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SpainExchange.com Disclaimer

SpainExchange.com is offered as an informational service to the international communities seeking educational opportunities abroad. The information presented is a combination of free listings and paid advertising. The promotion of universities, schools, and programs in this site is not intended as endorsements or as validation of the information provided. Each interested individual should contact the provider of the educational services to obtain more information, to verify the terms and description of their services, and to learn about any personal risks involved in taking part in their activities.

Students from the United States should know that some universities do not accept credits transferred by study abroad programs. Students seeking to transfer credits to their home campus need make certain that the program selected will be approved. Before enrolling in any course or program, you should talk to the Study Abroad Coordinator of your home campus to learn about their transfer credit policy.

SpainExchange or its employees are not responsible for:

  • errors, omissions, or misspelled words
  • misrepresentation by third parties
  • personal damages or injuries incurred while taking part in a program promoted on this Web site
  • disputes between a consumer and a third party

It is the responsibility of each interested party to contact the provider of educational services to verify the information presented here and to learn about any possible personal risks involved while taking part in their activities. This should be done before taking part in any program presented in SpainExchange.com.