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The AulaActual School of Music is a pioneer in musical distance education, online music courses and computer-based music training.  With its great cache of programs and quality staff, the school is so confident students will enjoy their online musical experience that they offer a complete, no-questions-asked refund for anyone who is not satisfied with their course are the results it produces.

About the AulaActual School of Music

The AulaActual School of Music is the first modern school of online musical education in Spain.  Since the school’s founding in 1997, the staff and administration has been committed to developing and perfecting their system of distance education.  So far, hundreds of people who have taken advantages of this distance learning model have realized their dream of learning to compose music, play an instrument, or just get some information regarding music theory.  Once thought to be impossible, the online system of musical education offered at the AulaActual School of Music has allowed scores of individuals an opportunity to master their sense of rhythm, create their own musical arrangements and gain a better understanding of the available musical software on the market today.

By taking advantage of the best and latest features of the Internet, the AulaActual School of Music has developed a unique system of virtual teaching that has not only equaled the traditional classroom method but surpassed it.  The one-on-one attention that this musical education model provides gives students an abundance of opportunities for personalized attention without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home.  Alumni of the institutution are quick to point out that the ability to study at their own pace and create their own schedules afforded them an opportunity to pursue a much-desired musical education that would have otherwise been impossible due to time constraints.

For those who prefer the traditional method of learning, the AulaActual School of Music also offers face-to-face instruction with a teacher who corrects, comments, and provides immediate feedback on student progress.

All the courses at the AulaActual School of Music are monitored by an individual teacher.  Students can take all the time they desire to complete their desired course, which begins immediately after enrollment and concludes when all of the exercises have been satisfactorily completed.

Types of Courses

At the AulaActual School of Music there are three broad categories into which the course offerings fall: Music Theory courses, Instrument Training, and Software and Music Computing.

Music Theory Courses

Music theory courses are available in subjects such as harmony, arrangement and music composition.  In these courses, students learn the theoretical foundations of each subject and are given guided exercises that are graded by the instructor to measure student performance.

Instrument Training

Like the name suggests, the Instrument Training courses offered at the AulaActual School of Music help students learn how to play or further their mastery of a given instrument.  Courses are available for instruments such as the guitar, piano and even the harmonica, with real-time lessons and demonstrations that can be viewed in either MP3 or MIDI format.

Software and Music Computing Courses

Today there are a number of software packages on the market that are aimed at helping students learn the basics of creating arrangements and writing musical compositions with the use of today’s advanced technologies.  In the Software and Computing classes at the AulaActual School of Music, students learn how to use specific musical software packages, such as Cubase, Finale and Band in a Box, and receive specialized tutoring from an assigned instructor.  To enroll in these courses, students must be willing to purchase the appropriate software, which is available at a 50% discount for all students of the AulaActual School of Music.

All Programs Available:
  • Arts, Design and Crafts
    • Music
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Independent Private College


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