Study and find schools in Spain

Spain, or in official circles, the Kingdom of Spain, is a sovereign country located in the southwestern portion of Europe, with a total geographic area of just over 195,000 square miles, making it the 51st largest nation in the world by area.  Situated on the Iberian Peninsula, the mainland of Spain is bordered to the east and south by the Mediterranean Sea, save for a small land boundary with Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory.  To the north and northeast the country shares borders with France, Andorra and the Bay of Biscay, and to the west and northwest with Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean.  Spain is a democracy, organized in the form of a parliamentary government serving under a constitutional monarchy.  A highly developed country, Spain boasts the 12th largest economy in the world by nominal GDP and the world’s tenth-highest quality of life index rating.  It is a member of the European Union, United Nations and NATO among other organizations, and its capital and largest city is Madrid.
As of the 2010 census, Spain had an estimated population of just over 46 million and a population density of roughly 235 inhabitants per square mile, which is lower than most other Western European countries.  With the exception of Madrid and the surrounding area, the most populated areas of Spain are along the coast.  Native Spaniards are by far the largest ethnic group in Spain, accounting for approximately 88 percent of the population.  The remaining 12 percent is comprised of people of many different ethnicities, hailing from places such as Latin America, North Africa, Eastern Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Spanish, recognized in the constitution as Castilian, is the official language of Spain and is used in government, media, commerce and education.  It is also the most widely spoken language in the country, spoken as a first language by nearly 90 percent of the population.  The constitution also states that all other languages in Spain, including Basque, Catalan and Galician, will be recognized regionally within their respective communities. Although no longer an official state religion, Roman Catholicism is the preferred faith for over 71 percent of the Spanish population, and in public schools, students must choose courses in either religion or ethics, with Roman Catholicism being the only religion taught.  Close to 3 percent of the population practices something other than Roman Catholicism, while 24 percent of the population self-identifies as either non-religious or atheist.
Education in Spain
Education in Spain is overseen and regulated by the Ministry of Education and administered at the regional level.  Education is free and compulsory for 10 years, beginning at age 6 and culminating at age 16.  The system of education has five basic levels:  preschool education, serving children between the ages of 3 and 6; primary school, a six-year program serving students ages 6-12; secondary education, a four-year program for students 12-16; the Spanish Baccalaureate (Bachillerato) or Formacion Profesional, a two-year program for students 16-18; and tertiary or higher education.
Primary (colegio) and secondary school (instituto) are the only two compulsory levels of education under the Spanish system.  Both are free for students to attend.  Following the successful completion of secondary school, students are awarded a Secondary Education Certificate, which is necessary to enter the next phase of education. 
The two-year post-compulsory stage of education essentially has two educational tracks from which students can choose:  the Bachillerato, an academic program that helps prepare students for university admission, or the vocational track called Formacion Profesional, which helps prepare students for certain careers within the Spanish economy.  Students who successfully complete the Bachillerato are eligible to sit for the University Entrance Exam, popularly called the Selectividad, which varies from region to region.
Higher education in Spain is provided by numerous universities, all of which have recently restructured their credit and degree structure as recommended by the Bologna Process—a reform act that aims to facilitate student transfer at universities throughout the European Union.  Under the new system, one academic year now constitutes 60 credits in most cases, and the types of degrees available for students to pursue include a 3-year Bachelor degree, a 2-year Master’s Degree, and a 3-4 year Doctorate or PhD-level degree.

International Study Abroad Programs in Spain

Looking for study abroad in Spain programs? We have included a list of semester or year abroad programs in Spain for students from the United States. American institutions, universities and organizations sponsor the Study abroad in Spain programs listed in this section.

University students: Before you enroll in any of these Study abroad in Spain programs, talk to you home campus study-abroad coordinator to make sure that your home campus will accept the credits you receive from the program selected.

Spain is one of the world’s most popular study abroad destinations, and a wide variety of study abroad programs are available through US-based institutions. Spain’s popularity among traveling college students is due in large part to the high demand for Spanish language classes. As the US increasingly becomes a bilingual society, more and more college students are seeking a high level of Spanish language instruction, and naturally many of them turn to Spain to find it. In addition, Spain offers a warm climate, natural beauty, exciting cities, and easy access to foreign travel destinations throughout Europe and North Africa.

The number of US-based study abroad programs to Spain is simply overwhelming. These programs differ widely in type, location, and quality, so it pays to do a bit of research ahead of time and pick a program with exactly the right combination of attributes.

Spain is a large and diverse country, so location makes a significant difference in any study abroad experience. Study abroad programs in Barcelona, for example, generally focus more on art, history, and culture than on language–this is no surprise given that Catalan, not Spanish, is the primary language there. Programs that go to Madrid, on the other hand, are typically focused more narrowly on the Spanish-language. In addition to the academic focus of the program, different locations make for different study abroad programs by attracting different sorts of students. American students who come to Andalusia, for example, often take breaks and weekends to travel in nearby Morocco, while those who choose the Balearic Islands as their destination are often more interested in beachside lounging than weekend travel.

While the majority of study abroad programs in Spain are based in major cities, there are many in more rural areas as well. Such programs often provide a deeper glimpse of Spanish society and culture than urban programs, especially since they typically include a homestay. Staying with a host family in rural Spain is a superb way to gain insight into aspects of Spanish life that students in urban programs may never glimpse.

Generally speaking, the best American study abroad programs in Spain are those that are structured around a partnership between an American and a Spanish university. Programs of this sort have the most reputable classes and provide a true immersion experience by placing American and Spanish students in the same classes and living quarters. In addition, they often offer classes in English so that students whose Spanish is less advanced can still get a meaningful academic experience.

There are a huge variety of international study abroad programs in Spain, ranging from short intersession programs in rural Catalonia to semesters and full years in urban, cosmopolitan Madrid. According to some estimates, Spain is the second-most popular study abroad destination in the world, after Italy. Programs vary based not only on setting but also on topic of instruction. Spanish language, art, and history are all popular areas of study for people who want to spend time in Spain. Given the enormous breadth and diversity of programs available in this country, it is advisable to spend some time doing independent research so as to find the programs most well-suited to your interests, goals, and skills.

The most common reason for spending a semester or a year in Spain is because of the opportunity to learn the Spanish language. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and of course there’s no better place to learn than the country where it originated. Nearly all study abroad programs in Spain will include language courses. In some cases, these will be the main focus of the program, whereas in others they will be supplementary classes designed to help students get by in Spanish society while they spend their time studying another subject.

One of the greatest advantages of studying abroad in Spain is the opportunity to travel to other places not only in Europe, but in North Africa as well. Spain shares borders with France, Portugal, and the small mountain country of Andorra, all of which are very popular places to spend a weekend or a school holiday. The Balearic Islands in the western Mediterranean are Spanish territories that are home to beautiful beaches and some of the most popular resorts in Europe. It’s also a short ride to get from Spain into Italy, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom. Many international students take the opportunity to spend time in North Africa – Morocco is only a few miles from parts of Spain, and a flight to Tunisia or even Egypt is fairly simple to arrange. Spain’s central location and the ease of getting from place to place, along with its mild and sunny year-round climate, is one of the main reasons for its popularity as a study-abroad destination.

Don’t overlook the opportunity to work while in Spain. Many students who opt for work-study programs in Spain find that their time abroad is greatly enriched by the experience of working or volunteering. Work/study and volunteer based programs are as varied and diverse as the academics; everything from museum and curatorial work to park cleanup and environmental conservation is available. Some programs even place students at an apiary – a bee farm! Volunteer programs and work/study opportunities are especially popular during the summer, and can help enable students of less extravagant means to finance their time abroad. Volunteer organizations often offer free housing and food as part of their programs for students.

Language Courses in Spain

Finding language schools and immersion courses in Spain is extremely easy. Such courses are ubiquitous around the country, so prospective students can find ways to study the Spanish language in any one of a huge variety of settings. Like in any other country, language schools will generally be clustered in the main cities, but there are a few to be found in small towns and villages as well.

Because of the vast number of language immersion courses in Spain, it’s necessary to think about what your ideal program would be like. Before seeking out a specific program, consider two important questions: where in the country would you like to be? And how long can you afford to stay? The first question can be very tough. Spain has a tremendous diversity of cities and rural areas including the bustling capital city of Madrid; the unique cultural and political hotspot of Barcelona; the vacation island of Mallorca; and countless other towns, cities, and rural areas. Natural environments in Spain range from the sunny Mediterranean coast to the windy slopes of the Pyrenees Mountains.

The question of the duration of your stay will also make a significant difference. Obviously, the longer you can stay in the country, the better your language skills will become. If you are at an intermediate to advanced level, consider finding a part-time job or volunteer program that will reduce your living expenses so that you can stay in the country as long as possible. Language experts generally agree that the best (maybe the only) way to make the jump from advanced to fluent is to spend a significant amount of time in a country where the target language is spoken.

Many of the major cities will also have Spanish-as-a-second-language courses for working adults. If you’ve come to Spain as an adult or even for retirement, there are likely to be courses specifically designed for people in your situation. Look for listings in your city. If you are in one of the rural areas of Spain, it might be more difficult to find organized programs, but you can still probably find an English-speaking local who would be happy to tutor you one-on-one. Such “language-exchange” arrangements are becoming increasingly common as global demand for English increases.

If you’re a high school or college student learning the Spanish language or an adult looking for an adventure, there are few destinations in the world more appealing than Spain. Not only is this an ideal place to learn one of the world’s fastest-growing languages; it is also home to a warm climate and a friendly culture. It is little wonder, then, that Spain is one of the world’s most popular destinations for language immersion and study abroad.

There are all sorts of ways to learn Spanish while in Spain. Just the experience of being in the country, interacting with others and going about the business of everyday life will most likely improve your Spanish language skills considerably. Still, it’s often wise to enroll in language classes at a Spanish Language School in order to ensure that your learning is as fast, efficient, and accurate as possible.

Many of the people who come to learn Spanish in Spain are college and high school students, and these groups typically find that study abroad programs or university classes are the most suitable learning venues. However, for those who do not fall into this category–such as working adults, recent graduates, and young people not affiliated with a college or university–it can be somewhat harder to find classes. Fortunately, there are numerous dedicated Spanish language schools in Spain that focus exclusively on teaching Spanish as a 2nd language. These Spanish Language Schools are typically less expensive than university classes, and allow students to skip the hassle of complex application processes. In addition, their course schedules and academic calendars are geared toward the needs of nontraditional students and full-time employees.

As in any country, Spanish language schools in Spain have various teaching styles, goals, and target demographics. Some offer vacation-study packages which combine courses with excursions and outings in various Spanish cities. These Spanish language programs, which can be as short as a couple of weeks, are a great way to incorporate both fun and learning into a single trip.

Other Spanish language schools hold evening and weekend classes who geared toward working people who expect to be in the country for a more extended stay. Foreign business people and their families, for example, can take advantage of such courses as a way to improve their fluency without interrupting their work schedules. These programs are also a great way to get in touch with the expatriate community in a given area, which can help you feel connected to home no matter how long your stay is.

Naturally, Spanish language schools are more common in places where the density of foreign residents is greater–namely large cities, particularly Madrid, Granada, and Salamanca. However, at least one Spanish language Academy can be found in almost any city in the country, as well as small towns. Non-Spanish-speaking areas in Spain also have courses in Spanish as a 2nd language, although they are typically not geared toward foreigners. Rather, such Spanish language schools are designed to provide advanced language skills to Spanish citizens whose 1st language is Basque, Catalan, or another minority language. If you’re an English speaker living in one of these areas (particularly in northern Spain), make sure that your Spanish language school in Spain is designed for foreigners and not Spanish linguistic minorities.

Due to its enormous popularity as a study abroad destination, Spain is home to countless language and cultural immersion programs. The majority are concentrated in major cities such as Madrid and Seville, although there are opportunities in smaller towns and rural areas as well. Spanish language and culture programs in Spain vary in terms of their size, duration, and target audience–many, but by no means all, are geared toward college students.

When choosing a language and culture program in Spain, there are 3 important questions to take into consideration: location, setting, and duration. Because these programs are so numerous, the 1st question to ask is where in Spain you would like to be located. Perhaps the thriving urban landscapes of Madrid are your ideal place to live; or perhaps it is a small town along the beautiful Mediterranean coast. Whatever your dream, it is worthwhile to consider what specific parts of Spain will be most pleasant and conducive to your learning. This will help you narrow down the list of options.

Don’t forget to consider the non-Spanish-speaking regions of Spain as well. Places like Barcelona and the Basque Country are beautiful places to live and study, and Spanish-language programs can be found here as well. Although the experience will be somewhat less immersive than it would be in, say, Madrid, these programs are often excellent nonetheless.

Once you have settled on a location, the next question to ask is what sort of setting you would like your learning to be in. Many language and cultural immersion programs are attached to major universities–this is generally the best option for full-time students, since it is often possible to attain transfer credits from your studies in Spain. For working adults and other nontraditional students, university programs are often unsuitable because they hold classes at inconvenient times. If your plan is to learn Spanish while working or volunteering in the country, it’s best to find a language program that is specifically designed for people in your situation.

Finally, consider the duration of your stay. Most programs have a specific calendar, often on a seasonal or semester basis, that includes predefined start and end dates. Finding the right program will involve looking at calendars to decide which program is most compatible with your needs. In general, it’s best to extend your stay for as long as possible–language experts agree that the longer you spend in an immersion experience, the more you get out of it. If you can afford to stay in the country for at least several months to a year, you will find that you were linguistic and cultural learning are maximized.

Schools that offer language courses in Spain


2Day Languages

Valencia, Spain
2Day Languages ​​is a school whose main goal is for our students to learn Spanish in the best way possible. The teachers, all qualified and experienced, follow a curriculum based on the Cervantes Institute, having at its disposal the best tools like digital boards to make lessons more enjoyable and productive.


Barcelona, Spain
ABCHumboldt is a language center, formed with the aim to become the ‘Gold Standard’ of language training. They have been following this mission by trying to deliver the best possible resources for learning and training. ABCHumboldt offers language training in some of the best independent language schools, and students attending classes there come from over 40 countries. Participants are mostly impressed by the flexible options available, the staff’s level of professionalism and the personal approach towards each and every individual. Courses available include General Spanish,... See full description.

Abril Escuela de Español

Alcala de Henares, Spain
Abril Escuela de Español is a Spanish language school, which guarantees an enriching language experience. It focuses on the provision of small classes and great personal attention. The school is based in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).

Academia Akralingua

San Vicente del Raspeig, Spain
Academia Akralingua was founded in 1991, as an International Language Center in Alicante, Spain. The school is located near the University Campus of Alicante, and offers Spanish language courses at various levels – from beginners to advanced. The school has also made available Business Spanish Courses, one to one courses and special language courses. Akralingua Spanish Language School is accredited by ACEICOVA (Association of language Centres in the Valencian Community). As a final point it is worth saying that the school teaches English, German and French to Spanish, which gives... See full description.

Academia Atlántika

Conil de la Frontera, Spain
Academia Atlántika is a dedicated Spanish teaching institution, which operates schools in various locations. Two of them are situated on the Atlantic coast - one in O Grove (Galicia) and the other in Conil de la Frontera (Cadiz). The other Spanish schools operated by Academia Atlantika are based in the cities of Seville (Andalusia),Quito (Ecuador), Playa del Carmen (Mexico) and San José de Heredia (Costa Rica). The organization has accumulated almost 20 years of experience in teaching Spanish to foreign students and it takes special pride in the fact that it can customize its options to... See full description.

Academia Berceo

Salamanca, Spain
The Academia Berceo is a specialized Spanish school based in Salamanca. Established in 1994, the school aimed to deliver language education through the application of modern techniques and methodology. Another important point is that Berceo is the only school in Salamanca, who has special facilities for people with physical impairments. Operating all year round, the school offers a variety of Spanish courses, including DELE, Spanish standard course, intensive Spanish, Spanish grammar, Spanish for business, Spanish for tourism, one to one, Spanish literature, and Spanish for teenagers.... See full description.

Academia Castila

Granada, Spain
Castila is a Spanish language school, created in 1988. It was formed by a group of Spanish teachers, who felt a real passion and enthusiasm for their language and culture. Castila is situated in the Albaicin area, which is the famous Arabic quarter in the centre of Granada. What distinguishes the school is the maximum class size of 6 students, which guarantees an excellent atmosphere and relationship between students and teachers. Furthermore, weekly extracurricular are organized with teachers, learning material is included in the course’s fees, and students have full access to all of... See full description.

Academia CILE

Malaga, Spain
Academia CILE is located next to the cathedral gardens (in the centre of the lively social life of Malaga), at only a 10 minutes' walking distance from the beach, in a stunning 19th century building with bright and ample classrooms full of light and life. We provide quality affordable Spanish classes to international students in a supportive atmosphere where students come first, and make international students feel more at home, far from home. Our school offers:. > A range of Intensive Spanish Courses with flexible start dates and timetables. > Excellent teachers > Perfect... See full description.

Academia Contacto

Madrid, Spain
Academia Contacto is a language organization in Spain, offering Spanish tuition. Highly focused on quality, the school strives to offer a full immersion for students wishing to learn about Spanish language and culture. Academia Contacto’s small, friendly schools are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Granada and Alicante. Classes are led by highly experienced, enthusiastic teachers, who are genuinely dedicated to helping students acquire the language.

Academia de Español Páramo

Valladolid, Spain
Páramo, Academia de Español is a Spanish language school, operating in the city of Valladolid. It has been receiving students since 1988, concentrating on those above the age of 14, who wish to gain knowledge or improve their skills in the Spanish language and culture. All students take a short test on their first day to be placed in the right group: beginners, elementary, intermediate, advanced, or proficiency. Classes comprise no more than 6 people, which ensures a fast and efficient progress in all four language skills that the program strives to develop – listening, speaking,... See full description.

Academia de idiomas Sat&Set

Madrid, Spain
SAT & SET offers an extensive range of services in the area of languages, with the aim to teach, inspire and advise our clients to contribute to its continued development and professional success.

Academia de Idiomas y de Formación Personal (AIFP)

Malaga, Spain
Academia AIFP is a small to medium-sized Spanish language school, located in the historic centre of Málaga. It has experience in teaching European languages to Spanish people (mainly English and German) since 1996, while from 2001 they have also started instructing Spanish to foreign students. A main advantage they stress on is that in their school foreign students have the chance of meeting many locals, with whom they can practice the skills they have acquired. The courses offered also include extra cultural classes, organized together with Spanish students; learning materials;... See full description.

