Study and find schools in Canada

Canada is a massive North American country made up of ten provinces and three expansive territories.  Situated just to the north of the United States, it stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east, to the Pacific Ocean in the west and to the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean in the north.  Canada is the second largest country in the world by geography, with a total land area of just over 3.8 million square miles, and the border it shares with the United States is by far the lengthiest land border in the world.
Canada has a total population of nearly 33.5 million and is very culturally and ethnically diverse.  Like many countries in the Americas, Canada experienced mass waves of European immigration in the 19th and 20th centuries, and because of that, current census data shows that while ethnic Canadians account for 32 percent of the total population, the remainder are English (21%), French (16%), Scottish (15%), Irish (14%), German (10%), Italian (4.5%), Chinese and Ukrainian (4%), and Dutch (3%).  There are two official languages in Canada, English and French, spoken as the first language by 60% and 23% of the population respectively.  Nearly 80% of Canadians self-identify as being Christian, particularly Roman Catholic, Anglican, and other Protestant religions.
Canada can best be described as a melting pot of cultures—a multicultural and progressive society drawing from a broad range of nationalities.  Each year there are a number of cultural festivals in the country, where people of similar heritage can gather to share traditional food, drink, music and dance from their country of origin.  Cultural identity and pride is particularly high in Quebec, Canada’s French-speaking province and home to the major city of Montreal—the largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris.
Education in Canada
Education in Canada is highly valued and a major focus of the Canadian government.  While the system of education is very similar to that of the United States, there is one key difference:  in the United States, education is primarily the function of the national government, whereas in Canada, the majority of power, including the ability to form and implement policy, is given to the 10 individual provinces.  Because of this, slight variations exist in the education systems of the individual provinces.  For example, while all provinces require children to attend school from age 6 to 16, in the provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba, children are mandated to attend school until age 18.
Much like in other developed countries, the education system in Canada consists of three distinct levels:  primary school, secondary school and higher education.  Primary school commences at age 6 in the 1st grade (although an optional pre-primary level called kindergarten is available for 5-year old students) and continues through grade 8.  Students are instructed in a very broad curriculum, consisting of mathematics, science, social studies, language (English or French depending on the province), geography, history, music, art and physical education.
Secondary schools in Canada typically house students ages 14-18 in grades 9-12.  The initial two years consist of a purely academic track, but beginning in grade 11 students can choose to continue on this largely college-preparatory track or opt for a more vocational approach—a combination of basic general education mixed with instruction and occupational training in a number of specific career fields.
The higher education system in Canada is among the best in the world, with countless opportunities for students at all levels.  Like in the U.S., the system includes universities, colleges and junior or community colleges.  Universities and colleges in Canada offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in almost every major academic subject, leading to Bachelor and Master’s Degrees respectively.  Post-graduate or Doctorate-level degrees are offered only by the universities, as these institutions are equipped with the facilities and have the resources to offer these mostly research-based opportunities.  While community colleges in Canada do offer academic programs leading to Associate degrees, most of their focus is in the vocational sector, helping students earn certificates in anything from automotive repair to hotel services.
Due to its excellent system of education at each level, the adult literacy rate in Canada is 99%--one of the highest in the world.

International Study Abroad Programs in Canada

Are you looking for a unique study abroad experience, one that not only offers an excellent academic component, but plenty of opportunities for enrichment and enjoyment?  Do you want to visit a land with exquisite natural beauty, an endless array of sights and attractions and a rich, warm culture that’s diverse and inviting?  If so, you have just described Canada to a “T”—a country that can provide all of these features and more, and one that should be high on your list of potential study destinations.  To further illustrate this point; below we will briefly describe how study abroad programs are conducted in Canada, followed by a list of reasons for making Canada your destination of choice for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Study Abroad in Canada

Whether you reside in the United States, Europe, Asia, or anywhere else in the world, you can rest assured that Canada has a study abroad opportunity that’s just right for you.  So how do these programs work?  You may have noticed that at your college or university there is a small percentage of international students, some of which are undoubtedly Canadian.  This is because, like your school, universities throughout Canada have forged partnerships with other international institutions, enabling a select few of their students to study abroad in a foreign nation.  In return, Canadian universities make it possible for international students to come to Canada and study.  It’s a win-win for everybody!!
As a participant in one of these programs, you’ll study in your own language, and in a program approved by your university, earning precious credits towards your degree.  The programs can span a semester, a full academic year, or in some cases, just a few weeks during the summer.  During this time you’ll typically reside in student dormitories or apartments, giving you the opportunity to learn the Canadian culture, make new friends with people from around the world and explore all the amazing sights sounds and attractions Canada has to offer.

