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Search for Schools Abroad

Name of School
If you know the name of a particular school and need to find more information, insert the name here.
Select here to specify the country where you want to study abroad.
After choosing the country you can specify the region here. For more results leave this unselected.
Study Programs
Select here to specify the degree program you require from the school. After the first selection you can continue to add more.
Type of studies
Select here to specify the types of studies offered at the school you are searching for. After the first selection you can continue to add more.

Search Help

  • For best results select only the options that are most important to you.
  • The more different options you specify to narrow down your search the fewer results will show up.
  • You can choose multiple types of studies, study programs and types of schools in the same search. Choosing multiple options in each search criteria you specify will help achieve more results. To search all options in each criteria don't make any selection.
  • Some popular locations (USA, Spain, France, etc.) and popular study programs (marketing, art history, engineering, etc.) will have more results and you can narrow down your search with good results. On the contrary, if you are interested in visiting a less popular country or studying a less common area of study its best to choose only the most important criteria, for example, just the country or just the area of study.
  • Don't specify type of studies or type of school unless this criteria is very important to you. For example, if you want to study a language it's not necessary to specify language school, as other types of schools also offer language studies.