Academia de idiomas Ya Hablas

Alicante, Spain
In YA HABLAS you can choose among a range of 21 languages: Spanish, English, Catalan, Valencian, Dutch, German, Swedish, Romanian, French, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Czech, Russian, Slovenian, Greek, Turkish, Indonesian, Italian, Polish. Special offer: Come with a friend and pay only 125 euros for a course!.

Academia de inglés Learn English Fácil

English Academy located in the centre of Málaga. We are teaching our students English as a second language. We providing classes to the following levels: A1, A2 (elemental), b1 (PET), b2 (FCE), C1, C2. Our teaching principles are simple: Experiences Native Certified English Teachers (TEFL or CELTA), strong class management, solid planning and we only speak English in class.

Academia EUREKA

Madrid, Spain
Located in the historic center of Madrid -the capital of Spain, EUREKA has been offering Spanish classes since 1988. We have developed a special methodology which, combined with our highly qualified faculty, ensures our students the best results. Classes are taught in small groups (8 students maximum), creating a friendly atmosphere and making it possible for the students to directly interact with their teacher. We offer Spanish courses all year round: general courses, intensive courses, preparation for D.E.L.E. exam, and ONE TO ONE courses. Classes can be complemented with an extensive... See full description.

Academia Hispánica

Cordoba, Spain
Academia Hispanica is a specialized language center based in Cordoba, Spain. It provides different General Spanish and Intensive Spanish options to groups and individuals, who are interested in acquiring the Spanish language fast. Special options like Language and Culture, Olé Course Spanish and Flamenco, and a Buen Apetito Course are available, too. Academia Hispanica organises a full program of social and cultural activities as well. These include guided tours of museums and monuments in the city; Sevillanas dancing or traditional cookery classes; fiestas and competitions in the... See full description.

Academia Instituto Picasso

Malaga, Spain
Academia Instituto Picasso is one of the oldest Spanish language schools in Malaga, Spain. It was established in 1982, since when more than 25,000 Spanish learners from all over the world have successfully completed one of the school’s courses. The institute is placed in a historic 19th Century building, forming part of the ancient town centre. It is also located a walking distance within the beaches, monuments, cinemas, theatre, and shopping center. The courses offered are in Spanish, English, German, and French, all being taught by teachers with university degrees, who strive to offer... See full description.

Academia Iria Flavia

Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Academia Iria Flavia is a Spanish Language school, established in 1994 in Santiago de Compostela. It is situated in the heart of the city, only a 2-minute walk from the historic district and very close to all the major monuments. The average group size is 5 students with a maximum of 8. At Academia Iria Flavia, great importance is given to the students’ relationship with their teachers – this is why, when being selected, teachers are evaluated on their personal qualities (like friendliness etc.) as well as professionalism. The activities organized in the classroom are concentrated on... See full description.

Academia K2 Internacional

Cadiz, Spain
Escuela de Espanol, K2 Internacional is a Spanish Language School based in the old famous town of Cadiz, Spain. The school specialized in Spanish study programmes and study trips for groups and it's accredited by Instituto Cervantes. Classes are held in small groups, limiting the number of students to 8-10 per class (maximum). This they believe is a measure to ensure students get more attention and hence become more successful. Located in the city of Cadiz, the school gives the opportunity to enjoy local amenities such as closeness to the park, beach and bus station. Extracurricular... See full description.

Academia Lenguaviva

Seville, Spain
Lenguaviva is a Spanish language school, located in ‘sun-soaked’ Sevilla, as they describe it. The prime aim of the school is to make learning Spanish abroad a fun experience. Lenguaviva offers a wide range of courses for all levels, ranging from one week to one year. Custom-made courses for individuals and small groups are available, too; these are structured according to the students’ prior knowledge, requirements, and interests. The teaching team is a well-experienced one, applying the most up-to-date pedagogical materials and methods in the comprehensive program that they teach.... See full description.

Academia Malaga Easyned

Malaga, Spain
Academia Malaga is a Spanish teaching institution based in Malaga, Spain. The language center offers a variety of programs (Intensive Spanish, General Spanish, DELE Prepatation) and five levels of choice. Students do not exceed 7 students per class, which allows for quick improvement and a student-tailored approach. A lot of the school’s program options include one-to-one private tuition and many other features which assure the success of the students enrolled. Finally, the school makes sure to organize a range of entertaining extra-curricular activities like water sports, excursions,... See full description.

Academia Málaga Plus

Malaga, Spain
Academia Malaga Plus is a well-known Spanish school in Malaga, Spain, recognized by the Cervantes Institute of Spanish Language. It offers group courses, long term Spanish courses, (which also include holiday courses), as well as super intensive, private courses, and special language courses (DELE, Tourism Spanish, Business Spanish). Numerous cultural and fun activities like salsa, bachata are organized, too.

Academia Paraninfo

Madrid, Spain
Paraninfo Academy was established in 1973 in the university district of Argüelles and it enjoys national and global prestige for its reputation, entrepreneurial spirit, and teaching quality. This prestige results from many successful years of teaching and the experience gained making it a very important reference in the teaching and spreading of Spanish. The school’s success in teaching Spanish has been recognized by the Cervantes Institute making it an officially accredited center for the propagation of both Spanish culture and language. This recognition serves as an assurance of... See full description.

Academia Pradoventura

Prado del Rey, Spain
Academia Pradoventura is a specialized Spanish language school in the South of Spain, Andalusia. Situated in Prado del Rey (a small town with a rich cultural and social life), the school is aimed at students and people of all ages and professions, who wish to learn the Spanish language and get fully immersed in the Spanish culture and way of life. Pradoventura offers a variety of course options at all levels, including a DELE preparation course and a Kid’s course. A number of cultural activities and city tours are organized by the school, too, making sure that students will have a... See full description.

Academia Universitaria

Salamanca, Spain
The University Academy is an institution, situated in Salamanca, Spain - a city of 180.000, located two hours from Madrid and 45 minutes from Portugal and Valladolid. It has been providing educational services to Spanish and international students since 1992. It offers courses in culture, literature, gastronomy and many others. It also offers courses at university level, with accredited diplomas in computers, physics, chemistry, history, archeology, technical design, geography etc. There are two main types of programs made available – especially designed ones for foreign students, and... See full description.

Academic Language Institute (ALI)

Alicante, Spain
The Academic Language Institute (ALI) is a private organization, specialized in the creation and provision of quality educational and professional internship opportunities. These are targeted at individuals and groups, who are looking for Spanish language programs in Spain. The wide variety of courses (including custom-designed ones), are offered at the University of Alicante in Alicante, Spain, and at Miguel Hernandez University (Elche, Spain). Students can take advantage of the semester or year-long programs and choose whether to specialize in language development only, or combine... See full description.

AENFIS Language School

Fuengirola, Spain
Welcome to AENFIS! AENFIS is a new School of Languages located in the beautiful seaside village of Fuengirola in the Costa del Sol. As one of the most multicultural municipalities of Andalucía, Fuengirola is an ideal place to learn languages while enjoying the sun and sand. Our courses are designed to be practical and dynamic, focusing on communicative ability.

AIL Madrid Spanish Language School

AIL Madrid Spanish Language School is conveniently located in the heart of Madrid, in the Salamanca district, known for being the most exclusive and wealthy area in the capital. In the immediate vicinity of the school you will find the famous Retiro Park, the fashionable Calle Goya, and the glamorous side-streets of Serrano and Velázquez. Furthermore, next to the school, there are numerous cafés, restaurants, bars, shops and supermarkets. The school offers a wide range of Spanish courses available for all ability levels. Its unrivalled quality is backed up by the recognition of the... See full description.


AIP Language Institute is located in Valencia and it is a Spanish language school that gives students the opportunity to study Spanish culture and language while discovering the charm of the city. The school offers Spanish language courses to students at all levels. The courses have tailor-made teaching materials which meet everyone’s personal requirements. These courses are meant to enable students develop their language skills in Spanish with regards to writing, reading, speaking, and listening. AIP also organizes a lot of entertainment and cultural activities, for instance, food... See full description.

Alba Languages

Madrid, Spain
Alba Languages is a specialized organization, dedicated to providing opportunities for Spanish language learning. Alba was founded in 1965, since when it has been organizing courses in Spanish language and culture in 14 cities all over Spain. The company takes special pride in the experience they have gained over the years as well as the well-qualified teachers, who ensure an excellent service and personal attention to students. Except for being highly enthusiastic and motivated, instructors at Alba have genuine interest in the progress of their students.

Alcalingua · Cursos de español para extranjeros, Universidad de Alcalá

Alcala de Henares, Spain
The University of Alcalá prides itself with the fact that it is one of the oldest universities in Europe – it was established by Cardinal Cisneros in 1499. The school is located 30 km, away from Madrid, educating 26,000 students enrolled on a wide range of degrees – 42 official degrees, 35 doctoral programs, and 40 master’s degrees are available in the areas of humanities, computer science, environmental sciences, law, and medicine. Furthermore, the institution was recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1998. As far as Alcalingua is concerned, it is a center within the... See full description.

Alce. Aula de Lengua y Cultura Española

Madrid, Spain
Alce is an organization, specializing in the provision of courses in Spanish and other modern languages. It has been operating since 1983, and offers intensive Spanish courses, which include a maximum of eight students per class, and are available at all levels. They can also be taught at the student’s office or home as well as the school itself. Other courses available are regular Spanish courses, DELE preparatory classes, History, Literature, and Art History Courses, Spanish for Tourism and Hotel Management, company classes, private classes, as well as special courses for young people. See full description.


Oviedo, Spain
Alea is a Spanish language school, specifically structured to serve foreign students. It was established in 2000, and is situated in Oviedo, the capital of the Spanish province of Asturias. The school applies a number of teaching methods in their language curriculum, but it has put special emphasis on the Spanish language’s practical, everyday usage. They concentrate on laying a sound foundation of the language, while also introducing Spain’s culture, art, traditions, and heritage. Alea is also especially proud with the unique learning environment it can offer to students – the... See full description.

Alhambra Instituto

Malaga, Spain
Alhambra Instituto Internacional is dedicated to teaching the Spanish language to various groups of students. Except for receiving international students, who wish to learn the Spanish language and culture, the school has instructed employees of companies like Audi, Konred-Adenauer-Foundation, AEG, Bayer, Deutsch Bank, Hoechst, Lufthansa, SAS, Siemens, Swissair and Volkswagen. The school director takes great care of the quality of the teaching staff as well as the host families where they accommodate students. Alhambra Instituto provides instruction in general Spanish, as well as... See full description.

Atlas School

Granada, Spain
Atlas Language School is one of the leading language schools in Ireland and it offers a number of language courses, for instance, English and Spanish among others. The school provides students with services of the highest level from the language courses, to accommodation, student support and welfare, and social and cultural activities. Atlas has state-of-the-art facilities, attentive and experienced lecturers, and a wide range of courses making the school the first option for students’ in search of quality learning and cultural experience in the city of Dublin. The learning programs are... See full description.

Aula Hispánica

Jaca, Spain
Aula Hispánica is a language school, offering a unique study environment with its location in Jaca, a city in the central Pyrenees in the north of Spain. Aula Hispánica has been dedicated to instructing Spanish to foreigners since its founding in 2003, and receives students from all over the word all year round. Most of the students are European adults, who wish to take advantage of Aula Hispánica’s modern facilities and welcoming atmosphere. Courses offered there include general and intensive ones, as well as individual options, and cover all levels. All teachers are highly... See full description.

Aula Toledo - Spanish Language School

Toledo, Spain
Aula Toledo is a Spanish language school based in central Spain in the city of Toledo. The school claims to be the only one, specializing in premium intensive Spanish courses. The programs offered by the school ensure a full immersion into the language; they are conducted, using specifically designed teaching methods and materials and this helps students drastically improve their Spanish in the shortest possible time. The courses are very practical, specializing in different aspects of the language, such as business Spanish, Spanish for tourism or a special course aimed at improving your... See full description.

Babylon Idiomas

Barcelona, Spain
Babylon Idiomas is a center, offering professional Spanish language training for adult learners. Its schools are located in Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga, Sevilla, Valencia, Buenos Aires, and Costa Rica. All language centers share the same curriculum, which is based on a Spanish teaching methodology that is natural, practical, and fast. Class sizes do not exceed 10 students, whilst there is a guarantee for the opportunity to join a class no matter of your level. Course options include Intensive, Super-Intensive, Immersion, Express, Dele preparation, individual or evening classes, as well as... See full description.

Barcelona Lingua

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona-Lingua is a small Spanish-teaching school, situated in the heart of Barcelona. It takes pride in its strategic location, being only a five-minute walk from the Plaza de Cataluña and the Barrio Gótico- the famous gothic quarter. The school has made available a range of Spanish classes, which are led by young enthusiastic teachers in a welcoming and personal environment. The team has been committed to teaching Spanish to foreigners for fifteen years, and the success of the school lies in the fact that they truly enjoy sharing their knowledge of Spanish as well as Spanish... See full description.

Be Free School Granada

Be Free School is a center of language with a new philosophy and methodology in teaching and learning of languages, where, besides improving communicative competence in any of the languages we teach,prepare our students for official examinations. In addition, we are a reference center specialized in tutoring of university courses. We believe that the best way to achieve good communicative competence in any language is to be based on teaching communication between teacher and students. We also strongly believe that good learning is actively involving students in the process, so our... See full description.

Berlitz Idiomas

Madrid, Spain
Berlitz is a global leadership training and education company, founded in 1878 by Maximilian D. Berlitz. It is currently headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey and Tokyo, Japan. Berlitz offers various programs for individuals, businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations in more than 50 languages. These programs include customized solutions for communication skills development, global leadership training, as well as solutions for cultural competency. Besides, these programs are available through various platforms: language instruction; language assessment and testing services;... See full description.

BEST Programs

Madrid, Spain
BEST Programs is a leading organization, established in 1990; it makes available various opportunities for working and studying abroad. BEST offers various internships in Spain, Belgium, and Italy, paid work experience opportunities, theme weeks (such as Spanish Language and Yoga, Spanish Language and Cooking, etc), au-pair work study programs, as well as translation services. The vision of the organization is that all programs offered should enable the participant to bring out and develop their full potential, by taking out the stress that often exists in the classroom.

Bonanova, Escuela Internacional de Idiomas

Fuengirola, Spain
Bonanova is a language school, created in 1991, offering courses in Spanish, English and Danish. It is located in the heart of Fuengirola in a cosy and quiet typical Andalusian side street, which is a walking distance away from the beach (only 3min. walk), sport activities, shops, restaurants, parks, transport, etc. The courses offered are Beginners, Intermediate, and Superior. All levels include the following aspects of the language: Pronunciation, conversation, grammar, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, as well as different aspects of Spanish and Hispano-American life and culture. All... See full description.

Business Language Centre

Gijón, Spain
Business Language Center is a language center established in 1992 in Gijón, Spain. It teaches adults and professional exclusively, following the aim to satisfy their needs and requirements in the shortest possible time. The Business Language Center provides professional instruction in Spanish, English and German, following various programs such as Spanish, Spanish for Work, Intensive Business Week, etc. The facilities of the school are modern, all teaching materials are up to date, whilst the environment is highly motivating.

c2 barcelona - Spanish Language and Culture in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
c2 barcelona specializes in the provision and creation of Spanish language and culture courses in Barcelona, Spain. The school is located in the center of the city, and offers language courses at all levels – from beginners, through intermediate to advanced and superior. Students are able to choose from four up to thirty lessons per week, whilst also enjoying multiple cultural activities and trips.

Cálamo&Cran - Centro de Aplicaciones Profesionales del Lenguage y la Edición

Madrid, Spain
Cálamo&Cran - Centro de Aplicaciones Profesionales del Lenguage y la Edición is an institution dedicated to training related to publishing and linguistic services through courses for professionals of the language, graphic design, text correction and others.

Camino Barcelona - Spanish Language School

Barcelona, Spain
Camino Barcelona is a Spanish language school, based in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. It offers quality Spanish language tuition, conducted by well-qualified and experienced teachers. The options available at the school include intensive and super-intensive courses, exam preparation opportunities, a Christmas course, a part-time evening course, Business Spanish, Spanish & Salsa, Spanish & Flamenco, A-level Revision Course, as well as a club 50+ course. The school building itself is located just ten minutes' walk from Plaza Cataluña, in the center of Barcelona. It is very well-equipped... See full description.

Canarias Cultural

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
The Canarias Cultural is an International Spanish School, committed to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. Except for the high standards they have set for their courses, the school is especially proud to present the wonderful atmosphere in the city of Santa Cruz, Tenerife. All teachers are philologists, who have specialized in teaching Spanish as a second language, but at the same time continue to constantly develop, improve, and update their teaching methods. Part of the philosophy The Canarias Cultural follows is that it strives to enable students understand Spanish and Latin... See full description.


Jerez de la frontera, Spain
Caramba! Is a Spanish language school based in Spain. The Spanish learning options it offers include Intensive Spanish, Super Intensive Spanish, Spanish Plus, One-to-one tuition, Spanish +, Spanish and Golf, Christmas courses, exam preparation opportunities, Spanish & Sherry, Spanish & Horses , Spanish & Marketing , Spanish & Tourism , Spanish & Volunteering , as well as Spanish for school groups. All levels and options offered incorporate a learning and understanding of Spanish culture, history and literature. The school can also take care of the participants’ accommodation, and... See full description.

Carpe Diem - Madrid

Madrid, Spain
Carpe Diem is an academy, offering Spanish language courses in the center of Madrid. Its aim is to provide well-structured courses, satisfying the students’ needs and requirements. Options include an intensive course, a semi-intensive course, one to one course, two days per week, and a DELE preparation course. The school assists in finding accommodation on request.

Casa de Lenguas Antigua, Guatemala

Madrid, Spain
Casa de Lenguas Antigua is a Spanish language school, based in Guatemala. The Spanish language options available at the school include intensive and super intensive group courses as well as private tuition opportunities. Even in the group classes, the teacher per student ratio is only 1:4. The more interesting special language programs made available at the school include MEDICINA, ACTIVA, Spanish & Salsa and Spanish & Horseback Riding. Students are able to start classes every Monday throughout the whole year.