Why Study Abroad in Canada

The reasons to choose Canada as a study abroad locale are virtually endless, primarily because Canada is such a massive country, second only to Russia in terms of total land area, with ten large provinces, two vast territories and more to do and see than you can possibly imagine.  Here are just a few of the characteristics that make Canada stand out from the competition:


Students who visit Canada will be amazed by the country’s diversity in terms of culture, climate and landscapes.  Canada is a nation of immigrants, and as such, each province has a policy that encourages and invites diversity.  Wherever you decide to go, from the pristine coastlines of Vancouver, to the rugged mountains and sparkling lakes of the Northwest Territories, you’ll find a wide range of ethnic neighborhoods, with shops and cuisine ideal for any taste.

Natural Wonders

Canada boasts some of the most renowned and oft-visited natural wonders in the world, including the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks in British Columbia, the Provincial Dinosaur attraction in Alberta, and the world-famous Niagara Falls, located between Buffalo, New York and the bustling metropolis of Toronto.

Festivals, Shows and Attractions

Depending on which province you visit and the time of year, Canada offers a number of fun events and cultural festivals.  In Calgary you can visit the renowned Calgary Stampede, a fun-filled week of live rodeo action, while in Vancouver you’ll be awed by the largest fireworks display in the world at the Vancouver Celebration of Lights.  If the arts or more your thing, you’d probably enjoy the Edmonton Music Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival, and for a day of relaxation from your rigorous study schedule, the Canadian Tulip Festival, held each year in Ottawa, is great way to see some of Canada’s natural beauty up close and personal.
This is just a small sample of what your study abroad adventure could entail, and with all there is to see and do in Canada it’s no wonder so many study-abroad students from around the world are now opting to make this country their destination of choice.

Language Courses in Canada

Are you interested in learning how to speak and understand the English or French language?  Did you know you could learn either (or both) of these languages in the beautiful country of Canada?  It’s true! Canada is the only official bilingual nation in North America, and a great place to learn English or French while participating in a full-immersion language program.  To help you get started, below we will take a closer look at how full immersion programs work in Canada, and introduce you to some of the sights and attractions you’ll find in a few of the country’s host cities.

Language Schools in Canada

Canada is a very large country, the 2nd largest in the world, in fact, spreading west to the Pacific Ocean, east to the Atlantic and north to the frozen tundra of the Arctic.  Between its borders lie breathtaking northern landscapes, cosmopolitan cities and a populace that’s as friendly as it is diverse.  This diversity, depending on where you go in Canada, can be heard in the form of English and French, along with a number of other international languages not officially recognized by the state.  The language schools in Canada teach primarily English and French, and are designed to help visitors and foreign residents master the national languages, enabling them to broaden their personal horizons and enhance their professional opportunities.

Regardless of your particular skill level—beginner, immediate or advanced—you can always find a full-immersion language program in Canada’s major cities.  From Vancouver to Toronto to Montreal, there is something for every student in Canada, from those seeking to learn a new language to those looking to perfect their existing skills.  In Canada you’ll study with a qualified instructor, in class sizes that are small and intimate, providing an abundance of opportunities for small group discussion and one-to-one practice with the instructor and your contemporaries.  Outside the classroom, whether you decide to live on-campus, in an apartment or with a host family, you’ll have ample time to practice and reinforce what you’ve learned as you roam the streets and the countryside of this picturesque nation.  This full immersion experience will dramatically expedite the learning process, allowing you to master the language in half the time it would take with traditional learning methods.  Even better, you’ll get to combine your language-learning experience with a world-class vacation you’ll never forget.

The city of Vancouver, often called the Hawaii of Canada for its mild and temperate climate, is just one of your many destination options.  Ideally, located along the deep blue Pacific Ocean and set amongst green mountain forests, the city is an oasis for hiking, fishing camping and mountain biking—a true nature-lover’s dream. The city center is nearby and wonderfully cosmopolitan, as millions of tourists from around the world flock to Vancouver for the world-class shopping, tasty international cuisine, and museums and galleries galore. And if you happen to visit in the summer, make sure you check out the Celebration of Lights—the largest and most spectacular fireworks show in the world.
If French is your target language, you may want to set your course for Montreal, in the province of Quebec.  Save for Paris, Montreal is the largest French-speaking city in the world and the ideal place to explore and bask in the Canadian culture.  A visit to this city is like stepping back in time, a city in which Old World European architecture blends tastefully into the modern cityscape.  Here you’ll find world-class shopping and dining, music and film festivals and countless parks and gardens that are lush and bountiful.   

What more could you ask for?  English instruction, French instruction, natural beauty and a gracious and welcoming people, Canada has everything you need for a wonderful language learning experience and perhaps the most enjoyable and enlightening trip of a lifetime.

