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Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Spain


Barcelona, Spain
AFIGE is an online training company, with headquarters in Barcelona. It offers courses and masters related with companies, in the financial, economic, legal, tax and labour fields.

Animacion, Servicios Educativos y Tiempo Libre

Vigo, Spain
Expert in toy libraries distance learning courses, senior animator, technician in drug addiction and alcoholism, gender violence and child abuse, sex educators, employability, intercultural mediator, psychology for educators, toy libraries monitor, street educator, educator family education, hospital, animator educator in dynamics of groups, youth violence, marginalisation and inadequacy, intervention with collective disadvantaged, learning to teach.

Asociación Alcalá

Alcala la Real, Spain
Alcala Training was founded in 2000, and is based in Alcala la Real (Jaen). They are health and education professionals, offering accredited training and long-distance learning programs. The institution has experienced substantial growth during the years, and now offers more than 200 courses in the field of Health and Medicine. Their courses encompass both case studies and tests, while the teaching methods are flexible enough to enable students to choose where they wish to study, and still have sound mentor support.

Asociacion de Enfermeria

Valencia, Spain
The Asociacion de Enfermeria (Nursing Association) in Spain is a national scientific organization that brings together nurses from all over the country. The objective of these nurses is to provide care to the community and the country at large in both illness and health situations. The goal of the association, on the other hand, is to help the nurses in the community to equip themselves with habits, skills, and behaviors that promote self-care for themselves and for others. There are a number of trainings offered at the association. These training are conducted through specialized... See full description.

AulaactUal. Escuela de Música Moderna On-Line

Barcelona, Spain
The AulaActual School of Music is a pioneer in musical distance education, online music courses and computer-based music training.  With its great cache of programs and quality staff, the school is so confident students will enjoy their online musical experience that they offer a complete, no-questions-asked refund for anyone who is not satisfied with their course are the results it produces. About the AulaActual School of Music The AulaActual School of Music is the first modern school of online musical education in Spain.  Since the school’s founding in 1997,... See full description.

Bureau Veritas Business School

Madrid, Spain
Bureau Veritas Business School is a business school in e-learning, based in Madrid for more than 10 years. It is dedicated to the training of individuals and companies, with a team of highly qualified teachers.

Centro de Estudios CEAC

Barcelona, Spain
The Centro de Estudios CEAC, or CEAC Studies Center, is a higher education institution that specializes in distance education and online courses.  Collectively, these programs lead to both degree and diploma conferment in a variety of academic and professional fields. About the CEAC Studies Center The CEAC Studies Center has been operating for 67 years.  Its commitment to its students is to provide the highest quality education and training that will ultimately lead to a professional career in the sector of the student’s choosing.  The commitment of the CEAC Studies... See full description.

Centro de Formación Profesional DECROLY

Santander , Spain
The Center of Professional Training DECROLY, was founded in 1978, having achieved much prestige in Cantabria, both in the field of education and business.

CEOE Formación, Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales

Madrid , Spain
CEOE Formación, Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales was founded in 1977, in Madrid. The institution provides training courses, in classroom, online and mixed to about 20,000 students a year, renewing their programs and systems constantly, in order to achieve a high level of education.

CESAE, Escuela de Negocios

Madrid, Spain
CÉSAE, Business School, is a company specialized in training online, created in 2003 and directed to the hospitality and tourism management, through master's programmes and courses related to business management.

Curso de inglés My Oxford English

San Fernando de Henares, Spain
My Oxford English is an English course online, for companies and individuals, specifically designed for professionals and students Spanish-speaking. It is a learning system unique in the world composed of a wide variety of multimedia content of the highest quality. On their website you can find a free newsletter to learn English and various types of placement test.

Cursos ESM de Formación Programada a Distancia

Oviedo, Spain
ESM is a Safety and Human Factor investigation institute, which is a private institution, operating internationally. The training in Human Factors the institute offers is backed up by twenty years of experience, and provides specialized training programs in Human Reliability. These courses are specifically designed for technicians, middle management, and operators with the purpose of helping them integrate a culture of safety into their working environment. The institute stresses on the flexibility and convenience of these programs, which are offered in three modes – full attendance;... See full description.


