Study in Seville, Spain

Study in Seville, Spain

Study in ".$city.", Spain
Plaza de España in Sevilla

If you planning a trip to Seville, to attend school, relocate or just for a visit, there are a few facts you might want to know. Fist its location in the southwest part of Spain in the self-governing region of Andalucia. Seville is the seat of the region´s government and the capital of the region as well as the capital of the province of the same name. By population, Seville is the third largest metropolitan area in Spain, following after Madrid and Barcelona.

An important ingredient in the makeup of Seville is its river, the Guadalquivir, which crosses the city from North to South. This is one of Spain’s major rivers, the second longest one in the country, and it can be navigated from Seville down to its outlet in the Atlantic Ocean. The Port of Seville in past centuries had a major role in trade between Spain and its territories in the Americas.

You will find Seville to be a charming city and the “hispalenses” a joyful, amusing and thoroughly likeable kind of people. But, who are the hispalenses? You might ask. They are the people of Seville. They take the named after Hispalis, the name that the Romans assigned to the city.

Visitors to Seville will have the time of their collective lives discovering the lively nightlife in the city’s restaurants, nightclubs and bars, as Seville is credited with the invention of the Spanish tapas, or “little plates.” The city has more than a thousand bars where the choice of food is virtually unlimited: from seafood to ham and sausage, and from vegetable to a variety of cheeses. The Sevillanos actually make a meal of these tasty snacks while going out de tapeo—the art of moving from bar to bar and trying one dish at a time with a drink.

Beyond the excellent nightlife, Seville is home to some of the country’s most exciting traditional holidays and celebrations. Every spring, Seville hosts the annual world renowned Feria de Abril and the city's Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is one of the most traditional of Spain. If you think about visiting the city during these special times, make sure to get your hotel reservations well in advance and to take with you plenty of cash. Prices will go up during theses festivals.

Seville is one of the best places in which to brush up on your Spanish speaking skills while you enjoy your holidays and make sure to try some of the traditional diversions specially Flamenco.