Schools that offer language courses in Canada

Academie Linguistique Internationale

Montreal, Canada
Academie Linguistique Internationale is a language center, based in the heart of Montréal. The language school has managed to gain very good reputation for offering a wide range of English and French language programs. Except for the standard options, the school provides opportunities like English and French as a second language, Business communication, Literature & Writing, preparation for TOEFL and TOEIC exams and TESL Certificate recognized by TESL Canada. Academie Linguistique Internationale offers additional services like accommodation organization with English and French Homestay... See full description.

Advantage English School E/J

Whistler, Canada
Advantage E/J School is an English language school in Whistler, in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Our school has been operating since 2003 while its parent company has been serving the Sea-to-Sky corridor for over 40 years. Our warm and friendly school offers a variety of courses to students from around the world who can enjoy outdoor sports as they study English. We offer General English courses (Beginner to Advanced), TOEIC Preparation, Business English, English + ski/snowboard Instructor Certification, English+ ski/snowboard lessons, English for Resort Hospitality Co-op... See full description.

Alaya International Training Centre - ATC

Vancouver, Canada
ATC stands for Academy of Languages and Training Canada – a specialized school, offering high quality teaching at affordable prices. The institution has recently gained international reputation thanks to the excellent instruction and pleasant atmosphere it ensures for its students. It is located in Vancouver, Canada, but certainly prides a truly international environment. Programs offered are in-class and online ESL Teacher Training Programs, an International Trade Diploma Program, a General ESL Program, a Power Speaking Certificate Program, a TOEFL iBT Preparation Program, and a TOEIC... See full description.

Alma English Institute

Vancouver, Canada
Alma English Institute is a Vancouver-based English language school, offering ESL and TOEFL iBT preparation courses as well as different English language skill classes. The programs are designed by a team of well-experienced, highly skilled team of professionals. The approach used to create the curriculum is innovative and research-driven, for which reason the programs are highly customized and result-oriented. The institute is fully dedicated to providing a stimulating but enjoyable environment for its students.

Banff Education Centre

Canmore, Canada
Banff Education Centre is a language school, based in Canmore, Canada. For 15 years, the school has been focusing on providing top quality education in small classes (up to 10 students per group) within a beautiful environment ideal for life, study, and personal enjoyment. Courses offered include English Communication, Summer Activity program, Winter Ski & Snowboard, IELTS Test Preparation, University Pathways, Business Communication, Working Holiday/Internship, and a Farmstay opportunity. Banff Education Centre is Languages Canada Accredited and all instructors are TESL Canada certified... See full description.

Camber College

Powell River, Canada
Camber College is a school in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada, following the mission to provide quality English language instruction in a caring, friendly, and warm environment. The school offers Academic English, Business English, and Intensive English courses, as well as TOEFL, Cambridge, and IELTS certifications. Camber College has also made available as study & work program, for those who wish to fully experience the Canadian way of living. This program brings together the advantages of classroom learning and real-world, on-the-job experience, and students of any level of... See full description.

Canadian College of English Language

Vancouver, Canada
The Canadian College of English Language is a specialized English language institution, based in Vanouver, Canada. The programs they offer include English language courses; work and study opportunities, which are made up of 50% language studies and 50% paid or unpaid internships; University Pathway program, which ensures entry into the Canadian College, University of Alberta, Emily Carr University, University of Lethbridge, Vancouver Island University and Thompson Rivers University; exam preparation courses; as well as English electives, i.e. pronunciation, idioms & slang, reading &... See full description.


Mississauga, Canada
CanPlural assist students from non-English speaking countries to encounter their ways to language schools in Canada. They can combine the experience of developing and improving their capacity to communicate in English as a second language with the immersion into the socio-cultural life of one of Canada’s leading provinces: ONTARIO and its capital city, TORONTO and also in Calgary, city of Alberta.

Chilcotin Holidays

Gold Bridge, Canada
Chilcotin Holidays is a unique school, offering an ESL program at Chilcotin Holidays Ranch. The ranch is located in the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada. Chilcotin Holidays combines high quality education with the adventure of living in a ranch with over 40 horses. The school applies the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach, which has proved very successful in helping students acquire a foreign language quickly and effectively. By the end of the program, students are promised to be able to communicate in the English language, applying the four major skills: speaking,... See full description.

Cornerstone Academic College

Toronto, Canada
Cornerstone Academic College is a specialized training institution, offering language courses, internships, speciality programs, as well as seasonal camps. Based in Toronto, Canada, the school does its best to help students achieve their educational goals and does so through additional on-to-one instructional classes, the application of the latest technology advancements in the classroom, and through offering total cultural immersion. Cornerstone also has a strict policy regarding the use of languages other than English on campus.