CEE - Centro de Estudio de Español

Barcelona, Spain
Centro de Estudio de Español is a Spanish language school, offering afternoon and evening regular courses, super intensive language options, special programs for groups, as well as one-to-one classes. The institution is situated in the heart of Barcelona. All teachers conducting classes are very well-qualified, widely experienced, and have gained the necessary certificates. Furthermore the school is accredited by Instituto Cervantes, which is another insurance for quality. One of the goals pursued is to tailor each program to the student’s individual needs and provide a highly... See full description.

CELEI: Centro de Lenguas y Educación Intercultural; Customize Program Providers

Granada, Spain
CELEI, Center for Languages and Intercultural Education is an educational institution, developing itself in the area of Intercultural Education. It was established more than 25 years ago, and it provides university and high school education programs for North American students. Besides, it develops training courses, as well as work in the fields of Language Teaching, Intercultural Training and Experiential Learning. The interdisciplinary university programs offer intensive Spanish courses, combined with different lectures on History, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, Economics... See full description.

Centro de Enseñanza de Español La Herradura

La Herradura, Spain
La Herradura Spanish school is located in downtown La Herradura, a village close to Granada (in the Andalucía region). Founded in 1996, it has been teaching Spanish as a foreign language ever since, providing courses for all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced. Classes are taught entirely in Spanish by Spanish native speaking experienced teachers, and focus on grammar and conversation equally. Several modalities are available: you can choose Spanish classes only (either group classes or individual classes), or enroll in a Spanish + sport program (activities include scuba diving,... See full description.

Centro de Español García Lorca

Granada, Spain
The García Lorca Spanish Center is a Spanish language school, located in Granada, Spain, which is focused on providing a personalized method in the teaching of the Spanish language. They aim to make the learning of Spanish an enjoyable, but effective task through the application of various methods, and most of all through the use of complementary materials like newspapers, films, excursions, visits, etc. Group sizes do not exceed eight students per class, whilst courses are intensive, super intensive, mixed, DELE, and specialized ones, such as Literature, Spanish History, and History of... See full description.

Centro de Estudios Idea-Aladino

Torremolinos, Spain
Centro De Estudios Idea Aladino is a language and arts school, which was founded in 1993 in an emblematic building on the Costa del Sol. The school has a Language, Art and Music departments. It greatly values creativity and art as one of the most important drivers in one’s life, so they regularly organize exhibitions and concerts. All classes at the school are taught by experienced professionals, whilst traditional methods are wisely combined with modern techniques. The school not only strives to place students in the most appropriate level and group, but also to create a good class... See full description.

Centro de Idiomas Larcos

Cordoba, Spain
Centro de Idiomas Larcos is a Spanish language school, located in Córdoba, Andalusia, Spain. It is the oldest private Spanish school in town – established in 1993. It is also the only one, holding the Quality Certificate in the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language - granted by the University of Alcalá de Henares. The courses offered are available all year long and are offered at six different levels. An advantage the school has is that it allows no more than 50 international students, keeping group sizes small. All courses can be combined with individual classes, whilst there is... See full description.

Centro de Idiomas Quorum

Nerja, Spain
Centro de Idiomas Quorum is a Spanish language school, located in Nerja, Malaga - a town of 20,000 people, located in the Axarquia region of Andalusia, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Quorum is centrally located, but at the same time the surroundings are quiet, which makes it a great place for study. Furthermore, the school is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and currently offers a good range of courses – Intensive, Business Spanish, Advanced Spanish, Refresher courses for teachers of Spanish, and so on. Group classes do not exceed eight students per class, while these come... See full description.

Centro de lenguas ALMAR

Salamanca, Spain
ALMAR is a specialized school offering various language opportunities for Spanish language learners. The school is based in Salamanca, Spain, and on top of the general language options it offers preparation for D.E.L.E, literature courses, business Spanish and teacher training. The language center is located in the center of the city, close to the university campus. Classes are held in small groups, so that maximum personal attention can be ensured for each participant. The communicative method of teaching is the main one applied by the well-qualified instructors, who aim to encourage... See full description.

Centro de Lenguas Modernas de la Universidad de Granada

Granada, Spain
The Center for Modern Languages (CLM) at the University of Granada (UGR) is a well-recognized language center, receiving over 10,000 international students each year. The school is especially proud and emphasizes the fact that the CLM is located in the central district of the "Realejo", housed in the old palace of Santa Cruz (16th century), which has been specially restored for teaching purposes. There is a good variety of courses offered, such as Spanish Courses for Foreigners (Hispanic Studies Course (CEH), Spanish Language and Culture Course (CLCE), Intensive Spanish Language Courses... See full description.

Centro Humboldt

Barcelona, Spain
Centro Humboldt was established in 1986 with the purpose to provide lifelong learning opportunities in the area of language education. The institution is located in the center of Barcelona, offering language courses for both individual students and companies, cross cultural training, language trips, an internship program, and international qualification projects promoted by the European Union. The institution holds an ISO 9001:2000 certificate and prides itself with its high-tech, modern classrooms, its media library, and the numerous learning opportunities it provides to students. As... See full description.

Centro Internacional de Español (CIDE), Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas de la Universidad de Deusto

Bilbao, Spain
International Spanish Center (CIDE), located at the University of Deusto. The Center offers study abroad programs in the semesters and summers. Spanish Language courses at all levels (elementary to high-advanced, 2-3 hours per day) and courses taught in Spanish and English that are specifically designed for international students in areas such as Hispanic and Basque culture, literature, grammar, or European studies.

Centro Internacional de Español MELKART

Cadiz, Spain
Melkart, the school of friends is a Spanish language school, which has been up and running since 1995. They feel different from all other similar institutions with the friendly atmosphere they offer to students. The school is based in a typical Andalusian house from 1856, which is situated in the old town of Cádiz, a 3,000 year old city surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Melkart have developed their own method of education, which is formed around motivation, communication, and practical experience. This method has been accredited by the Cervantes institute, and combined with the small... See full description.

Centro Superior de Idiomas de la Universidad de Alicante

San Vicente del Raspeig, Spain
Language Center at University of Alicante (Spain), Spanish as a foreign language, English, French, German, Italian and Arab. Our university is in a nice town close to the Mediterranean Sea. We offer different types of courses and services, including accomodation, leisure activities, pick-up service...etc.

Cervantes Escuela Internacional

Malaga, Spain
Cervantes International School is a language school, located in Malaga, Spain – it is part of the network of Cervantes Institute Accredited Centers (a group of centers, dedicated to the teaching of Spanish). The school has accumulated 24 years experience in teaching Spanish and over 25,000 students from around the world. Cervantes makes available courses for different ages, language skills levels and interests and is open all year long. As long as a student has some basic level of Spanish, they can start a course any Monday. All courses incorporate oral comprehension, written... See full description.

CILE, Centro Internacional de Lengua Española

Malaga, Spain
CILE, Centro Internacional de Lengua Española is a Spanish teaching institution established in 1989. It is based in Malaga, Spain, and has made available a good variety of Spanish language learning opportunities. These include standard courses, exam preparation, as well as special options such as Course "Legal Spanish", Course for Airline employees, a Hispanic Studies Course, as well as a homestay program, in which the student lives with the tutor. The school ensures an effective, but fun teaching process and has developed their own teaching materials.

CLIC IH Centro de Idiomas e Intercambio Cultural

Seville, Spain
Clic is one of the top Spanish language schools in Spain, located in Seville. It boasts a good, well-qualified team of Spanish teachers, modern resources, modern accommodation in the center of the city, as well as outstanding social extracurricular program for full immersion in the Spanish culture. The courses include intensive Spanish, company internships, Spanish for teenagers, Spanish and Flamenco as well as a guarantee for success at DELE exam in Seville.

Club de Español, Spanish as a Foreign Language

Madrid, Spain
Club de Espanol was established in 2002, located in between Salamanca and Chamberi districts in Madrid. The instruction process focuses on modern foreign language teaching techniques and task-based style of instruction. With seventeen classrooms comprising of two floors having a cybercafé, individual study rooms, language specific bookstore and multimedia language lab. Club de Espanol has become one of the preferred places to study Spanish. The non-instructional activities range from Tapas night, supervised tour of Madrid, exchange of native Spanish speakers with Club de Espanol students... See full description.


Barcelona, Spain
Coined International Spain is one of the most decorated and prestigious language learning schools in the world. Coined Spain offers Spanish learning opportunities in 14 cities throughout Spain, which are Barcelona, Marbella, Pamplona, Salamanca, Alicante, Cadiz, Madrid, Seville, Ibiza, San Sebastian, Granada, Valencia, Malaga and Tenerife. Internship opportunities in Spain are in the fields of marketing, architecture, graphic design, law and others. Also there is one distinct activity offered in Coined Spain, which is a teaching aboard program. Teaching opportunities are provided either... See full description.

Colegio de España

Salamanca, Spain
The Colegio de Espana came into existence in 1973, as an educational establishment which would aid the promotion of Spanish and Hispano-American language and way of life. The college is located in the heart of Salamanca just a couple of minutes from Plaza Mayor. The school is equipped with a video conferencing suite, library, multimedia facility and free high-speed internet service. The courses offered at Colegio de Espana are Year long, summer program, Hispanic studies and optional studies. Colegio de Espana is accredited by Cervantes Institute and also has the quality recognition... See full description.

Colegio de Español La Janda

Vejer de la Frontera, Spain
La Janda International House has 17 years of experience in teaching Spanish to international students. They pride themselves to offer a friendly atmosphere in a small town, off the coast of Cadiz. A lot of the school’s students have come through the recommendation of family and friends, who were more than pleased with La Janda’s courses. The school regards this as a real contribution to their success. Besides the specifically designed Spanish learning programs, the school offers an extremely rich portfolio of cultural, sport and social activities within a unique natural environment.... See full description.

Colegio de Estudios Hispánicos

Salamanca, Spain
Colegio de Estudios Hispánicos is a Spanish language school that has been building its reputation since 1975. The school states that its distinctive feature is the close and friendly atmosphere formed between students and teachers. The instructors, on the other hand are highly qualified professionals, who constantly develop and improve the teaching methods they employ in order to ensure a fast and effective progress for all. Courses offered include Intensive Spanish Language, Highly Intensive Spanish Language and Culture Course, Commercial Spanish Course, Special Course in preparation... See full description.

Colegio Maravillas

Benalmádena, Spain
Colegio Maravillas is a language center, offering Spanish language courses for adults and teens in the coastal town of Benalmadena. The school is officially recognized by the Instituto Cervantes, which is their guarantee of high standards in tuition, personal attention and excellent overall services. Courses include general ones, intensive courses, special courses like Internship, DELE preparation, one-to-one tuition, etc. There are more unusual options available, too - Spanish and cooking, Spanish and Flamenco, Spanish and Andalusian handicraft, etc. The activities program is... See full description.

Colegio Unamuno

Salamanca, Spain
Colegio Unamuno is a school, specialized in the teaching of the Spanish language – it was established in 1987 in the historic district of Salamanca. In 2008 the school managed to secure a favorable report from the Cervantes Institute, allowing the Colegio Unamuno to join the Network of Accredited Language Centers in Spain. The courses provided by the institution include general Spanish, intensive courses, Technical Spanish, Spanish for Teachers, DELE exam preparation, individual options, and so on. A number of cultural activities are organized, too, and most of them are also included in... See full description.

Costa de Valencia, escuela de español

Valencia, Spain
Costa de Valencia is a Spanish language school, dedicated to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. It has been operating since 1995, and is located in Valencia – right in the center, between the university area, the old town and the beach. The school is especially focused on quality, for which reason all teaching staff consists of native speakers, who have not only graduated in Spanish philology, but are constantly undergoing further training to keep up with the new methods and developments in the field. Finally, Costa de Valencia points out that all books, tutor assistance and... See full description.

Cursos de Español para Extranjeros, Universidad de Málaga

Malaga, Spain
The Málaga University Curso de Español para Extranjeros (CEE-UMA) is part of the University of Málaga, which was created in 1972; it is located in the city of Málaga on the south coast of Spain, receiving almost 40,000 students. The center for Spanish courses has been working since 1947, aiming to set the highest standards in the teaching of the Spanish language. The center also strives to offer a wide variety of courses and programs, which include Intensive Spanish Courses; Course of Hispanic Studies; Summer Courses; 1st spanish course Málaga-Madrid, which is a joint initiative... See full description.

Cursos de Español para Extranjeros, Universidad de Oviedo

Oviedo, Spain
The House of Languages at the University of Oviedo was created with the purpose to improve language courses provision for foreign students, who have come to study at the university. The center has two branches: teaching Spanish to foreigners and language learning and translation service, combined with linguistic advice. The courses are taught in Oviedo, Gijón, Avilés and Mieres. The university itself is the only public university in Asturias, established in 1574.

Cursos Internacionales de la Universidad de Salamanca

Cursos Internacionales is the oficial spanish language teaching organization of Salamanca University, since 1989. Foreign people who want to learn spanish in Spain, will find the most suitable spanish course easily. We have a wide list of spanish language immersion programmes all along the year. Courses both for adults and children. The main goal of Cursos Internacionales is to make spanish language knowledge accesible around the planet. We have a close collaboration with main internacional institutions such as Instituto Cervantes or University of Cambridge to give students facilities... See full description.

Debla - Spanish courses

Malaga, Spain
Debla was established as a Spanish learning institute in 1979. The institute resides in Malaga, Spain. It has its own Wi-Fi so that students can take advantage of the mobile learning system. Debla enrolls more than 600 students annually, while usually July, August and September are peak intake seasons. Students are encouraged to speak in Spanish from the first day and a written & oral test is taken in the first session. The books utilized by the institute are tailored with the European Frame of Reference (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2). Non-instructional activities at Debla include cooking,... See full description.

Delta Language School

Santander, Spain
Delta Language School is a fully accredited Spanish language school with some good traditions – it has been running since 1980, offering courses to students and adults, who wish to gain Spanish language skills in Spain. The school is located in Santander, which is the capital of the Cantabria region. The city is surrounded by beaches and beautiful mountains. Teachers have long-term experience at teaching Spanish as a second language and work as a team to carefully plan the academic program and the activities from which students can benefit the most. Courses vary in nature and level –... See full description.

Dialogue Idiomas

Pallejà, Spain
Formed in 1991 at Barcelona (Spain), Dialogue school of Spanish language learning offers intensive Spanish immersion courses to students from around the globe. The institute is located in Alt Penedes - one of the provinces in Barcelona, residing 30 minutes from the city central. The school offers intensive Spanish courses, Business Spanish courses & Exam preparation courses. Exam preparation courses consist of DELE courses, CIE courses, DBE courses, DSE courses, DIEN courses & DSEN courses. A week at the school equals more than 70 hours of Spanish language engagement i.e. 14 hours of... See full description.

Dictum Idiomas

We offer languages classes in Madrid for kids and adults. Native teachers Dinamic class Small group

DILE Cursos Internacionales de Español

Salamanca, Spain
DILE at Salamanca, Spain is a Spanish language centre. DILE offer courses to its students according to their levels. There are 8 levels of language proficiency which entail the following courses: DILE courses for ELE teachers and young learners. The duration of courses ranges from 15 to 30 hours per week, while students have the option of choosing one to one or group sessions, too. The teaching methodology focuses on speaking and listening skills. The institute has multimedia resources, library and audio visual rooms to aid learning. DILE also offers long term courses which include... See full description.

Direct Language School

THE CALLAN METHOD It is based on "practice, practice and practice", because the best way to speak English is to practice it. It is a fast and effective way to learn English, specially designed to improve the listening and conversation skills of the student in an active and lively environment. Fast and dynamic classes Dynamic correction of your errors Convesational method All levels The Vocabulary you need The Grammar that you use Our teachers are all native graduates and our classes are from 1 to 8 students maximum, so you can practice without overcrowding and make the most of... See full description.

don Quijote Granada

Granada, Spain
Granada is a city, situated in the southeast of Andalucia and the don Quijote center located there is in a strategic central location, near some of the great culture attractions like the Alhambra Palace, and the Albaicin. Don Quijote is an organization of schools, strictly dedicated to the teaching of Spanish to foreigners. Highly experienced teachers instruct students from all over the world in 35 schools, spread over 11 counties. In the courses offered in Granada, students are ensured study materials for all levels; a don Quijote student card, allowing students to receive special... See full description.

don Quijote Sevilla

Seville, Spain
don Quijote is a center offering Spanish language education. The certified instructors that the organization offers teach in 35 schools spread over 11 countries. The organization boasts more than 25 years of experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners. The Spanish courses in Sevilla offered give students a certificate upon completion as well as a professional guidance adviser available during daytime hours. All students will also have access to library resources including reference books, DVDs, CDs, and study guides.

EBC Servicios Lingüísticos

Madrid, Spain
EBC is the largest independent provider of accredited dual award TESOL and TEFL courses that meet British Council requirements. It is a specialist training organization, founded as a language school in 1995, since when it has graduated more than 2,500 teachers, securing a job for those, who wanted one. EBC runs the same course in all of its locations, which currently include Madrid, Spain; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Amman, Jordan; Boracay, Philippines; Chania, Greece (Crete); Cusco, Peru; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Modane, France; Phuket, Thailand; San Jose, Costa Rica; Wexford, Ireland.... See full description.

EDE, Escuela de Español

Burgos, Spain
EDE is the first language school, dedicated to the teaching of the Spanish language in Burgos (Spain). It organizes courses all year round, and has already accumulated 15 years of experience in doing that. EDE is a school, supported by the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism as well as by the Tourism Board of Junta de Castilla y León. As its main advantage, the school considers its small size and the personal attention students receive. Furthermore, students have 24-hour emergency phone assistance, and a course tutor and advisor. Spanish courses available are options such as Spanish... See full description.


Granada, Spain
Educatrip is a company established in 1999, specializing in the organization of Educational Tours for school and high school students, and Study Abroad Programs for university students in Spain. Its primary purpose is to promote the exchange of young people from all over the world, mainly Europe, USA, the Caribbean Sea, and the West Indies. They have been arranging Short-Term Programs and Study Abroad Programs, working with school groups, university students, seniors, and so on. They wish to provide a full immersive experience, taking students to the following main destinations:... See full description.