Barcelona, Spain
EducaciOnline is a distance learning school, using new information and communication technologies. Over the years they have trained more than 15,000 professionals through teaching quality and approach to the student.

Escuela de Estudios Universitarios Real Madrid, Universidad Europea de Madrid

Alcobendas, Spain
The Escuela de Estudios Universitarios Real Madrid, was created in 2006 and is a specialized center about university studies on sport, as well as its relationship with health, leisure and communication.

Euroaula Online

Barcelona, Spain
Euroaula Online is an educational centre, founded in 1987 and affiliated with the University of Girona. From its virtual campus, he gives tourism training to executives and managers, with modern and innovative programs.

Formación Técnico Profesional

Madrid, Spain
Formación Técnico Profesional is a learning centre, online, distance learning and in person, created 30 years ago. Courses are taught in various cities and are related to subjects like decoration, fashion design, 3D Studio MAX and others.

Formación Universitaria

Formacion Universitaria describe themselves as the first distance-learning web-based institution in Spain, and a leader in online education. They pride an extremely wide range of courses – including short-term ones that allow professionals to quickly gain new skills in their career. The institution very much stresses on the method of teaching they have adopted, which combines the convenience of distance learning with the continuing support of a personal tutor. Teaching materials are constantly updated, while the personalized nature of the services the college offers allows students to... See full description.

Innovtur, Consultoría Turística y Formación

Villanubla, Spain
Innovtur, Consultoría Turística y Formación is a training center online, located in Villanubla, Valladolid, which teaches courses related to tourism and hospitality, among others.

Institución Cultural de Enseñanza (ICE)

Barcelona, Spain
Institución Cultural de Enseñanza (ICE), is a training centre on line, with 35 years of experience, located in Barcelona.

Instituto Forymat

Zaragoza, Spain
Instituto Forymat was founded in 1997 and is dedicated to on-line continuing and postgraduate training. It collaborates with the University of Zaragoza.

Instituto Universitario de Educación a Distancia (IUED)

Madrid, Spain
The Instituto Universitario de Educación a Distancia (University Institute of Distance Education, or IUED), also known as the National Distance Education University (UNED), is a higher education institute offering online courses and distance education programs to thousands of students each year, leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as certifications, diplomas, and technical qualifications in a number of different academic and professional fields. The University Institute of Distance Education is under the direction of a skilled team of administrators... See full description.

Neptunos Formación

Sevilla, Spain
Neptunos is a training center that specializes in e-learning, distance learning and media learning, providing services for both adults and younger students. Its current headquarters is in the Campus Enterprise Tournament Sevilla, Spain, offering courses in the areas of arts, human resources, insurance, dentistry, health, chemical, and information technology. All programs are designed with careful consideration of industry demands and thoughtful research of various companies. The five principles that the training center strictly follows are excellent teachers, small group classes, regular... See full description.

SEAS, Estudios Abiertos (Fundación San Valero)

Zaragoza, Spain
SEAS, Estudios Abiertos (Fundación San Valero, is an institution of high education, located in Zaragoza. It provides training in a wide variety of courses online.

UDIMA - Universidad a Distancia de Madrid

Madrid, Spain
The Madrid Open University is an innovative institution, committed to the delivery of flexible learning methods to those who wish to integrate these in their busy lifestyle. The online campus of the university is open 24 hours a day - through advanced technologies it enables unlimited communication between students and their instructors. The institution grants Professional Degrees that have been developed under the guidelines of the Bologna process, and are therefore acknowledged throughout the European Union. Degrees offered are in Business Administration and Management; Computer... See full description.

Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Spain by City:

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About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Spain

Around the world, online education is becoming increasingly popular, and Spain is no exception. A number of factors play into this trend: massive youth unemployment, an increasing need for higher education in order to secure jobs, and economic shifts that necessitate retraining. These variables, widespread in Spain as in many other countries, have helped online education to grow into a more and more popular option.