Coventry House International

Toronto, Canada
Coventry House International is a training center established in 1988. Since its founding, the school has been dedicated to providing high quality training programs for individuals, who wish to pursue a career in teaching English. Coventry House International has designed a good range of programs with the purpose of suiting both international and native students as well as participants, who prefer to study online. The TESOL training course offered by the school applies innovative teaching methodologies such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Multiple Intelligences, Holistic Approaches... See full description.

CSLI, Canadian as a Second Language Institute

Vancouver , Canada
CSLI is an English language school in Vancouver that most of all points towards the unique environment it has created for their students. Furthermore, CSLI is one of the only private schools in Vancouver to have a ground-level location, which allows easy access for senior and physically challenged students. The range of English language courses the school makes available is extremely wide – examples include practical conversation English, academic English, listening, pronunciation, exam and test preparation, business English, and English writing programs, etc. The school also organizes... See full description.

English Encounters

Burlington, Canada
English Encounters is a specialized English center, based in Burlington, Canada. The emphasis in their approach is put on communication as well as the friendly environment they create for each student. The school also offers personalized training in small groups, weekly self-study packages, certified Canadian ESL teachers as well as certificates and progress reports. English Encounter’s ESL program is certified for quality by Languages Canada, whilst all teachers are highly experienced and knowledgeable. The school also ensures free wifi access, computer use, free coffee, tea, and use... See full description.

English for International Communication Institute

North Bay, Canada
The English for International Communication Institute has been formed by a group of highly skilled professionals, focused on teaching communicative competence in North American English. The institute organizes a ten month program, divided into two five-month terms. It takes place from August to December and from mid-January to May. The school applies an innovative approach in its English language training, whilst courses are organized into five main levels: beginner, low intermediate, intermediate, low advanced and advanced. The students accepted are between 13 and 19 years of age. With... See full description.

English School of Canada

Toronto, Canada
English School of Canada is an English language center, striving to fully meet their students’ language learning needs and requirements. They specifically pride themselves on the personal approach and care for each and every student. They would also like to ensure that students are supported in their learning even when they are out of the classroom, for which reason the school makes available a multi-media centre, free Internet use, English CD-ROM materials for self-directed study, pronunciation audio tapes for self-directed study, library and daily newspapers, special guest speakers &... See full description.

Equilibrium Int. Ed. Institute

Calgary, Canada
Equilibrium Int. Ed. Institute is a private school, located in Calgary. Its mission is to serve the community by providing excellent educational services within an environment that promotes cultural awareness and globalization. The school has been operating since 1993. Equilibrium school offers a variety of courses, which are designed to prepare students for college, university as well as technical and business institutes. Programs include ESL courses, GED Prep Courses, Diploma Exam Prep courses as well as tutoring services. The school strives to offer sufficient support to students... See full description.

ESL Schools Canada

938 Howe Street, Canada
Study English at English Schools in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Study at some of the best English Schools in safe cities. We will guide students regarding the correct course of study and the Canadian visa/study permit they require. Estudia inglés en escuelas premiadas en Canadá. Escuela de inglés en Canadá. Escuela de inglés en Vancouver. Escuela de inglés en Toronto Curso de inglés en Toronto. Curso de inglés en Canadá. Estudiar inglés en Canadá. Inglés de negocios en Canadá. Escuela de idiomas canadiense Escuela de idiomas en Vancouver.

Hansa Language Centre

Toronto, Canada
Hansa Language Centre was established in 1969, and now prides itself with the fact that it is one of the most respected language schools in Canada. With its wide range of English classes, a flexible schedule and plenty of opportunities for trips, excursions, sports and social activities, Hansa has become one of the most popular language schools in the country. The centre has also made available various teacher training programs and a number of foreign language opportunities for Canadians (i.e. French, Spanish, German, etc.). On the other hand, ESL students have the chance to choose from... See full description.


Toronto, Canada
ILAC is an English language training institution, established in Toronto 13 years ago. It follows the mission to be the leader in English as a Second Language Training and University Placements in Canada. They strive to achieve this goal by offering up to date curriculum, modern facilities, excellent accommodation options, exciting extracurricular activities and well-qualified instructors and university placement specialists. Language opportunities offered include General English, Exam Preparation, Business English, TESOL courses, University Pathway programs and Study & Internship programs. See full description.

ILSC - International Language Schools of Canada

Montreal, Canada
ILSC Montreal was founded in 1991 and has become the largest language school in Canada. They are proud of the great variety of courses they are able to offer, including Full-time Intensive, Full-time or Part-time study schedules, designed to suit every individual’s needs and requirements. Most of the courses are available at a lot of different levels and last for four weeks. After that students are assessed and given advice how to proceed. The school has been constantly adjusting and developing their teaching methods throughout the years, which ensures quality and a spirit of constant... See full description.