Eduespaña, AP Spanish

Madrid, Spain
Eduespaña organizes Spanish Language and Literature Programs for High School Students, which are CEELE-accredited and sponsored by the Education Office of the Embassy of Spain in Washington, D.C. The purpose of these courses is to give an opportunity for U.S. high school students (aged 15-19) to improve their Spanish language skills and their knowledge of Spanish literature. Canadian students in the same age range are able to participate, too. An important factor is that for the Spanish Literature Program, an advanced level of Spanish is required. The program is organized into 60 class... See full description.

EIDE, Escuelas Internacionales

Santurce, Spain
EIDE is a private institution, offering a good range of language courses as well as Higher Vocational Qualifications in Hospitality Management and Tourism. It is based in the area of Bilbao, and puts an emphasis on international education. It is organized into three schools: Spanish School, offering Intensive Courses, DELE Preparation, and Junior Programs; a Hospitality School, offering an Official Degree on Hospitality Management; and a Language School, providing opportunities in English, French, German, Chinese and Japanese. EIDE is proud to have trained over 14 thousand students since... See full description.

El Aula Azul

San Sebastián
Our school is the perfect place to learn or improve your Spanish if you want to have a great experience in a unique city like San Sebastian. Located right in the city centre and just a few steps from La Concha beach, with our Spanish Intensive Courses you will learn the most in the least amount of time and in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Elemadrid, Spanish language courses in Spain

Madrid, Spain
Elemadrid is a Spanish language school in Madrid, Spain. It was founded in 1996 and soon after that it managed to form an image of a reputable provider in the field of language learning abroad. The school offers a wide range of Spanish courses, including Intensive Spanish for busy adults, Business Spanish, and Medical Spanish classes for health care professionals. The school also claims to provide an unparalleled cultural activity and immersion program, combined with a good variety of housing options, meeting individual requirements. Finally, Elemadrid boasts with highly-qualified native... See full description.

Enforex, Spanish in the Spanish World

Madrid, Spain
ENFOREX is an organization, established in 1989, specializing in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. The institution welcomes more than 35,000 students each year, operating over 28 academic centers in Spain and Latin America. In Spain, locations include Alicante, Barcelona, Cádiz, Granada, Madrid, Málaga, Marbella, Pamplona, Salamanca, Sevilla, Tenerife & Valencia. The Latin American programs take place in Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Mendoza & Bariloche (Argentina); Sucre (Bolivia), Santiago de Chile (Chile), Coronado, Flamingo Beach, Heredia, Monteverde & Playa Jacó (Costa... See full description.


Madrid, Spain
Englishjet are a Spanish-based company, which offers in-house courses and consultation services for companies. The company provides teachers in Madrid, Barcelona, and many other provinces, also offering online solutions and free trial courses. All teachers at Englishjet are native, well-qualified and have a minimum of six years of experience. Services that Englishjet offers include Language program management, Translation & Interpreting department, Intensive courses in Spain, and English Courses in the UK and Ireland.

ePP español para profesionales

Madrid, Spain
EppSpanish for professionals is a school, specialized in teaching Spanish to foreign executives and professionals. The institution was established by professionals, who possess expertise in both the teaching of Spanish and the business world. Furthermore, EppSpanish have developed a unique method of teaching, fully customizing the teaching program to the student’s needs. There is even a Spanish learning program, especially designed for the couple – the school has recognized the importance of integrating into the family environment as well as the working one. The type of courses... See full description.

ESADE-Executive Language Center

Barcelona, Spain
The ESADE-Executive Language Center is located in Barcelona, Spain, in the residential area of Pedralbes. Its building was specifically designed to enhance language learning with spacious air-conditioned classrooms equipped with audio-visual technology, a library and a learning center. With a 45-year experience in language teaching, ESADE-ELC started as a small school that gradually evolved; it currently offers a wide range of Spanish, English, Chinese and Arabic classes to accommodate the needs and objectives of all sorts of language learners.The school is committed to high quality... See full description.

Escuela Atenea

Huelva, Spain
Escuela Atenea is a Spanish language school, offering Spanish courses for all levels and needs. The institute is located in Ayamonte and has made available Spanish Courses all year round. The school’s Spanish programs are conducted by native teachers, whose main purpose is to not simply teach Spanish grammar and vocabulary, but also get students acquainted with the Spanish culture and traditions. The options offered by Escuela include Intensive Spanish courses, DELE exam preparation courses, Spanish courses for professionals, Spanish courses for school groups, Private Spanish lessons,... See full description.

Escuela Carmen de las Cuevas

Granada, Spain
Escuela Carmen de las Cuevas is a specialized language school, boasting more than 20 years of experience in the teaching of the Spanish language. The school offers Spanish language courses at all levels, together with literature, history, and flamenco courses as well as preparatory courses for official exams. Group sizes are small (maximum of eight students per class), all teachers are qualified and strive to provide a welcoming, relaxed and personal atmosphere. Finally, the school is located in Granada and provides excellent facilities for its students – a large DVD collection, a... See full description.

Escuela de Idiomas Nerja

Nerja, Spain
Escuela de Idiomas Nerja is a Spanish language school in Nerja, Spain. It was founded in 1980 by its current directors and is located in the heart of the town, in a traditional Andalusian building - only a few minutes away from the beaches. Courses offered are extremely varied: there are general Spanish courses, which can be intensive, super intensive, individual, or for adults aged 50+; there are also the special purpose courses available – business for tourism, Spanish literature, Spanish civilization, DELE, etc.; and finally, there are the fun options like Spanish + salsa, Spanish +... See full description.

Masters Degrees, Graduate Studies and Professional Programs in Spain

For those interested in graduate programs in Spain, or professional development and continuing education, we have included them in our site. We have also included academic programs taught in a non-university environment. You should assume that all courses are taught in Spanish unless specified in the description of the school.

Spain has been one of Europe’s greatest centers of learning for centuries. During the days of the Emirate of Cordova, scholars in Spain undertook scientific and medical research that was the most advanced in the world at that time. Today, Spain continues to maintain a well-deserved reputation as an educational hotspot of professional development and the home of several of Europe’s top universities.

Like the rest of its higher education system, and Spain’s graduate programs are superb. Consistently ranked among the world’s best, Spanish universities offer an enormous variety of top tier graduate programs in everything from art and literature to biology and engineering. Students from all over Europe and elsewhere flock to Spain to seek advanced degrees.

Spain has both public and private institutions of higher learning that are accredited to award masters and doctoral degrees. Most observers report that there is no significant difference in quality between the public and private institutions, although there can sometimes be a difference in curriculum. This is largely due to the presence of numerous universities affiliated with the Catholic Church–at the graduate level in Spain, Catholic universities have a tendency to focus more on theology and less on other fields.

In an effort to help provide students with degrees that are career-oriented and ensure that graduates have the skills that they need to succeed in a global job market, Spain has partnered with 46 other European countries to create the EHEA. The EHEA, or European Higher Education Area, is an international body that seeks to facilitate coordination among colleges and universities throughout Europe. It has created a standardized system of degrees that are recognized as valid in all member states. Thus, students who obtain graduate programs in Spain or other advanced degrees are qualified to seek jobs throughout Europe, which is a major advantage in the current economic circumstances.

Spain’s popularity among foreign graduate students is due in large part, of course, to the high quality of instruction. However, there are many other factors that make Spain an attractive destination for studying graduate programs or other advanced study. Its pleasant climate and natural beauty offer a welcome respite from rigorous full-time studies, and travel opportunities for weekends and school breaks are countless. Graduate students in Spain often find that a few days in the countryside or along the sparkling Costa del Sol is a great way to relieve stress and come back refreshed and ready to return to work.

Spain, unlike some of its fellow EHEA member states, also offers a reasonable cost of living that can be a real relief for tight grad student budgets. Money-conscious students, particularly those pursuing non-lucrative academic degrees, find that this is a significant advantage of studying a graduate programs in Spain as opposed to somewhere else.

Career Colleges and Vocational Schools in Spain

In today’s challenging economic climate, people in countries all over the world are having a hard time finding rewarding and remunerative work. It is widely known that education is among the best ways to solve this problem–people with more advanced degrees almost universally earn more and work at jobs that they find more interesting and challenging. However, getting a college degree is not an option for everyone. Tuition and fees are steadily rising, and many prospective students simply do not have enough time to go back to school and complete a degree. For these people, career colleges and vocational schools are an excellent option. Vocational schools and career colleges offer courses in a broad range of subjects.

Spain is no exception to this global trend. More and more students are turning to vocational training rather than college, since it enables them to advance their careers without the overwhelming commitment of time and resources. In Spain, 2 types of vocational training are available: Middle Grade and Superior-level. Students who have completed their compulsory secondary education and obtained an ESO diploma are eligible to apply for vocational training at the Middle Grade level. At this level, students can find courses in a wide variety of subjects, from photography and creative writing to plumbing and automotive repair.

Advanced-level training at Spanish vocational schools and career colleges is available for students who have gone a bit further in their high school education. Students who have attained a Spanish Baccalaureate (which requires 2 additional years of secondary school beyond the ESO) can get more challenging vocational training through Advanced-level programs. Unlike Middle Grade courses, Advanced-level training is sometimes used as a stepping stone into college. Some 4 year degree programs accept credits from Advanced-level coursework, so students who excel in their vocational training can sometimes go on to complete more advanced degrees at colleges and universities. Others, of course, take their degrees and seek employment immediately after graduation.

Regardless of the level, vocational training is a wise career move for countless young people in Spain. In addition, people at more advanced stages in their careers often return for training or retraining in order to adapt to a changing economy. Workers who have been laid off, or who feel that they need to switch careers, can get retrained at any of Spain’s numerous career colleges and vocational schools targeted at mid-career learners. This emphasis on re-training has given countless Spanish workers a second chance at a fulfilling career, and has introduced a valuable flexibility into Spain’s workforce.

Thanks to increasing standardization of vocational education throughout Europe, credentials gained at career colleges in Spain can be applied to a much wider job market. Employment in nearly all sectors of the economy is becoming more and more globalized every year, so having a degree or certificate that is recognized in numerous countries is a considerable advantage.

Like in many other developed countries whose economies have been sagging in recent years, vocational training is on the rise in Spain. As college degrees and advanced training become more and more common in the work force, they become more and more essential for all applicants to have on their resume. Unfortunately, fees are also on the rise and family incomes are in decline. All of these factors lead to an increased number of Spanish students turning to career colleges and vocational training as a way to get an advanced without the commitment of time and resources that would be necessary for a college degree.

There are essentially two types of vocational training in Spain: Middle Grade and Superior-level. Middle Grade training is a more rudimentary type of program, available to anyone who has attained the level of an ESO diploma (the end of compulsory schooling in Spain, roughly equivalent to a 10th-grade education in the United States). Middle Grade programs typically do not lead into college study, but are excellent training for various trades and vocations nonetheless.

The second type of vocational training that is available in the country is Advanced-level training. Advanced-level training is available to those who have finished their Spanish Baccalaureates, which means they have done an additional 2 years of secondary school and reached the equivalent of an American 12th-grade education. Advanced-level training, naturally, tends to lead to more challenging and lucrative jobs than middle grade. The completion of an Advanced-level training cycle also entitles the student in most cases to continue his or her study at a college or university. Thus, advanced-level vocational training can serve as a kind of stepping-stone between high school and college.

Spain’s economy is extremely diverse, and the country is large, so there is a huge variety of vocational training available for ESO and Baccalaureate graduates. Vocational training in Spain could mean anything from art school to technical studies in skilled trades such as plumbing or secretarial skills. Vocational training or a degree from a career college can be a valuable asset in many different sectors and industries.

There are also a number of career colleges and vocational schools in Spain that are targeted at non-traditional students. Rather than young students straight out of secondary school, these programs are geared toward unemployed adults or those who are seeking a career change. In the current global economic crisis, this opportunity for re-training has been a great benefit to the Spanish economy, since employees who are laid off or who find that their skills have become obsolete can get re-trained and end their unemployment much more quickly. This gives the Spanish economy an adaptability that makes it more resilient than some other developed countries that have not invested in such training programs.

List of career colleges and vocational schools in Spain


9zeros, Escola d'animació de Catalunya

Barcelona, Spain
9 zeros is viewed as being a multidisciplinary center that is founded on a number of factors such as a strong work discipline, a solid theoretical base, and artistic concepts. These factors are then interpreted into different animation techniques that make up the courses curriculum. Some of the techniques used are 3D, cartoons, stop motion or play dough, arenas and so on. The Animation Career Review has termed the training program of 9zeros a one of the best animation curriculums in Europe. It is also mentioned in the white paper of animation in Spain as one of the schools to refer to in... See full description.

A Tempo, Estudis Musicals

Barcelona, Spain
If you wish to pursue musical studies, A tempo is the best place to go. The school teaches all activities related to music, dance, body expression as well as the commercialization of all types of elements necessary for the development of the mentioned activities. The institution’s philosophy is founded on a quality musical education and high technical thoroughness. Any person with a passion to learn music has a place here and learning is available from awareness classes for children aged three years, to classes for amateur or professional musicians. As mentioned, A Tempo offers... See full description.

Academia Blancafort

Barcelona, Spain
Academia Blancafort, Barcelona, is a private school, which, for 25 years, has been conducting studies, such as: access to University, vocational training of top grade, languages, training for companies and courses online, among others.

Academia Guiu

Barcelona, Spain
School founded in 1892. 120 years of teaching experience. We are specialized in: Selectividad Exam (to access to the University), Personal tuition, Spanish for Foreigners, summer courses, in company Formation.

Academia L´Hôpital

Madrid, Spain
In L'Hôpital Academy took over 25 years helping our students pass their exams of Secondary Education and University. Each year, more students select us, showing an increase of confidence in what we do, support classes to the subjects they are studying in their school and preparing for SATs, Access and Advanced Level Examinations of University Degrees.

Accés, Centre Acadèmic

Girona, Spain
Accés Centre Acadèmic (Access Academic Center) is a private training center located in Girona, Spain, a city in the northeast of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, situated at the confluence of the Ter, Onyar, Galligants, and Güell rivers. Girona is the capital of the province of the same name and of the comarca of the Gironès.  Considered one of the main Catalan cities, Girona is located 99 km (62 mi) northeast of Barcelona. Accés Centre Acadèmic offers vocational training and student support services in a number of different areas.  Among the center’s... See full description.

Acedis Formación

Las Rozas, Spain
Acedis Formación is the online training section of Portal Formativo S.L., established to train students and workers. It is also as a consultancy and advice for training centers.

Aeroflota del Noroeste – AFN, Piloto Profesional de Líneas Aéreas

AFN is a an authorized Flight Training Organization, offering courses such as Airline Transport Pilot, Private Pilot License, and range of modular courses recognized by the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA). The school’s degrees and certificates are recognized internationally and are considered equivalent to those issued by other such centers.

Aerolink Air Services

Sabadell, Spain
Aerolink Air Services is an airline company, dedicated to offering the highest quality services in pilot and cabin crew training. The pilot school within the organization offers a variety of airplane and helicopter courses. The school’s licenses, qualifications and ratings are accepted by Civil Aviation Authorities across Europe. Aerolink’s Cabin Crew School offers the opportunity to get a Passenger Cabin Crew Certificate, while being trained in modern facilities and within excellent learning environment. The school utilizes two operational bases - Sabadell Airport and Bilbao... See full description.

afilm International Film Workshops

Sitges, Spain
afilm is an independent training center, established in 2008. It is located in Sitges, Barcelona, and offers a unique, personalized learning atmosphere, which prompts students to unleash their creativity. The teaching method emphasizes on visual storytelling and the creation of feature films. Opportunities offered by the school include Digital Feature Film Program, Introduction to Filmmaking Program, as well as various workshops. Afilm takes great care to ensure outstanding quality in all of its offerings.

Airman Madrid

Madrid, Spain
Airman is a Flight Training Center with its headquarters in Madrid, Spain and it began its operations in 1992. The school is a member of the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) and it abides by the rules and regulations referred to as Joint Aviation Regulations (JAR) whose objective is to unify all teaching and issuance agreements for civil pilots’ licenses within the European Union and member countries of the JAA. The school’s main mission is to help its students achieve their goals depending on their profiles and training needs. Airman is well equipped with professionals who are... See full description.

Amanay Surf School and Surf Camp,Fuerteventura

Caleta de Fuste, Spain
We are an official surf school , located on the Canary Island of fuerteventura.We are teaching surfing to all types of students , levels, and ages. All year long.

Aranda Formación

Madrid, Spain
Aranda Formaciónis a company with headquarters in Madrid, Alcorcon and Toledo. For over 18 years is has been dedicated to training, in person and on line, in the following areas: languages, computing, professional courses and oppositions.

ARE, Alto Rendimiento Empresarial

Madrid, Spain
ARE, Alto Rendimiento Empresarial has two headquarters. Madrid: Pº Castellana 173, 28046 Madrid - Tel.: 915 706 351 and Barcelona: CASP 130 Edifici COACB, 08013 Barcelona - Tel.: 932 455 801

Ars Animation

Madrid, Spain
Ars Animation was founded in 1999 and is located in the city of Alcalá de Henares in Madrid. It is considered to be the best animation school in Spain and among the 25 best in the whole of Europe. Ars Animation is also a 2D school and it makes animation in an organized and classical way, and then applies it to other tools such as 3D, Motion Graphics, and Stop Motion among others. The school encourages its students to experiment with different tools and to be creative. It also encourages mixing of techniques while defending the traditional animation styles and all the artistic bases thus... See full description.

ars studios

Valencia, Spain
Ars Studios is the first school in Valencia, Spain, entirely dedicated to audio recording, and especially suitable for musicians who wish to become sound engineers. All of the instructors there are qualified sound engineers, who have developed a good variety of courses, so that students can strictly adhere to their area of interest. The recording studios of the school have excellent facilities, all of which are acoustically designed and equipped with the latest technology. The teaching method the school applies is to ‘maximize each concept daily’, for which reason they have created... See full description.

arte4 estudio de actores

Madrid, Spain
Arte4 is a comprehensive training center that provides regular training for actors or people who want to obtain knowledge in the field of performing arts. This is a school of dramatic art for film, TV and theater and the personal talent of every student is molded thus making them better in their respective fields. The school has been in operation since 2002 and it was established with the aim of investigating acting training techniques, sharing of different methodologies with other actors, and training new actors. The main principles of Arte4 are seriousness, effort, work and honesty, and... See full description.