Spain is known around the world for moving at its own pace; from the traditional afternoon siesta to the all-night parties of Barcelona, Spanish culture has a rhythm and tempo of its own, and this may be part of what makes online education so popular. The advantage of online education is always that students can set their own pace and work from home, or wherever else they like, as necessary. Given Spain’s reputation as a relaxed and laid-back place, it is not surprising that this appeals to Spanish students.

There are, of course, many disadvantages to studying online, whether in Spain or anywhere else. The biggest problem is that degrees granted online are not generally as respected as those granted by brick-and-mortar institutions. In modern-day Spain, where graduates must compete with other graduates from all over Europe in an open and highly competitive job market, having an online-only degree is often a disadvantage as compared to one from one of the Continent’s many traditional universities. The absence of face-to-face time with professors can also be a disadvantage, since many students find it more difficult to learn when they are not directly interacting with their instructors. The many distractions of home or the coffeeshop or wherever one chooses to work can also be a disadvantage. Still, despite all this, an online degree is in most cases better than no degree at all, as long as the online program is chosen carefully.

The other form of online education in Spain is non-degree courses designed to offer vocational training or other forms of training to those who do not feel the need to get an actual degree. These courses exhibit a wide range of time frames, subjects, and levels of difficulty, but for the most part they take less time to complete than degree-granting programs. The quality of these non-degree programs can vary widely, especially since different subjects are more or less amenable to online instruction than others. Computer programming, for example, can be taught online fairly simply, whereas language skills are very difficult to gain in such a format. This is unfortunate, since language studies are some of the most popular non-degree courses in the world. This should not be taken to mean that all online language courses are a waste of time; only that prospective students who are interested in language study should choose their programs carefully.

While Spain’s online education systems are not particularly notable for any reason – they more or less resemble the overwhelming majority of online education elsewhere in the world – they have a few unique programs that other countries might not offer. There are, for example, online culinary classes in Spain, or online art programs. Most of these will not offer degrees (at least not accredited degrees), but they will still offer high-quality courses that can help to advance a career or just to impart some skills and knowledge that the student might otherwise have lacked.

Throughout the world, several factors are leading to a rapid increase in the popularity of online education. These include massive unemployment among young people, rising tuition at colleges and universities, and ever mounting demand for highly trained and educated employees in the global labor market. Spain is no exception to this global trend. As in other modern economies in Western Europe, the winds of economic change have blown more and more students toward online degrees rather than more traditional on-campus degrees.

Whether it is in Spain or anywhere else, the greatest advantage of online education is that it enables students to set their own schedule and work at their own pace. This is a tremendous relief for working adults and those with young families, as the obligations of adult life do not always leave room for regular course work and studying. Thus, many adults all over the world are taking advantage of the opportunity presented by online education. While the schedule of an online degree is not entirely up for grabs–due dates and project deadlines are as strict as they are in more traditional universities–the specific time and place where the work gets done is up to the student. If transportation is a problem, coursework can easily be done at home or at the local public library. In Spain, which is known throughout the world for moving to its own tempo, the advantages of self-scheduling are particularly widely appreciated.

Although online education is an excellent option for many students, it is not perfect. The biggest challenge facing those who choose this path is the fact that some employers find online degrees to be less reputable than more traditional ones. These perceptions are beginning to change as online degrees become more and more common, but it can still present a problem for graduates who did not study at a bricks-and-mortar institution.

The perception that online degrees are of a lower quality than traditional degrees is not entirely unfounded. Part of the reason why some employers see things this way is because there are numerous online “institutions” that print out degrees without providing high-quality instruction. Known as “diploma mills,” these websites often post absurdly low tuition rates and do not require their students to turn in final projects or complete proctored exams. As a general rule, remember that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. It goes without saying that it is crucial to avoid diploma mills, since they are not only a waste of money and time, but can also make the student appear gullible or even dishonest.

That said, the majority of online education programs in Spain are perfectly reputable and provide a high-quality instruction for all of their students. While the risk of scams and diploma mills is real, it does not detract from the quality of legitimate online-only institutions. Prospective students who exercise a little common sense in their search can avoid all potential pitfalls and reap the rewards of an online degree. This is as true in Spain as it is anywhere else, as Spain’s online degree programs are not known to be significantly different in any way from those elsewhere in Europe.