Inlingua Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada
Inlingua Vancouver is part of Inlingua International Schools of Languages, which is an international network of more than 345 language schools around the world. The schools are known for the inlingua method of learning languages, which is the result of over 40 years of experience. Over 500,000 students learn English and other languages with the organization every year. The Vancouver school offers general English speaking lessons, listening classes, IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge PET, FCE or CAE Preparation, Business English, grammar, semi-private lessons, and more. A variety of work and study... See full description.

International House Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada
International House Vancouver is part of a network of schools, affiliated with International House – an organization, founded 50 years ago to currently have over 140 affiliated schools. IH is organized as a charitable trust with member schools under supervision from IH headquarters in London. IH Vancouver has been operating since 1990, striving to offer high quality language programs to students coming from all over the globe. Programs are extremely diverse and include Business English, General English, University Foundation Program, Intuition Homestudy, young learner opportunities,... See full description.

Kester Grant College-Canada (English Language Courses)

Vancouver, Canada
Kester Grant College-Canada is an educational institution based in Vancouver, Canada. Fully dedicated to assisting students in their social and cultural development, the school offers programs in UFP, TOEFL, ESL, TOEIC and IELTS. These are delivered through full-time and part-time classes, tailored to the students need to get prepared for post-secondary education or employment. Kester Grant College has recently partnered with International House Vancouver to deliver together the University Foundation Program (UFP).

Lethbridge College - English Language Centre

Lethbridge, Canada
Lethbridge College is located in Alberta, Canada – 1 hour away from the US border, and 1.5 hours away from the Rocky Mountains. The school prides itself with the quality of the English language programs it offers, and stresses that they fully cover all four communicative skills – reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The classes are small, with availability of all learning levels – from beginner to advanced. Furthermore, the language center organizes a number of trips, a variety of extra activities, as well as academic and career counseling services. All participants have the... See full description.

McDonald International Academy

Toronto, Canada
McDonald International Academy was founded in 1994 as a fully registered and accredited secondary school. The institution strives to promote the highest standards in teaching, applying the latest pedagogical methods and technological aids, ensuring students get excellent educational services. The credits provided by the school are recognized by all American and Canadian universities and colleges. The student body is truly international, with students coming from over 30 different countries. What is more impressive is that 20% of the school’s graduates are offered universities' Entrance... See full description.

MLS, Montreal Language Studies

Montreal, Canada
MLS, Montreal Language Studies was founded in Montreal with the purpose to teach the English and French languages as a second language. Currently the center has schools in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. The center’s language services are used by a wide range of personalities - from Canadian government officials and business people to students, who come from all over the world with the purpose to learn a language. The school in Montreal is located in the center of the city, only a few minutes’ walk from the train station, shopping centers, movie theatres and the Old Port. The school... See full description.

Montreal International Language Centre

Montreal, Canada
The Montreal International Language Centre (MILC) was established in 1997, with the mission to offer highly customized language services that meet the needs and requirements of every student. The school has set an objective not only to equip learners with the necessary language skills, but to also provide the best possible conditions for doing so. The language center truly offers a very wide array of language learning opportunities – intensive or part-time language training, private or semi-private courses, as well as corporate language workshops. The school also prides itself on the... See full description.

Multicultural Academy Canada

The Multicultural Academy Canada was founded in 2002 in Montréal – a truly international city, highly suitable for the learning of languages. The academy is specialized in the provision of language courses and computer training. It has been operating for almost ten years; every program has been approved by the Quebec Government, and this is the guarantee that students will be equipped with the skills required by future employers. The student body is truly international – students have been coming from Hungary, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, China, Thailand, Colombia, Mexico, Korea,... See full description.

Pera College Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada
Pera College specializes in teaching English as a second language (ESL) and delivers customized, effective and result-oriented English language programs to international students, visitors and landed immigrants in Vancouver, Canada. Pera College offers a host of different programs, including General English, Academic Preparation, IELTS and TOEFL Preparation courses, as well as Workplace English and Work and Study Language Co-Op Programs. Pera College is accredited by Languages Canada and is a member of BC Education Quality Assurance. We are also closely associated with Pera Educational... See full description.

Queen's University School of English

Kingston, Canada
Queen's University School of English (QSoE) offers international students a variety of English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, including intensive academic English courses that lead into undergraduate study at Queen's University, language preparation for post-secondary studies and short and tailored programs for students looking to experience Canadian culture while learning English. Students choose to study at QSoE for many reasons, including the strong academic reputation, to learn English for work, to experience Canadian culture, and to get an immersive university experience on... See full description.