ARTENEO Formación en Artes Visuales

Madrid, Spain
Arteneo is a private school situated in Madrid and it has been dedicated to the training of professionals in the fields of editorial and advertising design, graphics, image and digital paint, 3D art, 3D animation, 3D and cinematography, traditional illustration, digital illustration, info-architecture and interiors, and video games for over a decade. These courses are divided into three main modalities: face-to-face, blended, and on-line. As a school, Arteneo is well-known for the quality of its teaching throughout the globe via the Honorary Award for Education Work in the III... See full description.

Aula Estudio Formación

Valladolid, Spain
Aula Estudio Formación is a center specialized in preparation for exams and courses for companies and individuals.

Aziz Escuela Taller de Joyeria

Barcelona, Spain
Aziz Escuela Taller de Joyeria is a learning institution that offers students a series of training courses that enable them to learn how to design, develop, and treat their own jewelry as per the skills and knowledge obtained. Students are given the opportunity to learn from the beginning and to take part in every step of the whole process of creating their own jewelry; from melting laminar and silver, drafts and textures, welding and polishing, making all kinds of finishes and so on. Some of the courses offered to the students include introduction to traditional jewelry, fire enamel,... See full description.

Azpe, S.L.

Madrid, Spain
Azpe's main mission is to contribute to the enrichment and transmission of information and knowledge in the field of Information Technology. The company mostly addresses the needs and interests of the society. The company is located in the city of Madrid, Spain. It conducts training activities which provide the community with skilled people who are able to serve the society from a computer environment. These trainings also shape people to stand out for their business capacity within the company’s and country’s cultural values. Azpe views itself as a center of technological... See full description.

BAI, Escuela de Empresa y Comunicación

Madrid, Spain
Since its founding in 1980, the BAI Escuela de Empresa y Comunicación, or BAI School of Business and Communication, has been a leader in the field of business and communication education, serving professionals in the region as well as those students planning to embark on a career in a specific business field.  The dynamic and personalized educational services offered by BAI enable the institution to meet its primary objective:  empowering students to achieve success in their chosen field of study and ultimately their career. The BAI School of Business and Communication’s... See full description.

Barcelona SAE

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona Study Abroad Experience (SAE) is the leader in Barcelona Intern and Study Abroad programs. The institution offers intern and study abroad program options of high quality in Barcelona and these programs integrate a strong intercultural element for its students and all facets of the programs also integrate cultural absorption and experimental learning so as to open the eyes of the leaders of the next generation to a global world. The institution offers an enriching academic, cultural and professional experience that distinguishes its programs from the rest. Barcelona SAE also... See full description.

British School, Tarragona

Tarragona, Spain
British School is a private language school in Tarragona, established in 1973. The school offers summer course options such as courses for children from 8 years old, teenagers, as well as adults. Classes are held in small groups of 6 students per group on average. The school also offers the opportunity for taking a Cambridge exam such as K.E.T. , P.E.T., F.C.E., C.A.E., and C.P.A. All courses are conducted by experienced, well-qualified teachers.

BSI España

Madrid, Spain
BSI is a business standards company that assists companies across the world to make excellence a habit. For over a century now, the company has made it its responsibility to challenge complacency and mediocrity thus helping foster excellence into how products and people operate. To achieve its objectives, BSI shows corporations how to enhance their performance while reducing risk and also how to attain growth that can be sustained. The company is recognized as a worldwide leader in assisting other corporations to improve in their operations and it has a client coverage ranging from local... See full description.

C&C Academia Llongueras

Badalona, Spain
C & C Academia is an institution that trains its students on hairdressing and aesthetics. It has been offering training in these two areas for over 30 years now. This has led to the improvement in their day-to-day training and the institution is now considered as one of the best academies in Spain for students wanting to pursue studies in hairdressing and aesthetics. C & C Academia Llongueras has about 36 academies that are spread out in the country. There are about 30 courses to choose from its training catalogue and over 100 experienced staff and professionals to teach the different... See full description.

Campus Training

Madrid, Spain
Campus Training has been dedicated for over 16 years, to the preparation of students for the professional world through test preparation, as well as to obtain qualifications and specializations for different professions.

Casa del Cine

Barcelona, Spain
La Casa del Cine is located in the central Plaza de Joanic in Barcelona and it is a school specialized in the creation, realization, and criticism of audiovisual projects. The main objective of the institution is to teach cinematography and to assist learners in discovering and developing different ideologies concerning the past, present, and future of cinema. Students are given the opportunity to work on their own projects and to facilitate this, the school has the needed facilities, equipment, and teachers to help. To facilitate learning, La Casa del Cine has a total of four... See full description.

Castellana Sports Club

Madrid, Spain
Castellana Sports Club located in Madrid was established in 1986 and it has been at the top of its game since. Castellana is not just a sports centre, but a club for friends who want to keep fit and relax as well. The sports club is situated in the Chamartin Station. The club covers over 7,000 square meters and it is fitted with the best equipment. It has a huge cardio room fitted with audio-visual support and can hold groups of over 100 people in the different guided classes that the centre offers. Castellana Sports Club has 2 outdoor paddle tennis courts, 7 squash courts, a gym area, a... See full description.

CCC Centro de Estudios

Madrid, Spain
CCC Centro de Estudios, offers distance learning and online courses in Madrid, for over 70 years. Since then, it has trained people in different areas such as: business, languages, computer science, labor, health risks, solar energy, techniques, catering and others.

CEAE, Centro de Estudios Aeronáuticos

Barcelona, Spain
CEAE, Centro de Estudios Aeronáuticos is an educational institution dedicated to the training of flight attendants and is located in Barcelona.

CEAS - Internacional

Palencia, Spain
CEAS - International is a company of online training, which teaches courses, seminars and others, to national and international students, related to safety and risk.

CELEC, Centro de Estudios

Alicante, Spain
CELEC, Centro de Estudios (CELEC, study center) is made up of roughly 40 graduates. All have degrees in different fields of study. The main objective is to offer guidance and tutorial classes on the different courses to students who want to overcome their challenges in those subject areas and acquire the educational goals they wish for. The courses and tutorials are offered to all students, those already in session at the university, and even those planning to enroll at the university for those specific courses. Because of its excellent programs, the center has been awarded a certificate... See full description.


Vilobí d'Onyar, Spain
Centervol is an aviation service company that provides all Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) and private aviation handling services to its clientele. These services include customs and immigration, taking care of local and international flights, car rental, transportation of passengers and crew members, hotel reservations and catering, refueling, deicing, interior and exterior cleaning, and base and line maintenance services among others. Our company also offers aviation courses for aspiring pilots. The company has been in operation for more than 20 years and it has a one of a kind portfolio of... See full description.

Centro de Estudios Adams

Madrid, Spain
The Centro de Estudios Adams, or Adams Study Center, is an educational institution and training center that was founded in Spain in 1957.  The primary mission of the center is to help students improve their skills in a variety of subject areas—skills that ultimately will help them successfully transfer to positions in private enterprise and public administration. With over 15,000 square meters in total classroom and facility space (in Spain and in Mexico) the Adams Study Center is one of the largest training facilities of its kind.  The center in Spain employs over 200... See full description.

Centro de Estudios Luis Vives

Madrid, Spain
The Centro de Estudios Luis Vives is located in Madrid and dedicated to training related to vocational training for higher education, selectivity and teaching of Spanish for foreigners, among other studies.

Centro de Nuevas Tecnologías MARCOS

Guimar, Spain
The Centro de Nuevas Tecnologías MARCOS, has offered, for over 12 years, the training of professionals in the tourism business, both in the Canary Islands and other cities in Spain, thanks to the collaboration with other centres of the Spanish geography.

Centro Español de Nuevas Profesiones

Madrid, Spain
The Centro Español de Nuevas Profesiones (CENP), or “the Spanish Center of New Professions,” is a private teaching center, established in the city of Madrid in 1957 and with a branch in the city of La Coruna (since 1967).  CENP’s principal objective, defined from the very start of its existence, is the higher education of young people in emerging professional areas, all with the knowledge that education is the key element in developing skills such as leadership, creativity and adaptation to change. To date, more than 50,000 students have graduated from the programs at... See full description.

Centro Superior de Hostelería de Galicia

Santiago de Compostela, Spain
About the Centro Superior de Hostelería de Galicia The Centro Superior de Hostelería de Galicia (CSHG), or the “Hotel Management School of Galicia,” is a higher education center specializing in the training of hotel and kitchen managers.  To accomplish this, the center uses an up-to-date and efficient methodology, with which students can achieve the highest professional levels in their chosen future careers. The strategic importance of tourism in Galicia and the necessity of qualified hotel management professionals led the Galician government to create the Hotel... See full description.

CES Escuela Superior de Imagen y Sonido

Madrid, Spain
The CES Escuela Superior de Imagen y Sonido, or the “CES School of Image and Sound,” is the first official accredited school in the Madrid region in the sector of audiovisual education and training.  It is also the most recognized audiovisual academy in Spain today. History In 1984, a group of recognized professionals of sound, image and education came together to respond to a growing demand for more audiovisual training and decided to form the CES Escuela Superior de Imagen y Sonido(CES School of Image Sound).  Today, the school’s reputation for excellence and its... See full description.

CESI, Formación, Consultoría, Coaching

Madrid, Spain
CESI, Formación, Consultoría, Coaching was founded in 1989, giving services to companies, both public and private, in activities such as consulting and training, both in person and online.

CETT Tourism and Hospitality Education

Barcelona, Spain
CETT Tourism and Hospitality Education is a center affiliated to the University of Barcelona, dedicated to the training of professionals, mainly in the areas of hospitality and tourism. Their levels of training are: professional training and university, both degree and postgraduate.

Churruca Formación

San Sebastián, Spain
Churruca Formación is a center, founded in San Sebastián and dedicated to vocational training and preparation for test exams, using the same flexibility and personalization of teaching.

CIM - Cursos de Formación

Barcelona, Spain
CIM Grupo de Formación, was founded in 1985 and is composed of several training centres, specialized in programs such as manual therapy, aesthetics and beauty, sports and fitness and veterinary. The study centres are located in Alicante, Barcelona, Girona, Valencia and Murcia.


We offer web development and design courses.

Conservatorio de Musica de Alcañiz

Alcañiz, Spain
The Conservatorio de Musica de Alcañiz, or the Alcañiz School of Music, is one of the most renowned music academies in Spain. The school opened in 1982 under the direction of Ms. Maria Luisa Martinez Serrano. It began with three teachers, who were soon joined by several other instructors as new musical specialties were added and the enrollment began to grow. From 1982 to1985, what is now known as the Conservatorio de Musica de Alcañiz was academically supervised by the Conservatory of Music in Zaragoza, and between 1985 and 1987 the school was attached to the Conservatory of Music... See full description.

Conservatorio Profesional de Danza

Madrid, Spain
The Conservatorio Profesional de Danza, or the “Professional Dance Conservatory,” is a dance academy located in the Paseo del Comandante Fortea in the district of Moncloa-Aravaca.  Operating under the Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid (Spain), this public dance school has a great tradition for educating and training some of Spain’s most prominent dancers in a variety of dance genres. An institution with a long history and great tradition, the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza was founded in Madrid in 1942 by Urrestarazu D. Pedro Artola, a renowned musician... See full description.


Barcelona, Spain
Criteria is a company of consulting and training, with headquarters in Barcelona, which operates both domestically and internationally. The courses offered are: in person, distance learning and online.

Edisur Multimedia

Granada, Spain
Edisur Multimedia is an institution located in Granada, which was founded 15 years ago. It is specialized in test preparation and professional courses. Students receive practical training in companies that collaborate with the school.

El Casal

Barcelona, Spain
El Casal is specifically structured to offer an intensive program designed exclusively for gap year students. Therefore, El Casal provides a combination of travel, Spanish language study, cultural activities, homestay, and involvement in the local community. The program lasts for 14 weeks and aims to offer an exceptional cultural learning and personally-enhancing experience. El Casal is the only of its kind program, targeted at gap year students, and it is looking for participants, who are highly energetic, motivated, and looking for challenges. Participants in the program are limited to... See full description.

El Laboratorio Centro de Formación

Padul, Spain
The center it is specialized primarily in the entertainment industry. Providing long-term courses (five months) as Tourist Entertainment, Training for Musical Artists and Specialization of Dancers for Shows. Two months Courses as Software for Music Production and Editting, Graphic Design, Photography, or DJ Training. We also have intensive courses such as Handling and Use of Fire in Shows. El Laboratorio Centro de Formacion was established with the aim of training in fields in which there are jobs if you have the necessary training. As is the case in Tourist Animation Training Module,... See full description.

English Centre International

Seville, Spain
The English Centre International is a small, intimate centre of English studies situated in the middle of southern Spain. Come and experience the magic of Spain, flamenco and tapas. Although Seville is an inland city full of history it is also within easy reach of the coast. The teachers are from England and are native English speakers educated in Oxford, although we follow the Cambridge method of teaching at all levels, from B1 to C2 on the European framework of language teaching. We also teach IELTS, TOEFL and run business English courses at BEC Level. Accommodation can be... See full description.

Escola de Hoteleria JOVIAT de Manresa

Manresa, Spain
The Escola de Hoteleria JOVIAT de Manresa was founded in 1960 and is dedicated to the training on hospitality and tourism, such as culinary arts, pastry, cakes, etc. The school is well equipped with spacious facilities and has a highly qualified faculty.

Escola Massana

Barcelona, Spain
The Escola Massana belongs to the European League of Institutions of Arts, Design for All Europe, Foment de les Arts Decoratives, Associació d'Artistes Visuals de Catalunya and the Coordinadora d'Escoles Públiques d'Art i Disseny de Catalunya. It is Barcelona’s municipal Art and Design centre and was established in 1929. The Escola Massana’s educational program is composed of three conceptual areas - visual arts, applied arts and design - for three educational levels: Basic Education (Artistic Baccalaureate), Further Education (Advanced vocational training programs and a university... See full description.

Escuela de Arte de Oviedo

Oviedo, Spain
The school of art of Oviedo was founded in Oviedo. Its origins began in 1785. It has now become a school with modern facilities and advanced technology.

Escuela de Cine y Televisión de Madrid Septima Ars

Madrid, Spain
Septima Ars is a specialized Film and Television school, founded in 1992. The institution is based in Madrid and provides seven one-year long courses with private certification. These include a Film Direction course, a Television Production Course, a Film Camera and Lighting Course, a Television Camera and Lighting Course, a Screenwriting Course, a Film and Video Editing Course, and a Film Production Course. Anybody can enter these courses and no previous knowledge in the field is required. The school prides itself on the professional equipment it uses for the practical training of its... See full description.

Escuela de Danza Esther Recuero

Madrid, Spain
The Escuela de Danza Esther Recuero, or the Esther Recuero School of Dance, opened nearly 25 years ago on the premises of the C / San dolphin in Madrid, Spain. In 1995, Esther Recuero—a dancer and choreographer—assumed the leadership of the school, a woman who has been dedicated to teaching dance since 1982. In September of 1998, the school was moved to its current home in the in the C / Coronel Valenzuela in Madrid, a facility of over 400 square meters and four rooms/studios that are adapted to facilitate all aspects of dance instruction and learning. Since Esther Recuero took over... See full description.

Escuela de Formación Turística TURISVIA

Barcelona, Spain
The Escuela de Formación Turística TURISVIA was founded in Barcelona, in 1999 and is dedicated to the training of professionals in the tourism business.

Escuela de Hostelería de Sevilla

Seville, Spain
The Escuela de Hostelería de Sevilla, or the “Hotel School of Seville,” is a center for advanced studies whose primary objective is to promote excellence in the fields of tourism and hotel education, training and management. With the significant support of the hospitality business group known as Grupo Lezama and the Cajasol financial institution, the School has become a leader in the tourism-hotel and restaurant sector, and one of the most recognized schools of its kind both nationally and internationally. In the sector of hotel and tourism education, the Escuela de Hostelería de... See full description.

Escuela de Hostelería Toledo

Toledo, Spain
“Education is a guarantee of employment.” This is the motto of the Escuela de Hostelería Toledo, a motto which illustrates the pillars of the school’s philosophy: to offer students a high-quality education that will ultimately lead to employment, and ensuring the future quality of the Spanish hospitality industry. About the Escuela de Hostelería Toledo From its founding in 1997, the Escuela de Hostelería Toledo, or in English, the Toledo Culinary Arts School, has been a reference point for education and training in the hospitality industry, teaching students both basic and... See full description.

Escuela de Música Creativa

Madrid, Spain
Escuela de Música Creativa is a center for music creation and education. The institution was created in the year 1985, with its headquarters built in 1995, in the famous city of Madrid, Spain. Their aim is to teach and promote the study and effective use of modern music and musical instruments in the world of music. As a member of the European Modern Music Education Network (EMMEN), the institution has a lot to offer. The school trains individuals both professionally and non-professionally, being one of the first music schools to start teaching modern music. The school proves to have... See full description.

Escuela de Turismo de Baleares

Palma de Mallorca, Spain
The Escuela de Turismo de Baleares was founded in 1964 in Palma de Mallorca. It is a higher educational institution of great prestige, dedicated to the training of professionals in the area of tourism. It has headquarters in Mallorca and Menorca, very requested destinations for vacations in the Mediterranean sea.

Escuela Internacional de Diseño y Moda ISA

Madrid, Spain
Escuela Internacional de Diseño y Moda ISA, is located in Madrid and for over thirty years has been teaching fashion an design. Their courses are specific and customized, targeted at professionals, in order to broaden their knowledges in those fields.

Escuela KROOM DOS Diseño de Moda

Madrid, Spain
Escuela KROOM DOS Diseño de Moda began its activity in the 1970s, as art research workshop. It currently consists of a group of schools, dedicated to the teaching of design, fashion, art and image, having acquired great prestige in the fashion in Spain environment.

Escuela Superior de Comunicación, Imagen y Sonido

Madrid, Spain
The Escuela Superior de Comunicación, Imagen y Sonido (CEV), or the School of Communication, Image and Sound, is a private school, located in Madrid, which was initially created by a private initiative of various audiovisual professionals.  This feature gave the CEV school complete autonomy over its organization and curriculum, and enabled it to establish agreements with companies and institutions with complete academic freedom. This academic project that later morphed into the Escuela Superior de Comunicación, Imagen y Sonido was born in 1975 as the Center for... See full description.

