fireman Flight and Convention Attendant Food and beverage Food Handler Gardens Design Gastronomy Hairdressing and Aesthetics Canine Heavy Equipment Maintenance Herbalism Horses Caretaker International Cuisine Library Assistant Local Policeman Lymphatic Drainage Maintenance, Design and Creation of Private and Public Gardens Management Secretarial Studies Martial Arts Masonry Mechanics Medical Transport Metal Forming Mining Maintenance Monitor of riding Municipal police National Policeman Naturopathy Parapharmacy Technician Pediatrics Assistant Personal Shopper Plumbing Podal Reflexology Private Investigator Professional Makeup Psychiatry Assistant Radio Announcer Restoration Retail Robotics Shipping Shopping Malls Safety Management Sumiller Tanatoesthetics and Thanatopraxy Urban and Industrial Waste Management Vivil Guard Waiter Waitress Apartments Hotel Weaving Wedding Planner Welding Wild and Wild Fauna Zoo Animals Veterinary Assistant Woodwork and Furniture Making