Royal Canadian Institute of International Studies

Toronto, Canada
Royal Canadian Institute of International Studies is an educational institution, selected as the Best Business School in Toronto for 2009. The criteria by which it has been judged is quality, teacher expertise and internship coordination. The programs offered by the school include Business Communication, Business Power Speaking, Accent Reduction, Business Writing and Telephone Skills, TOEIC, as well as Job Skills and Internship & Study programs. The school applies exceptionally innovative and creative teaching methods, works with highly knowledgeable and highly qualified teaching staff... See full description.

Saint Mary's University TESL Centre

Halifax, Canada
Saint Mary's University (SMU) is a school, founded in 1802 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The TESL Centre at Saint Mary's University is one of the most reputable English language centers in the country. It makes available a good range of ESL and teacher-training programs, created with the students’ needs in mind. Options offered include English for Academic Purposes (EAP); University Bridging Program (UBP); English for Personal and Professional/Practical Communication (EPPC); One-month ESL Immersion (IMM). English language support to students enrolled on undergraduate and graduate... See full description.

Silver Spur Trails Old West Language School

Lumby, Canada
The unique ESL program is an ideal English learning program for outdoor enthusiasts and horse lovers. This is the opportunity to turn learning English into the ultimate adventure. Our unique ranch setting makes learning English fun and relaxing! ESL at the wilderness ranch is 15 hours of classroom study each week combined with a one of a kind wilderness life style experience.

St Giles Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada
St Giles was created in 1955 since when it has been dedicated to providing English language training opportunities for people from all over the globe. St Giles operates schools in different locations, one of which is Vancouver. The center there is located in a popular area of the business district; the main shopping and entertainment areas are only a walking distance away. The courses provided in St Giles Vancouver include General English, Academic English, Business Skills Training, a Volunteer Experience program, Platinum Training, as well as a Canadian Experience Program. Teaching is... See full description.

Stafford House International

Toronto, Canada
Stafford House Internationalis a language school in Canada, operating in the cities of Toronto and Calgary. Established in 1974, the school is focused on providing high quality language opportunities, social and cultural activities, as well as a complete immersion experience for students. Some options student have to choose from are ESL, Focus on Communication, Business English and Internship, TOEFL, Work&Study, Accent Modification, IELTS, etc. Omnicom School of Languages is a member of World Youth Student & Education.

University of Guelph, English Language Programs

Guelph, Canada
The University of Guelph is a public research university in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1964 through the merger of Ontario Agricultural College, the Macdonald Institute, and the Ontario Veterinary College. Since then it has developed significantly to currently receive more than 21,000 students and academic staff. The university offers more than 94 undergraduate degrees, 48 graduate programs, and 6 associate degrees in a number of different disciplines. Still, its strongest areas are in the fields of biomedical science, agriculture and veterinary medicine as well as its... See full description.

Vancouver English Centre

Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver English Centre is located in Vancouver, Canada with the mission to offer English language classes that help students gain essential knowledge quickly and effectively. The language center was created in 1993, since when it has educated more than 33,000 students. Throughout the years, they have strived to keep improving their language training and services. The school currently offers 15 levels of carefully designed curriculum, whilst all teachers have university degrees as well as recognized English language teaching credentials. Vancouver English center offers TOEIC, IELTS and... See full description.

VanWest College

Vancouver, Canada
VanWest College is a language school founded in 1988. The school operates in two locations – downtown Vancouver and downtown Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada). VanWest distinguish themselves with their exceptional student services, which strive to offer full support to students throughout the whole learning process. The school is dedicated to ensuring students have all resources necessary as well as a combination of engaging extra-curricular activities. Staff and students are all multicultural, which ensures a great environment. Courses offered include General English, Exam... See full description.

Village English

Mississauga, Canada
Since 1995 Village English has provided extraordinary English lessons for international students from all around the world. Village English provides high-quality programs with a great team of qualified professionals ready to embrace this adventure and provide students with enhanced opportunities to learn or improve their English knowledge and skills. Village English is committed to students’ academic success through the most up to date English curriculum, exceptional teachers, qualified staff and renovated facility. Their mission is to help students achieve their language learning... See full description.