Escuela Superior de Diseño ESDI

Sabadell, Spain
Escuela Superior de Diseno (ESDI) is an institution whose specific intention is to provide the world with quality teaching in the field of design. Established in the year 1989 in Spain, and with over 20 years of teaching experience, the school is very confident of imparting the right knowledge required for greatness in the world of design. ESDI has two campuses located in Barcelona and Sabadell with improved facilities such as high-tech audio and visual editing and production rooms, computer rooms with up-to-date PCs and operating systems, huge filming arena etc. Studying at ESDI entails... See full description.

Escuela Superior de Gastronomía y Turismo Torremolinos-Costa del Sol

School Gastronomy and tourism Torremolinos - Costa del Sol it is a private school, we work in the training of future professionals of gastronomy and tourism in a manner practical and real. The maximum level of demand at the conceptual level and implementation of techniques is our priority. That makes that all the Faculty and school team is in constant training. Therefore, our students have been able to make a self-assessment of capabilities and skills to focus his career on a specific objective and become specialist in the area of knowledge they choose.

Escuela Superior de Hostelería y Turismo de Madrid

Madrid, Spain
The Escuela Superior de Hostelería y Turismo de Madrid is dedicated to the training of professionals, in grades medium and superior, in the fields of hospitality and tourism.

Escuela Superior de Marketing – ESUMA

Torrellano, Spain
The Escuela Superior de Marketing - ESUMA was founded 20 years ago in Alicante. His teaching method focuses on the business reality, using a practical and competitive system with highly qualified teachers.

ESDIP - Escuela Superior de Dibujo Profesional Comunicación e Imagen

Madrid, Spain
ESDIP is the Higher Institute of Professional Drawing, which specializes in offering programs in Animation, Illustration and Comic, Digital, Graphic and Artistic Design, as well as Tattoo design and summer intensive options. The institution is based in Madrid, Spain.

ESME, Escuela Superior de Moda y Empresa

Madrid, Spain
ESME, Escuela Superior de Moda y Empresa is a training centre related to the industry of fashion, design, planning, communication and company.

Estudio de Arte 13

Madrid, Spain
Estudio de Arte 13 is a specialized art center, based in Madrid. Created in 1985, the academy has been helping young people reach their full artistic and creative potential. Artists in the studio work in a calm, detached atmosphere, very much like the artists from the 18th century. Estudio de Arte 13 has made available courses in painting, drawing, children’s workshops, as well as special classes for those, who wish to pass the entrance exams at the Schools of Arts and Crafts.

Estudio de Teatro David Amitin

Madrid, Spain
The Studio Theatre David Amitin is a private organization, focused on theater training in Paragraphs Interpretation and Stage Management. The school was founded in 2003 and operates in Madrid. The courses made available at the institution include training for beginners through Initiation classes, full training that incorporates intensive courses for three years ("Comprehensive Training "), as well as classes aimed at students who wish to take the opportunity to improve their skills through annual workshops. Furthermore, there is a course for youngsters aged 13-17. The Theatre has also... See full description.

Estudio Flamenco Carmen de Torres

Castilleja de la Cuesta, Spain
Estudio Flamenco Carmen de Torres is a school of flamenco, based in Seville, Spain. It has specialized in teaching flamenco dance at all levels as well as flamenco singing classes, guitar and percussion. The center is open to the public in the mornings and in the evenings and people of all ages are welcome. The school gives private classes, intensive courses and workshops as well as our yearly course with general classes form October till end of June. No matter what the participant’s goal is – whether to take flamenco as a hobby, or to learn it at the professional level, the school... See full description.

Estudios Norteamericanos-Instituto Franklin de Investigación-University of Alcala

Alcala de Henares, Spain
The foundation of The Instituto Universitario de Investigación en Estudios Norteamerianos Benjamin Franklin of the Universidad de Alcalá can be traced back to 1987, when the University of Alcala established a center concentrated on the study and research of North America. Since then, Instituto Franklin has been focusing on the development of new ways of collaboration between Spain and North America. This has been including initiatives like the sponsoring of various research projects, the organization of international meetings and conferences, and the development of academic programs for... See full description.

Estudis de Teatre Berty Tovías

Barcelona, Spain
Estudis de Teatre Berty Tovías is a specialized theatrical arts school, located in the center of Barcelona. It offers intensive Full Time Training, in which classes are held Monday-Friday and four hours per day are dedicated to drama. The teaching methodology of the course is based on the “Movement” and the game of improvisation and its rules. Students are given different themes every week, which they develop in small groups and then perform for the teaching team. Other courses available at the institute are post-graduate, teacher training, international workshops, and labs. The... See full description.

Formanet, Centro de estudios de las ventas

Badalona, Spain
Formanet, Centro de estudios de sales, is aimed at training in the area of sales and marketing. The courses are given both to companies and individuals.

Formas Almeria

Almería, Spain
Formas Almeria is a training center, at classroom and online, which has other schools in several spanish cities, where they have a wide range of study options.

Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco

Seville, Spain
Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco is a private, non-profit foundation, established in 1993 by Cristina Heeren, who is an American citizen, a Hispanist, and has a passion for flamenco. The mission of the foundation is to teach, promote, and preserve Flamenco dancing and traditions both in the region of Andalucia and the whole of Spain. The headquarters of the foundation is in the neighborhood of Heliopolis, where they give guitar and singing lessons, whilst in the district of El Juncal is where they teach dance classes. Most of the finances of the foundation are private and the... See full description.

Gesforem, Gestión de Formación y Empleo

Bilbao, Spain
Gesforem, Gestión de Formación y Empleo is an institution that offers training and labour insertion, both public and private. It is specialised in: Test preparation, tourist guide, travel agencies, hotel receptionist, test preparation for AENA, as handling operator, stewardesses in flight, pilot training, health and safety, storage, logistics and others. They also offer distance courses.

Gestair Flying Academy

Alcobendas, Spain
Gestair Flying Academy was created in the year 1977 as the first company in Spain specializing in Executive Aviation. With over 30 years of experience in the ‘game’ of aviation, the academy offers private and commercial aviation and training services. The academy is however proud of its reasonable achievements having made over 90 million Euros and trained over 170 new pilots. Their primary aim is to offer the best possible services to their clients and to train individuals that wish to become successful pilots, striving to help them achieve their respective goals excellently and... See full description.

Growman Group

Madrid, Spain
Growman Group is an institution which, for over twelve years, has been training professionals in the field of development and skills of communication, as well as their improving, both personally and professionally.

Hotel-lo. Hotel Management Solutions

Barcelona, Spain
Hotel-lo. Hotel Management Solutions is an training center, in classroom and online, located in Barcelona. It is a tourism and hospitality sector-oriented.

Hypatia Formación Ponferrada

Ponferrada, Spain
Hypatia Formación Ponferrada is a company of professional training, in collaboration with the Autonomous Community of Castile and León, Spain. The courses offered are in person and online.

ICT - Instituto Catalán de Tecnología

Barcelona, Spain
Founded over 25 years ago, the Catalan Institute of Technology (ICT) is a private non-profit educational institution that was established when the Association of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia decided to promote the creation of a foundation that would initially offer information services and the training of engineers and IT professionals. Over the years, the ICT has been consolidated as a technological center that offers a wide assortment of IT strategies designed to help businesses, technology professionals and local authorities increase their competitiveness and... See full description.

IES Los Ángeles

Almería, Spain
Our school is named IES LOS ÁNGELES from Almería (spain). We would like to express our interest in exchange our students with one VET school in The Nederlands through Erasmus+. We teach students in some Vocational Training cycles: - Analysis and Quality Control laboratory. - Motor Vehicles. - Administration and finance. - Prevention at work. - Environmental chemistry. This season we have three students with high level in English to make the practices in Europe. One of them is very interested in make his practices in The Nederlands. The intership begins in March,2018 so We... See full description.

Imásd Forma

Vigo, Spain
Imásd Forma is a training center, located in Vigo, which provides different learnig options, such as: professional courses with practices in companies, courses for official qualifications and preparation of oppositions, among others.


Bilbao, Spain
Implika is a training centre located in Bilbao. Also it has other schools in Madrid, Pamplona and Valladolid. It provides training, in classroom and distance courses. They have also created a department aimed at training tailored for businesses.

Implika, Cursos a Distancia

Bilbao, Spain
Implika is a centre for studies in classroom and online, located in Bilbao. It has other schools in Valladolid, Madrid and Pamplona. His methodology allows the modality of all technical courses available online.

Instituto Didactia

Almería, Spain
Didactia Institute is an institution located in Almería and dedicated to the training of professionals, both in classroom and distance learning.

Intensive Workshop in Corporeal MIME – Advanced Level- MOVEO

Barcelona, Spain
INTENSIVE WORKSHOP IN CORPOREAL MIME – ADVANCED LEVEL “Corporeal Mime and Creation” 17 - 21 of September 2012 Course taught in Spanish and English 15% discount if you enrol before 30th July 2012. MOVEO offers in Barcelona a unique 1 week intensive workshop: an advanced level course for all those who have at least 2 years of experience in corp.oreal mime. The aim of this 20 hours course is to help participants to structure their knowledge in order to use it creatively. Using the technical and artistic bases of corporeal mime we will develop listening, improvisation and... See full description.

Kiteschool Kite Fun Tarifa

Tarifa, Spain
Kiteschool Kite Fun Tarifa is an international kiteschool in Tarifa. We offer cheap kitecourses in many languages on the wonderful beaches of Tarifa. We have many different kitecourses, from beginner until adavnced freestyle kite lessons. To offer quality is our main goal, so we can end the kitecours reaching the goals every student made for himself. Kiteschool Kite Fun Tarifa works with the newest and savest material from North Kiteboarding.

LyC Formacion Oviedo

Oviedo, Spain
LyC Formacion Oviedo is a centre of training professional, in classroom and online. It has another school in Gijón.

Miami Ad School Madrid

Madrid, Spain
Do you like advertising? Do you want to be creative? Planner? Then you are in the right place. MIAMI AD SCHOOL is the most prestigious advertising school in the world. Since 1993 the school has trained the most important creatives and planners of the global advertising scene. Since the school was born in Madrid in 2004, our graduates are hired in the best advertising agencies,locally and internationally; There is already talk of the "Miami Generation". The school program allows our students to create a highly creative portfolio with a global vision of advertising. In Miami... See full description.

MOVEO - Full-Time Corporeal Mime Diploma Course

Barcelona, Spain
Toward a different kind of theatre. Created in the year 2004, the International School of Dramatic Corporal mime, is part of the training axis of the organization MOVEO was formed with four main objectives: To form a new generation of physical theatre actors and actresses. Offering the necessary tools so that they can have the artistic and physical means to realize their ideas and projects - through the teaching of the Dramatic Corporeal Mime as it was created by Etienne Decroux and developed by the ones who, for more than twenty years, continue the search of a new theater centered... See full description.

Moveo - centro de formación y creación

Barcelona, Spain
MOVEO is a performing arts centre dedicated to the training, creation and investigation of physical theatre and Etienne Decroux's dramatic corporeal mime. Within the creation axe, the international company Moveo Teatro specialises in devised shows using the body and the art of movement as the main elements of expression, without renouncing the use of other artistic disciplines. This multidisciplinary allows Moveo Teatro´s production to emerge out of a constant stage investigation, encouraging collaboration between different artists and bringing a renewal of the stage. Since its... See full description.

Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri S.Coop.

Derio, Spain
Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri is a secondary and professional education school, providing bachelor and vocational education studies. It was founded in 1979, in Txorierri, Spain. The center aims to promote innovation in both technological and pedagogical projects, collaborating closely with local companies. There is strong commitment to the high quality of the lifelong skills that the school teaches.

Sala Teatro Cuarta Pared

Madrid, Spain
Becas Danza i+ con el Premio Nacional de Danza en la categoría de creación: Daniel Abreu. Dirigidas a bailarines de danza urbana. Cuatro días de taller y una posterior muestra con público en Sala Cuarta Pared, nuestra sala de teatro, ante 200 personas.

SDS Training

Madrid, Spain
SDS Training was founded by a group of professionals in the area of business management, sales and projects. Its purpose is to train people concerning the customer service and sales management.

Seminario Teológico Al-Ándalus STAA

Seville, Spain
The Al-Andalus Theological Seminary is a Bible training center whose goal is to form a Christ-centered life in a proper Christian leaders for ministry of the Word and efficient work on the site.

Online degree, online courses and distance learning schools in Spain

Around the world, online education is becoming increasingly popular, and Spain is no exception. A number of factors play into this trend: massive youth unemployment, an increasing need for higher education in order to secure jobs, and economic shifts that necessitate retraining. These variables, widespread in Spain as in many other countries, have helped online education to grow into a more and more popular option.

Spain is known around the world for moving at its own pace; from the traditional afternoon siesta to the all-night parties of Barcelona, Spanish culture has a rhythm and tempo of its own, and this may be part of what makes online education so popular. The advantage of online education is always that students can set their own pace and work from home, or wherever else they like, as necessary. Given Spain’s reputation as a relaxed and laid-back place, it is not surprising that this appeals to Spanish students.

There are, of course, many disadvantages to studying online, whether in Spain or anywhere else. The biggest problem is that degrees granted online are not generally as respected as those granted by brick-and-mortar institutions. In modern-day Spain, where graduates must compete with other graduates from all over Europe in an open and highly competitive job market, having an online-only degree is often a disadvantage as compared to one from one of the Continent’s many traditional universities. The absence of face-to-face time with professors can also be a disadvantage, since many students find it more difficult to learn when they are not directly interacting with their instructors. The many distractions of home or the coffeeshop or wherever one chooses to work can also be a disadvantage. Still, despite all this, an online degree is in most cases better than no degree at all, as long as the online program is chosen carefully.

The other form of online education in Spain is non-degree courses designed to offer vocational training or other forms of training to those who do not feel the need to get an actual degree. These courses exhibit a wide range of time frames, subjects, and levels of difficulty, but for the most part they take less time to complete than degree-granting programs. The quality of these non-degree programs can vary widely, especially since different subjects are more or less amenable to online instruction than others. Computer programming, for example, can be taught online fairly simply, whereas language skills are very difficult to gain in such a format. This is unfortunate, since language studies are some of the most popular non-degree courses in the world. This should not be taken to mean that all online language courses are a waste of time; only that prospective students who are interested in language study should choose their programs carefully.

While Spain’s online education systems are not particularly notable for any reason – they more or less resemble the overwhelming majority of online education elsewhere in the world – they have a few unique programs that other countries might not offer. There are, for example, online culinary classes in Spain, or online art programs. Most of these will not offer degrees (at least not accredited degrees), but they will still offer high-quality courses that can help to advance a career or just to impart some skills and knowledge that the student might otherwise have lacked.

Throughout the world, several factors are leading to a rapid increase in the popularity of online education. These include massive unemployment among young people, rising tuition at colleges and universities, and ever mounting demand for highly trained and educated employees in the global labor market. Spain is no exception to this global trend. As in other modern economies in Western Europe, the winds of economic change have blown more and more students toward online degrees rather than more traditional on-campus degrees.

Whether it is in Spain or anywhere else, the greatest advantage of online education is that it enables students to set their own schedule and work at their own pace. This is a tremendous relief for working adults and those with young families, as the obligations of adult life do not always leave room for regular course work and studying. Thus, many adults all over the world are taking advantage of the opportunity presented by online education. While the schedule of an online degree is not entirely up for grabs–due dates and project deadlines are as strict as they are in more traditional universities–the specific time and place where the work gets done is up to the student. If transportation is a problem, coursework can easily be done at home or at the local public library. In Spain, which is known throughout the world for moving to its own tempo, the advantages of self-scheduling are particularly widely appreciated.

Although online education is an excellent option for many students, it is not perfect. The biggest challenge facing those who choose this path is the fact that some employers find online degrees to be less reputable than more traditional ones. These perceptions are beginning to change as online degrees become more and more common, but it can still present a problem for graduates who did not study at a bricks-and-mortar institution.

The perception that online degrees are of a lower quality than traditional degrees is not entirely unfounded. Part of the reason why some employers see things this way is because there are numerous online “institutions” that print out degrees without providing high-quality instruction. Known as “diploma mills,” these websites often post absurdly low tuition rates and do not require their students to turn in final projects or complete proctored exams. As a general rule, remember that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. It goes without saying that it is crucial to avoid diploma mills, since they are not only a waste of money and time, but can also make the student appear gullible or even dishonest.

That said, the majority of online education programs in Spain are perfectly reputable and provide a high-quality instruction for all of their students. While the risk of scams and diploma mills is real, it does not detract from the quality of legitimate online-only institutions. Prospective students who exercise a little common sense in their search can avoid all potential pitfalls and reap the rewards of an online degree. This is as true in Spain as it is anywhere else, as Spain’s online degree programs are not known to be significantly different in any way from those elsewhere in Europe.

List of schools that offer online courses in Spain


Barcelona, Spain
AFIGE is an online training company, with headquarters in Barcelona. It offers courses and masters related with companies, in the financial, economic, legal, tax and labour fields.

Animacion, Servicios Educativos y Tiempo Libre

Vigo, Spain
Expert in toy libraries distance learning courses, senior animator, technician in drug addiction and alcoholism, gender violence and child abuse, sex educators, employability, intercultural mediator, psychology for educators, toy libraries monitor, street educator, educator family education, hospital, animator educator in dynamics of groups, youth violence, marginalisation and inadequacy, intervention with collective disadvantaged, learning to teach.

Asociación Alcalá

Alcala la Real, Spain
Alcala Training was founded in 2000, and is based in Alcala la Real (Jaen). They are health and education professionals, offering accredited training and long-distance learning programs. The institution has experienced substantial growth during the years, and now offers more than 200 courses in the field of Health and Medicine. Their courses encompass both case studies and tests, while the teaching methods are flexible enough to enable students to choose where they wish to study, and still have sound mentor support.

Asociacion de Enfermeria

Valencia, Spain
The Asociacion de Enfermeria (Nursing Association) in Spain is a national scientific organization that brings together nurses from all over the country. The objective of these nurses is to provide care to the community and the country at large in both illness and health situations. The goal of the association, on the other hand, is to help the nurses in the community to equip themselves with habits, skills, and behaviors that promote self-care for themselves and for others. There are a number of trainings offered at the association. These training are conducted through specialized... See full description.