Career Colleges and Vocational Schools in Canada

With a few exceptions, the types of opportunities available for vocational education in Canada are very similar to those offered in the United States, its southerly neighbor.  Some of these opportunities may become available in secondary school (high school), usually in the form of career-related classes and/or work-study programs, but the bulk of these are availed to students only upon successful completion of their secondary school studies.
Vocational Education in Canada
Like the primary and secondary education system, post-secondary vocational education in Canada is also the responsibility of the individual provinces, of which there are ten.  Vocational education is available at both the public and private level, the latter of which comes in the form of private career colleges.
Private Vocational Education
Also called training institutions or vocational institutes, private career colleges are governed and overseen by laws enacted by the legislature in each individual province.  One example of this is the Private Career Training Institutions Act in the province of British of Columbia, which was voted into law in 2003.  This act essentially provides for an agency to oversee, regulate and accredit the career institutions located within the province, an agency appropriately named the Private Career Training Institutions Agency, or PCTIA.  Agencies such as the PCTIA help to ensure that the instructional staff at private career colleges are qualified and the curriculum—the knowledge and skills that students will ultimately learn—matches the standard for that specific career field or industry.  This helps to prevent for-profit institutions from becoming “degree mills,” at which students are graduating with a diploma or certificate without gaining the training or skills they were promised when shelling out their tuition.
Public Vocational Education (All Provinces but Quebec)
In all provinces but Quebec, publicly funded vocational training takes place at “colleges”—the equivalent to junior colleges in the United States.  Tuition for these colleges is usually substantially less than it is at private career colleges, as most of the funding for these schools is derived from the provincial government, with some also added by the federal government and through research grants.  As it is with junior colleges in the U.S., students enrolled in provincial junior colleges have several career options they can pursue, some leading to certification and others to associate degrees.  Training is offered in fields such as automotive repair (body and engine), hospitality services, technical, construction, heating and air conditioning repair, cosmetology, medical and dental assisting, nursing, accounting, office administration, restaurant management and many more.  Students earning certification in the career field they’ve chosen are then qualified to join the workforce in entry-level positions, while those earning an associate’s degree have their choice of seeking immediate employment or continuing their education at the university level.
Public Vocational School (Quebec)
Quebec has a slightly different structure for its public vocational education system.  In this province, compulsory secondary education ends after grade 11, rather than grade 12 as in the other provinces.  At this point students have a couple of different options for continuing their education. They can either enroll in a two-year program to prepare for university admission, or if they prefer, they can sign up for a three-year vocational program.  The latter of these two options is designed to help prepare students in a number of specific career fields that are important to the Quebec economy, including the medical and dental fields, paralegal, construction, hospitality services and a number of different service industries.

List of career colleges and vocational schools in Canada

Conestoga College, Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Kitchener, Canada
Connestoga College is one of Canada’s top polytechnic universities, founded back in 1967 as a small community college. Its main campus is located in Kitchener (Doon), offering a wide pool of courses – ranging from short ones to full four-year degrees in Business, Engineering, Health & Life Sciences, Media & Design, and so on. The institution is ranked among the best colleges in Ontario, for which reason it is not surprising that about 89 percent of graduates find employment within six months of graduation. It has also started the development of a new campus with the support of the... See full description.

Creative Boost

Montreal, Canada
Creative Boost is an art & design institute situated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Creative Boost offers photography courses, pottery lessons, art courses and workshop. There is an internship opportunity for 3 months provided by the institute. Creative Boost also offers services to students to create and organize their portfolios for university application. Students interact with art teachers to discuss their portfolios according to the university specifications. Creative Boost is always keen to appoint a sculpture teacher, drawing teacher, digital photography teacher and nude model (male... See full description.

LaSalle College International Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada
LaSalle College International Vancouver is an educational institution, located in Vancouver, Canada. It is part of LaSalle International, an organization that brings together 16 international establishments and a virtual E-learning campus. LSC Vancouver’s campus is situated in the city’s financial district, which means that students can take full advantage of the museums, shopping centers, and public transportation of the city. The programs offered by the college include Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, 2D/3D animation, Jewelry Design, Interior Design and Graphic Design. All... See full description.