AulaactUal. Escuela de Música Moderna On-Line

Barcelona, Spain
The AulaActual School of Music is a pioneer in musical distance education, online music courses and computer-based music training.  With its great cache of programs and quality staff, the school is so confident students will enjoy their online musical experience that they offer a complete, no-questions-asked refund for anyone who is not satisfied with their course are the results it produces. About the AulaActual School of Music The AulaActual School of Music is the first modern school of online musical education in Spain.  Since the school’s founding in 1997,... See full description.

Bureau Veritas Business School

Madrid, Spain
Bureau Veritas Business School is a business school in e-learning, based in Madrid for more than 10 years. It is dedicated to the training of individuals and companies, with a team of highly qualified teachers.

Centro de Estudios CEAC

Barcelona, Spain
The Centro de Estudios CEAC, or CEAC Studies Center, is a higher education institution that specializes in distance education and online courses.  Collectively, these programs lead to both degree and diploma conferment in a variety of academic and professional fields. About the CEAC Studies Center The CEAC Studies Center has been operating for 67 years.  Its commitment to its students is to provide the highest quality education and training that will ultimately lead to a professional career in the sector of the student’s choosing.  The commitment of the CEAC Studies... See full description.

Centro de Formación Profesional DECROLY

Santander , Spain
The Center of Professional Training DECROLY, was founded in 1978, having achieved much prestige in Cantabria, both in the field of education and business.

CEOE Formación, Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales

Madrid , Spain
CEOE Formación, Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales was founded in 1977, in Madrid. The institution provides training courses, in classroom, online and mixed to about 20,000 students a year, renewing their programs and systems constantly, in order to achieve a high level of education.

CESAE, Escuela de Negocios

Madrid, Spain
CÉSAE, Business School, is a company specialized in training online, created in 2003 and directed to the hospitality and tourism management, through master's programmes and courses related to business management.

Curso de inglés My Oxford English

San Fernando de Henares, Spain
My Oxford English is an English course online, for companies and individuals, specifically designed for professionals and students Spanish-speaking. It is a learning system unique in the world composed of a wide variety of multimedia content of the highest quality. On their website you can find a free newsletter to learn English and various types of placement test.

Cursos ESM de Formación Programada a Distancia

Oviedo, Spain
ESM is a Safety and Human Factor investigation institute, which is a private institution, operating internationally. The training in Human Factors the institute offers is backed up by twenty years of experience, and provides specialized training programs in Human Reliability. These courses are specifically designed for technicians, middle management, and operators with the purpose of helping them integrate a culture of safety into their working environment. The institute stresses on the flexibility and convenience of these programs, which are offered in three modes – full attendance;... See full description.


Barcelona, Spain
EducaciOnline is a distance learning school, using new information and communication technologies. Over the years they have trained more than 15,000 professionals through teaching quality and approach to the student.

Escuela de Estudios Universitarios Real Madrid, Universidad Europea de Madrid

Alcobendas, Spain
The Escuela de Estudios Universitarios Real Madrid, was created in 2006 and is a specialized center about university studies on sport, as well as its relationship with health, leisure and communication.

Euroaula Online

Barcelona, Spain
Euroaula Online is an educational centre, founded in 1987 and affiliated with the University of Girona. From its virtual campus, he gives tourism training to executives and managers, with modern and innovative programs.

Formación Técnico Profesional

Madrid, Spain
Formación Técnico Profesional is a learning centre, online, distance learning and in person, created 30 years ago. Courses are taught in various cities and are related to subjects like decoration, fashion design, 3D Studio MAX and others.

Formación Universitaria

Formacion Universitaria describe themselves as the first distance-learning web-based institution in Spain, and a leader in online education. They pride an extremely wide range of courses – including short-term ones that allow professionals to quickly gain new skills in their career. The institution very much stresses on the method of teaching they have adopted, which combines the convenience of distance learning with the continuing support of a personal tutor. Teaching materials are constantly updated, while the personalized nature of the services the college offers allows students to... See full description.

Innovtur, Consultoría Turística y Formación

Villanubla, Spain
Innovtur, Consultoría Turística y Formación is a training center online, located in Villanubla, Valladolid, which teaches courses related to tourism and hospitality, among others.

Institución Cultural de Enseñanza (ICE)

Barcelona, Spain
Institución Cultural de Enseñanza (ICE), is a training centre on line, with 35 years of experience, located in Barcelona.

Instituto Forymat

Zaragoza, Spain
Instituto Forymat was founded in 1997 and is dedicated to on-line continuing and postgraduate training. It collaborates with the University of Zaragoza.

Instituto Universitario de Educación a Distancia (IUED)

Madrid, Spain
The Instituto Universitario de Educación a Distancia (University Institute of Distance Education, or IUED), also known as the National Distance Education University (UNED), is a higher education institute offering online courses and distance education programs to thousands of students each year, leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as certifications, diplomas, and technical qualifications in a number of different academic and professional fields. The University Institute of Distance Education is under the direction of a skilled team of administrators... See full description.

Neptunos Formación

Sevilla, Spain
Neptunos is a training center that specializes in e-learning, distance learning and media learning, providing services for both adults and younger students. Its current headquarters is in the Campus Enterprise Tournament Sevilla, Spain, offering courses in the areas of arts, human resources, insurance, dentistry, health, chemical, and information technology. All programs are designed with careful consideration of industry demands and thoughtful research of various companies. The five principles that the training center strictly follows are excellent teachers, small group classes, regular... See full description.

SEAS, Estudios Abiertos (Fundación San Valero)

Zaragoza, Spain
SEAS, Estudios Abiertos (Fundación San Valero, is an institution of high education, located in Zaragoza. It provides training in a wide variety of courses online.

UDIMA - Universidad a Distancia de Madrid

Madrid, Spain
The Madrid Open University is an innovative institution, committed to the delivery of flexible learning methods to those who wish to integrate these in their busy lifestyle. The online campus of the university is open 24 hours a day - through advanced technologies it enables unlimited communication between students and their instructors. The institution grants Professional Degrees that have been developed under the guidelines of the Bologna process, and are therefore acknowledged throughout the European Union. Degrees offered are in Business Administration and Management; Computer... See full description.

Primary and Secondary Schools in Spain

As a modern nation with a large economy and a dynamic and free political society, Spain relies heavily on its education system. Education in Spain is taken very seriously, as evidenced by the extremely high youth literacy rate (99.6%), and the enrollment ratio, which at 93.7% is the 6th-highest in the world. Almost 94% of school-age children in Spain are enrolled in an accredited program, and only Japan, Canada, and the Scandinavian countries score higher on this metric.

Primary and secondary education in Spain can roughly be separated into 4 stages: pre-school, primary school, secondary school, and college prep. At all four levels, education is provided free of charge by the state, although there are private schools as well for parents who prefer and can afford them. The middle two stages are obligatory, while the 1st and 4th are optional.

Pre-school, the first level of Spanish education, is for kids ages 3-6. Although it is not mandatory, it is a popular option for parents who are either busy or who do not want their kids to miss out on these important years of socializing and learning. Most children in Spain attend pre-school. The second stage of a Spanish child’s education is primary school, which lasts from age 6-12 and is roughly the equivalent of first grade through sixth grade in the American system. Education at this stage is mandatory.

The mandatory portion of secondary school is known as the ESO (Educación Secundaria Obligatoria), and represents the third step in the four-step process. This stage lasts until age 16, at which point children are no longer required by law to stay in school. In practice, however, many choose to do so anyway. The final step in Spanish secondary education is known as the Bachillerato, and it is typically a college preparatory stage lasting from age 16 to 18. Education at the Bachillerato level includes a set of core courses such as history, Spanish language, science, and philosophy, along with electives that depend upon student interest. These electives could include art, music, advanced math and science, foreign languages, religion, or a number of other areas. This flexibility may contribute to the popularity of Bachillerato-level education in Spain. Like in other countries, teenagers are often fiercely independent, and so they may be more likely to continue with their education if they are given some freedom and ownership over its direction.

Spain, with its long and storied history of intellectual contributions (especially in the areas of geography, science, literature, and politics) is a nation with a healthy respect for the importance of education. Since education always begins in early childhood and is the most important duty for a young child, families, teachers, and government institutions in Spain put significant time and resources into educating their children at the primary and secondary levels.

If you’re moving to Spain with young children, chances are you’ve put a lot of thought into figuring out how to ensure that they get a high-quality education. Fortunately, Spain has one of the best education systems in the world, as evidenced by its extraordinary enrollment ratio of 93.7%. This, along with a high youth literacy rate, places Spain in the top 5 nations of the world when it comes to primary and secondary education. Knowing that a good education can help shape the rest of a child’s life, many parents are rightly concerned about ensuring that they can find good schools wherever they go. In addition, it is important for them to be aware of the relevant laws and regulations that are in effect in the host country.

All children in Spain must complete the same course of mandatory education. Compulsory education in Spain begins at age 6, which is the 1st year of primary school–however, by the time they reach this age, most Spanish children have already completed two to four years of non-mandatory preschool. Primary school last until age 12, and covers a comprehensive range of topics including geography, history, language skills, math, basic science, and of course music and the arts.

At age 12, students in the Spanish system move on to the ESO (Educación Secundaria Obligatoria) level, which includes the final 4 years of mandatory education. Many Spanish students stay in school for an additional 2 years after completing their ESO. Called the Spanish Baccalaureate, this additional schooling prepares students for college and enables them to take elective courses in the arts, sciences, or humanities. While not required by law, completion of the Spanish Baccalaureate is common, and is highly advisable whenever possible.

In addition to its numerous public and privately-funded primary and secondary schools, Spain is also home to international schools that cater specifically to the needs of children from other countries. These schools typically offer classes in English, and may also base their curriculum, teaching style, and grading system on North American or British standards. This is a good way to provide continuity if your child’s stay in Spain is going to be brief. Primary and secondary coursework at international schools in Spain is generally recognized by foreign schools, so children will not face the unpleasant situation of repeating a grade when they return to their home country. Mandatory schooling laws apply to international schools just as they would to any other.

In Spain, education is highly prized as the backbone of a healthy society, and significant investment on the part of the government and private actors has made Spain a global leader in education. For expatriates living in the country, this can be a considerable advantage–Spanish schools are in many cases better than those in the home country. There is, then, no reason to be concerned about the quality of education that your children can receive while you are living and working in Spain.

List of primary and secondary schools in Spain

Academia Dante

Alicante , Spain
Academia Dante is a center, located in Alicante, Spain, specializing in the provision of private lessons in all subjects and levels. This kind of educational support is provided to students of all levels – primary, college, and access modules. The class sizes are small, and the center prides itself with the good achievements of its students. Subjects currently offered are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Language, Technical Drawing, Literature, Geography, Art, English, Valencian, French, Latin, and Greek.

Almuñecar International School

Almuñecar, Spain
Almuñecar International School is an institution established in 1989 - currently owned by a consortium of parents. It is an independent, co-educational school, which was created with the aim to serve both native Spanish and expatriate European families, who would like their children to pursue an English-style education. The education offered at A.I.S. is based on UK curriculum, but Spanish and Spanish Social studies are also included. Both primary and secondary education options are available, whist in the latter students sit GCSEs and A levels in their final years of studies. They also... See full description.

Aloha College

Marbella, Spain
Aloha College was established in 1982, and is situated on the outskirts of Marbella in Spain's Costa del Sol. It offers British style education to students from ages from three to eighteen years old. The institution is separated into Junior School (3-10) and Senior School (11-18). Aloha College has also developed a combined curriculum through which students study both English and Spanish, making it possible for them to gain qualifications in both the British and Spanish examination systems. Pupils at 11 take the SATS tests, whilst these at 16+ pursue IGCSEs and the International... See full description.


Valencia, Spain
Altaviana is a female concerted institution, teaching secondary school and vocational training, in the areas of tourism and hospitality and located in the city of Valencia. The Centre has taken agreements with other public and private institutions for the teaching of continuing and occupational education, which means a contribution to the hospitality and services sector.

American School of Bilbao

Berango, Spain
The American School of Bilbao is an international school, established in 1967 by the American and British expatriate community in the Bilbao area. It is a private, non-profit institution, accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (N.E.A.S.C.) and the Council of International Schools (C.I.S) since 1985. The American School of Bilbao offers students an American-style educational program, taught in English. The curriculum has an international focus and results in the gaining of the American High School Diploma.

American School of Madrid

Madrid, Spain
The American School of Madrid is an institution established in 1961. It is situated on a 10-acre campus in Pozuelo de Alarcón, a suburban residential area, about twelve kilometers outside of Madrid, Spain. Its primary aim was to respond to the needs of international executives and their families by providing a curriculum in English that would prepare graduates for entrance into American, Spanish and other universities around the world. Today students come from nearly 50 countries and are offered the opportunity to follow the US College Preparatory Curriculum, the IB Program, and the... See full description.

American School of Valencia

Puzol, Spain
The American School of Valencia was established in 1974, since when it has grown from 27 to 750 students. It is an international, private, bilingual, university- preparatory school, receiving students from nursery to grade 12. ASV aims to offer a broad and well-balanced curriculum in a positive learning environment that provokes students to look for challenges. Students receive an American college-preparatory curriculum that later combines with the Spanish curriculum to prepare students for the Spanish universities admission exams. English is the main language of instruction. High School... See full description.

Artxandape Ikastola

Bilbao, Spain
Artxandape Ikastola is a school, providing Christian education in Basque (D Model). The institution accepts students from the ages of 2 to 16, and is divided into three departments: Infants (2-6 yrs.), Primary (6-12 yrs.), and Compulsory Secondary Education (12-16 yrs.). All classes except Spanish Language are taught in Basque (D Model).English is taught from Primary School and French is available as an elective subject in Secondary School. The overall purpose of the school is to promote Christian values and provide students with a deep awareness of Basque culture.

Baleares International School

Palma de Mallorca, Spain
The Baleares International College is a school based in Mallorca, Spain. Since its founding in 1957, it has been serving the foreign community there. Pupils are accepted from the age of 3 and usually remain at the school until they have completed their advance level examinations. The school follows the National Curriculum of England and Wales, and in addition includes Spanish Language (from Nursery), German language (from age 6 for native speakers and age 9 for non-native) and French language (from 14). The academic program prepares pupils for international IGCSE and A-Level... See full description.

British School of Alicante

Alicante, Spain
The British School of Alicante is an international school, based in Alicante, Spain, strictly dedicated to the provision of high quality bilingual education. BSA teachers are committed to not only setting high educational standards, but also developing the children’s behavior and social skills. The cultural mix at the school is truly diverse, whilst the institution itself is divided into primary and secondary sections. All ages follow the requirements of the British National Curriculum, and these subjects are taught by English teachers. Spanish professionals deliver the subjects in... See full description.

C.E.S Santa María de los Ángeles

Malaga, Spain
C.E.S Santa María de los Ángeles, was created and managed (still is) by a cooperative of teachers and is committed to the creation of job opportunities through a quality and comprehensive education. The center is located in Malaga and has been leading in education for more than 50 years. The center’s ideologies are based on conveying teachings and education aimed at developing people, and on increasing performance by ensuring competency. To achieve this, the center uses an innovative technique of training that is founded on classroom discussions, business simulations and cooperative... See full description.

Cambridge House Community College

Rocafort, Spain
Cambridge House Community College is a school in Valencia, Spain with over twenty-five years of experience in providing high-quality education to both Spanish and international students. The school follows the mission to see the best in every student and help them realize their full potential. Therefore, they strive to create a welcoming environment that would at the same time present students with enough challenges. The school follows the English educational system, and once they graduate, students can choose between UK, Spanish, or other universities. Cambridge House prides itself with... See full description.

Caxton College

Puzol, Spain
Caxton College is an independent British co-educational school with accreditation by both the English and Spanish authorities. Its location on Spain’s East Coast (in Puçol, a village 20 km north of Valencia) offers the advantages of both the mountainside and the seaside. Founded in 1987 by a Valencian family (the Gil-Marqués family), Caxton College offers a multicultural environment for pupils aged 1 to 18 and prides itself in its tolerant and understanding atmosphere for pupils from around the world. The college offers boarding facilities with host families and manages to attract... See full description.

Centro Huerta del Rey

Valladolid, Spain
The Centro Huerta del Rey, or "Huerta del Rey" Center, is a prestigious center of Psychology and Education in the international arena, specializing in the care of intellectually gifted students and students who have disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), visual, auditory, and spatial learning disabilities, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and more. The center was created in 1989 and is currently formed by a team of professionals in the field of Psychology and Education. The courses at the Centro Huerta del Rey are taught by a... See full description.

Chester College International School

Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Chester College International School is a private coeducational day and boarding school, established in 1985. The school is situated 3 km outside Santiago de Compostela, Spain. It offers a full bilingual program, in English and Spanish, for primary, middle, and high school students of various nationalities. The institution’s courses are validated both in Spain and in the USA. Furthermore, intensive Spanish and English courses are provided for all, who need additional language support. Chester College International School is accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science... See full description.

Colegio Irabia

Pamplona, Spain
Located in Pamplona, Spain, the Colegio Irabia, also known as the Colegio Irabia-Izaga, is an educational institution that offers programs for students at many different stages of their education, including preschool, kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and baccalaureate. In Spain, the Baccalaureate (Bachillerato) is the post-16 stage of education, comparable to the A Levels/Higher (Scottish) in the UK, the French Baccalaureate in France, the junior and senior years of high school in the United States, or the International Baccalaureate. There are two parts involved in this... See full description.

Colegio Logos

Las Rozas, Spain
English nursery.English-Spanish private co-educational bilingual school in the primary sections ( 6-12 Heras old). Spanish programme for Middle and high school with a great emphasis on the English Language, sports, technologies and extra-curricular activities.

Colegio los Sauces

Pontevedra, Spain
The Colegio Los Sauces is a nondenominational, apolitical and pluralist institution of education, at which students are enrolled without discrimination of race, sex or religion. The school’s experience of almost 40 years allows it to offer an educational model that promotes human values, creates excellent habits of study and work, teaches coexistence and mutual respect, and takes into account the beliefs of each individual. The Colegio los Sauces first opened its doors in October of 1974 as a school for Early Childhood Education in the community known as Colonia El Viso in Madrid,... See full description.

Colegio Mercedarias

Granada, Spain
We wish to have an exchange experience with any school abroad. We would like to use English as the language for communication. Our students are ages 14 to 16. If we agree we can have an exchange using student home as place to stay.

Colegio Villa de Griñón

Griñón, Spain
We are a bilingual school(English and Spanish) also teaching a third language (French or German) wishing to arrange exchanges with schools in the United Kingdom, the USA, France and Germany.

El Limonar International School

El Palmar, Spain
El Limonar International School is a primary, secondary and baccalaureate school situated in Murcia, Spain. It was established in 1990 and currently boasts excellent facilities and a huge open-air amphitheatre with a capacity of 600 people. As far as curriculum is concerned, a bilingual opportunity is offered to all students – until the end of 11th grade all subjects are taught both in Spanish and English. At the end of Secondary 4, students choose from a curriculum mainly in Spanish, based on the Spanish Baccalaureate or an A level curriculum, studying mainly in English. The school has... See full description.

El Plantío International School Of Valencia

Paterna, Spain
El Plantío International School of Valencia is a school, established in 1982, since when it has been offering high quality British Education for students aged 2-18. The school is located in the residential area of El Plantío in la Cañada (Paterna), 12 km from the city of Valencia. The National Curriculum for England and Wales is followed in the primary and secondary years of education there, and is later combined with the International Baccalaureate, leading to University Studies. El Plantío International School is a member of NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain)... See full description.

English School Los Olivos

Godella, Spain
English School Los Olivos is a British school, established in 1976. It offers primary and secondary education to students of the age range 3-18. In the first years of education, the program follows the National Curriculum of England and Wales, whilst afterwards students follow the internationally recognized IGCSE, AS, and A levels. All compulsory subjects from the Spanish system are taught, too – Spanish Language, History, Geography, and Valencian. The school is a member of the National Association of British Schools in Spain, and is recognized as a British school by the Ministry of... See full description.

Escuela Waldorf de Tenerife Valle de Güímar-Canarias

The school is an accredited Waldorf center in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and member of the Association of Spanish and Portuguese Waldorf Centers and holds a license according to local guidelines. We offer mainly kindergarten activities for children under six years of age as well as artistic and handicraft activities for primary school children,plus school for families and seasonal festivals, as well as bimonthly eurythmy and annual visit of the school doctor and the biographer. Individualized tutoring. Moreover, we offer Waldorf accredited training through our Santa Cruz de Tenerife Waldorf... See full description.

Hastings School

Madrid, Spain
Hastings School is an independent international school in Spain, following the British National Curriculum. It has a history of thirty years, during which it has been preparing students both academically and culturally. All subjects are taught in English, with two compulsory subjects taught in Spanish. The choice of subjects is very wide, for which reason students complete their education fully prepared to enter any university in Spain, UK, or anywhere else in the world. Students are also provided with strong individual learning support with great emphasis on discipline and good... See full description.

I.E.S. Ausias March

Gandía, Spain
Hello, we're a secondary public school looking for a partner from UK, Ireland or Malta to do an exchange with students 15-16.

I.E.S. Las Viñas

Mollina, Spain
I.E.S. Las Viñas is a school in Mollina (north of the province of Malaga), educating primary and secondary level students. Languages of instruction are English and French, whilst the school is also highly committed to integrating information technology and communications in its classes. The school aims to promote equal rights and opportunities for all, including students with special needs.

IES Albenzaide

Luque, Spain
We want an Exchange with an English Center of similar characteristics to ours, with students from 15 to 16 years.

IES Angel de Saavedra

Cordoba, Spain
IES Angel de Saavedra is a school, located in Valdeolleros district, bordering Asomadilla Park, in northern Córdoba. It was established in February 1989, since when it has grown to achieve many accomplishments. The school is especially proud with its Information and Technology Center, the federally-certified Center for Quality Control, and the new English/Spanish Bilingual Program. The groups taught at IES Angel de Saavedra include 1st-year ESO (obligatory secondary education); 2nd-year ESO; 3rd-year ESO; 4th-year ESO; 1st-year Bachillerato (college preparatory); 2nd-year Bachillerato;... See full description.

IES Broch I Llop

Villarreal, Spain
IES Broch I Llop is a high school in Vila-Real, Spain. It was established in 2004 with the purpose to create a vibrant international environment for its students. The school has a strong concentration on exchange programs (both in Europe and USA), and the purpose to offer a wide variety of choices to its high school students – Natural Sciences, Health, Humanities options, etc. It also offers a program of high intellectual skills.

IES Faro de Maspalomas

Maspalomas, Spain
IES Faro of Maspalomas is a public center, located in Maspalomas, in the South of the island of Gran Canaria. It provides teachings of ESO, Secondary Education, Vocational Training and others.

IES La Jarcia

Puerto Real, Spain
IES La jarcia is an institution, concentrated in the provision of secondary education in the south of Puerto Real, a town in the Cadiz province, bordering the promenade. Its teaching departments include Biology and Geology + Physics and Chemistry, Physical Education, Plastic and Visual Education, French, Geography and History, English, Spanish Language and Literature, Mathematics, Music, Orientation, Catholic Religion, Technology, and Extracurricular activities. IES La Jarcia used to be a public school, now educating students of the last four levels of the Spanish curriculum.

IES Massamagrell

Massamagrell, Spain
IES Massamagrell teaches secondary, high school and vocational training, middle grades and higher education. < /p >

IES Puerto de la Cruz – Telesforo Bravo

Puerto de la Cruz, Spain
IES Puerto de la Cruz - Telesforo Bravo is a public Center, located in the Puerto de la Cruz, on the island of Tenerife. The Institute has received the label of European excellence, for the quality of its management.

International School Of Madrid

Madrid, Spain
The International School of Madrid is an independent co-educational Primary and Secondary school, aiming to promote the academic, spiritual, physical, and cultural development of its students. The school was established in 1971 as the International Primary School. It offers a British curriculum to children from 3 to 18 years of age. It follows the mission to make all of its pupils fluent in both English and Spanish, regardless of their nationality. The school is recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and welcomes students of all origins. They are also a member of the National... See full description.

King's College - The British School of Madrid

Soto de Viñuelas, Spain
King's College is a co-educational day and boarding school founded in 1969. It is located in the countryside between Madrid and the Guadarrama mountains and is well connected to the city centre by road, bus and rail. The institution focuses on the provision of British education for children from the ages 2 to 18 years. All students study in accordance with the English National Curriculum and are prepared for (I)GCSE and GCE "A" Levels, including a wide range of subjects. Besides, there are optional Spanish studies and preparation for Spanish University entrance examinations. King’s... See full description.

King's College Infant School

Madrid, Spain
King’s College Infant School is part of King’s School – an institution, dedicated to providing British education in the area of Madrid. King’s College was founded in 1969 and is known for the high standards it sets for its students. The Infant School is located in the Chamartín area of central Madrid, offering spacious, well-equipped classrooms for children of three to six years of age. King’s College Infant School aims to provide a creative and stimulating environment, having set six areas for development for all children. From the age of seven onwards, pupils are educated at... See full description.

Laude Newton College

Elche, Spain
Newton College is a private, non-confessional, liberal school, established in 1991. Students in Newton College follow the British National Curriculum in the early years and primary school, and at Secondary and Baccalaureate levels, students follow the IB curriculum. The institution pursues excellence in the teaching of both English and Spanish languages, whilst Valencian is taught from the first year of primary education, and German from the last year of primary education.

Laude San Pedro International College

San Pedro de Alcántara
Laude San Pedro International College is a British co-educational school in Spain, established in 2004. It currently offers a warm, welcoming school atmosphere to over 500 students from over 40 countries. Laude San Pedro International College takes special pride in its installations and facilities for learning, sports and arts, which are considered to be the best in any school in this part of Spain. In 2007, the college was accepted into the prestigious LAUDE Group of schools. All teaching faculty is carefully selected, and continually undergoes professional qualifications and... See full description.

Mar Azul Bilingual school

Torrevieja, Spain
Mar Azul Bilingual School is an independent international school on the Costa Blanca – the only one, offering a British National Curriculum based education for children aged 1–18 years. The school follows a strict strategy to keep class sizes small and provide highly individualized approach. Mar Azul International School is comprised of two sections – Primary and Secondary, which include the nursery (from age 1), GCSE level at age 16, and A levels at 18. Both Spanish and English are taught from the age of one. The school is a fully authorized centre for both Edexcel and AQA... See full description.


Terrassa , Spain
We are a state secondary school in Terrassa, close to Barcelona. This is our first year, so we are full of energy! Our students are aged 14-16 (3rd ESO) and will be a group of 15-20. We are looking for a school in the UK, Ireland, Germany or the Netherlands, near a city for a school exchange.

Oak House British School

Barcelona, Spain
Oak House is a trilingual school, established in 1968 in Spain. Its curriculum combines British and Spanish education in the following way – in Primary education, Oak House is a British school, recognized and approved by both the Royal Inspectorate of her Majesty the Queen of England and by the Ministry of Education of the Government of Catalonia. In Secondary education, Oak House (Casa del Roure) is an officially approved centre for teaching the compulsory secondary-education curriculum for the 12 to 16 age group, and the higher secondary education (Bachillerato) curriculum for the 16... See full description.

Oakeley College

Tafira Alta, Spain
Oakeley College was established in 1989 with the aim to put an emphasis on family values and the creation of excellent learning environment. It now serves both Primary and Secondary education learners, continuing to follow its principles of Respect, Responsibility and Resolving problems. GCSE and A levels can be pursued by 16+ year olds, whilst a Saturday school is available for younger pupils. All activities in the Saturday school are carried out in English. Football, basketball, piano, cricket, and tennis are some of the extracurricular activities available to students, and these are... See full description.

Pare Manyanet Reus

Reus, Spain
We are a school in Reus, Spain (100 km far from Barcelona) and this is our first approach to a school exchange experience, We would like to arrange exchanges with schools in the United Kingdom, the USA, France or Germany.

Runnymede College

La Moraleja, Spain
Runnymede College first opened its doors as a private school in September, 1967 in Madrid, Spain. Its purpose was to provide British education for English-speaking students of all nationalities in the age range 3-18. The institution is inspected on a regular basis by British Inspectors whose Report to the British Council and the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture is the basis of the authorization given to the School. Pupils at Runnymede College take the End of Key Stage Tests at the end of Years 2, 6 and 9, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education at the end of... See full description.

Sage College. The British School of Jerez

Interested in exchanges with other similar colleges (IGCSE and A.AS levels). We have boarding school

Shoreless Lake School

Totana, Spain
Shoreless Lake School (SLS) is an American school, founded in 1991 in Murcia, Spain. It is a private, non-profit organization, governed under the direction of the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest. Furthermore, the institution is an all-boys school for American, Spanish, and foreign students, who follow an American curriculum. Graduates are qualified to attend an American or European university, as they take PSAT, SAT Reasoning, SAT Subject tests and AP. Students applying to a Spanish university take the Selectividad, the general entrance examination for Spanish universities. Students... See full description.

Sierra Bernia School

Alfaz del Pi, Spain
Sierra Bernia School is a private, co-educational school, established in 1973. It is located in a quiet residential area close to the village of Alfaz Del Pi. The mission of the school is to ensure a warm and welcoming environment, where students can reach high academic goals. The National British curriculum is followed, and students are accepted from the age of 3. GCSE and A levels are pursued by students in their final years of education, and the school is very proud with the high results gained at these examinations. Spanish is taught at all levels and so are the obligatory elements of... See full description.

SIES en Arona

Arona, Spain
Our school is situated in the south of Tenerife,Canary Islands. We are looking for a school in Europe interested in exchanging 10-12 students aged 13-14 for a week.

Solynieve CES

Arroyomolinos, Spain
Solynieve CES is a bilingual private school, which provides education from pre-school up to pre-university. The Center is located in Arroyomolinos, town near Madrid. Our facilities are modern, with the technical, material and human resources necessary in order to achieve the quality of education and teaching that we have set ourselves.

Sotogrande International School

Sotogrande, Spain
SIS is an accredited International Baccalaureate school, offering the Primary Years Program (3-11), the Middle Years Program (12-16), and the Diploma (16-18). The students’ education is delivered with care and attention, aiming to unfold the full potential of each individual. By following a rich curriculum, each student is encouraged to gain some extensive cultural awareness and a sense of community service. The school follows a philosophy of child-focused, holistic learning. Sotogrande International School is especially proud with the high academic achievements of its students.

St. Anthony's College

Fuengirola, Spain
St. Anthony's College is a co-educational British school, established in 1968; this makes it the oldest British school on the coast! St. Anthony’s makes available to students aged three to eighteen both the British National Curriculum and the Spanish ESO and Bachillerato. All nationalities and cultures are welcome at the college, which strives to ensure a welcoming and friendly environment. The school prides itself with the GCSE results Year 11 students achieve, whilst Year 13 students are accepted at many of the top universities including Durham, King’s College, Loughborough and... See full description.

St. Peter's School

Barcelona, Spain
Private English school in Barcelona city looking for a school in South of England to do student exchanges for this coming school year for children aged 11-14.

Sunland International School

Malaga, Spain
Novaschool Sunland International is an independent, British, co-educational day school, located in the Spanish city of Malaga. It receives students of all nationalities, aged 3-18. The academic program, although offered in an Andalusian setting is based on the British National Curriculum. Sunland International School aims to both encourage the individual talents of each student and develop their cultural awareness and respect towards each other. The IGCSE, AS and A levels taught at the school are based on the University of Cambridge center requirements.

Sunny View School

Malaga, Spain
Sunny View School is a British school, founded in 1971. It was the first school on the Costa del Sol to be unconditionally approved by the National Association of British Schools in Spain, whilst at the same time it is fully authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Education. Students of all nationalities are welcome at Sunny view school, where they will follow the British National Curriculum. All students are prepared for the GCSE examinations with EDEXCEL FOUNDATION (University of London Examinations Board) and the usual range of subjects is offered, including English Language, English... See full description.

Swans International Primary School

Marbella, Spain
Swans International School was established about 40 years ago in Marbella, Spain, which makes it one of the oldest schools in Southern Spain. It currently educates more than 600 students, who come from over 30 different nationalities. The primary school section of the institution offers a broad and well-balanced curriculum, fully taught in English. A combination of subject teaching and topic based study is applied to ensure that the curriculum is both skills and knowledge based. Great emphasis is put on the social and emotional development of the students, too. Special methods are applied... See full description.

The English International College

Marbella, Spain
The English International College in Marbella, Spain is a school, established in 1982. The educational program followed there is based on the English National Curriculum, and is embraced by the 500 students taught at the international institution. Students sit IGCSE and GCSE examinations in Year 11, and those who qualify enter the Sixth Form study for AS levels and A2 (A) level examinations in preparation for university entrance at 18. Teaching groups in the Sixth Form vary from 2 to 15 students, which ensures a personal approach and special attention to each individual.

Wingate School

Tenerife, Spain
Wingate School is a British school in Spain, following the UK National Curriculum. It accepts children from the ages of three to eighteen years. The Infant Department, the Junior Department and the Senior School, each with their own head are the three departments comprising the school. Those students in Years 10 and 11 follow IGCSE syllabuses, whilst successful students go on to pursue various A level subjects. What distinguishes the school is that it is a centre for both Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and London International Examinations (Edexcel). Additionally, Spanish is... See full description.

Workshop R2

Barcelona, Spain
With extensive experience in the creation, management and design in jewelry, Studio R2 organizes WorkshopR2. A study platform that offers courses and seminars related to the management, design, development, marketing, image and communication of jewelry brands. For professionals and students, this is specific workshops, help understand how is the jewelry market, to have strategies to deal with jewelry design and learn the keys to creating brand. In this new edition we offer a new workshop online "Crear una Marca de Joyas" Check our web site.

Cities to study in Spain

AdejeAlcala de HenaresAlcala la RealAlcañizAlcobendasAlcorcónAlfara del PatriarcaAlfaz del PiAlicanteAlmendralejoAlmeríaAlmuñecarAlteaAmpostaAronaArroyomolinosAtarfeAvilaBadajozBadalonaBaezaBarcelonaBellaterraBenalmadenaBenicarlóBerangoBetanzosBilbaoBormujosBurgosBurjassotCáceresCadizCaleta de FusteCalpeCandeledaCantoblancoCarballoCartagenaCastellónCastellón de la PlanaCastilleja de la CuestaCatarrojaCerdanyola del VallèsCeutaChiclana de la FronteraChipionaCiudad RealColmenarejoComillasConil de la FronteraCorbera de LlobregatCordobaCorralejoCosladaCulleredoDeniaDerioDonostia Dos HermanasEl PalmarEl Puerto de Santa MariaElcheEmpuriabravaEsteponaFuengirolaGandíaGetafeGetxoGijónGironaGodellaGranadaGranollersGriñónGuadalupeGuimarHoyo de ManzanaresHuelvaHuescaHumanes de MadridIbizaIrunJacaJaénJerez de la fronteraLa Almunia de Doña GodinaLa CoruñaLa HerraduraLa LagunaLa MoralejaLa Roda de AndalucíaLas Palmas de Gran CanariaLas RozasLeioaLeónLiérganesLleidaLogroñoLugoLuqueL’ElianaMadridMairena AljarafeMalagaManisesManresaMaracenaMarbellaMarratxíMaspalomasMassamagrellMataróMedio CudeyoMollinaMoncadaMondaMondragónMóstolesMurciaNerjaOlivaOrenseOrihuela CostaOviedoPadulPalenciaPallejàPalma de MallorcaPamplonaPaternaPedregalejoPonferradaPontevedraPozuelo de AlarcónPrado del ReyPremiá de MarPuerto de la CruzPuerto RealPuzolReusRevilla de CamargoRocafortSabadellSalamancaSaltSan Fernando de HenaresSan Lorenzo del EscorialSan Miguel de Abona San Pedro de AlcántaraSan Pedro del PinatarSan RoqueSan SebastianSan Vicente del RaspeigSant Cugat del VallèsSant Pol de MarSanta Cruz de TenerifeSantanderSantiago de CompostelaSanturceSegoviaSevilleSitgesSoto de ViñuelasSotograndeTafallaTafira AltaTalavera de la ReinaTarifaTarragonaTenerifeTerrassaToledoTordesillasTorrellanoTorremolinosTorreviejaTotanaUbriqueUteboValdepeñasValenciaValladolidVejer de la FronteraVicVigoVillafranca del CastilloVillanublaVillanueva de la CañadaVillanueva de la SerenaVillarrealVillaviciosa de OdónVilobí d'OnyarVitoriaXubia-NedaZamudioZaragoza

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