Online degree, online courses and distance learning schools in Canada

Distance learning is a program that makes use of existing technologies and other means to deliver a high quality education to students who are limited by either time, distance or both, thus making it difficult for them to take advantage of educational opportunities offered through the traditional university model.  Since the turn of the century, and even earlier in some countries, the distance learning model has become increasingly widespread and is now an integral component of the higher education system in universities throughout the developed world.  Nowhere is this truer than in the country of Canada, a country that is second in the world in terms of landmass, but only 35th in the world in population. 
In Canada, higher education, which includes programs at universities, colleges and community colleges, is very highly prized, as many of the best paying occupations require at least some type of vocational training, with some requiring an undergraduate or graduate degree.  However, because most of the universities and colleges in Canada are located in the country’s largest cities, those living in rural or less developed areas, of which there are millions, may find it difficult to achieve their academic goals.  Fortunately, the country has a very advanced system of distance and online education, giving full access to the educational opportunities the country offers to every individual, including those limited by distance, disability and time, as is the case with many full-time employees.
Higher education in Canada is administered not by the national government, but by the 10 individual provinces.  As a result, distance education opportunities may differ from province to province, although generally speaking, most of the universities in each province offer at least some form of distance education for its students.  In Alberta, for example, distance learning is offered by “eCampusAlberta,” a consortium of 16 universities, colleges and technical institutes established to facilitate access to high-quality online learning opportunities.  At eCampusAlberta students can choose from more than 700 online courses in 60 programs of study, including those that lead to provincially accredited certificates, diplomas and degrees.
Campus Manitoba, which is Manitoba’s distance education initiative, is a consortium of post-secondary institutions in the public sector that provides full access to college and university courses and programs for Manitobans using a number of distance-oriented learning mechanisms, including the Internet.  The goal of this program is very simple: “to remove the barriers to education faced by many students and enable them to achieve their academic goals.”
In the largely French-speaking province, Quebec, distance education is made possible by the Comité de liaison interordres en formation à distance, or CLIFAD.   CLIFAD is a collaborative effort between all of the universities in Quebec and is dedicated to providing high-quality distance education using all available technical and non-technical means.  Courses are offered in almost every major field, leading to degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate level.
For each and every province in Canada there is a similar policy that has helped to widen the scope of distance education and to ensure its quality.  This even holds true for the unincorporated territories, such as the Yukon, where a project called YuWin has helped to promote distance and continuing education to its residents.  Collectively these groups have made distance education a viable option for every Canadian student and have helped to reshape the future of the Canadian higher education system.

List of schools that offer online courses in Canada

Conestoga College, Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Kitchener, Canada
Connestoga College is one of Canada’s top polytechnic universities, founded back in 1967 as a small community college. Its main campus is located in Kitchener (Doon), offering a wide pool of courses – ranging from short ones to full four-year degrees in Business, Engineering, Health & Life Sciences, Media & Design, and so on. The institution is ranked among the best colleges in Ontario, for which reason it is not surprising that about 89 percent of graduates find employment within six months of graduation. It has also started the development of a new campus with the support of the... See full description.

Primary and Secondary Schools in Canada

The education system in Canada is highly regarded and a major priority of the Canadian government, at both the national and provincial levels.  The country plays host to both public and private schools, serving students at each level of their education, and while each type of school—public and private—must conform to the educational curriculum and policy established by the province in which its located, private schools maintain the authority to make their own decisions with regard to admissions, tuition and personnel.  The public schools in Canada, at both the primary and secondary level, are fully funded by the national government, accounting for approximately 7 percent of GDP as of 2011.

Because education is largely a provincial responsibility under the Canadian constitution, there are some slight variations between the education systems of the 10 different provinces.  For example, education is compulsory for students in Canada from age 6 through 16, save for Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba where students must attend school until age 18.  Additionally, there are certain provinces in which students, under certain circumstances, can take a leaving examination as early as 14 years of age.

Kindergarten is available to children in every province of Canada, but because this stage of education is not compulsory, there are some differences amongst the provinces in terms of the funding amount provided for kindergarten and the hours children attend.  Junior kindergarten, a program that is roughly equivalent to the U.S. preschool or pre-kindergarten stage, is only available on a public basis in the province of Ontario.

Every child in Canada begins their compulsory education at approximately age 6 in Grade One.  This is the beginning of 8 years of primary (elementary) education that will end with the completion of Grade Eight.  The only exception to this model is found in Quebec, where primary or elementary school spans from Grade One through Grade Six, with students also beginning their studies at 6 years of age.  As you can see, the length of what most Canadian provinces call “primary” or “elementary” education differs from that of the United States and many other countries throughout the world (8 years instead of 6 years), as grades 7 and 8 in most other countries is considered junior high school, middle school, or lower secondary school—a level that is not included in any of the Canadian provinces.

Once Canadian students complete their elementary school education, usually at age 14, they are promoted to high school—the secondary level of studies—where 4 years of general education (English, French Mathematics, Science, etc.) is provided, spanning from Grade 9 to Grade 12.  In French-speaking Quebec, however, students are promoted to secondary school at age 12 to attend the école secondaire, which translates literally to secondary school.  There they will spend 5 years, in grade levels titled “Secondary I through Secondary V, the U.S. equivalent to grades 7-11.  Following secondary school in Quebec, students have the option of attending one of the “colleges,” and taking the two-year university preparatory course of study, or enrolling in the three-year professional program that leads directly to a position in the Canadian workforce.  In all other provinces, once a student successfully completes secondary school, he/she is then eligible to apply for tertiary school (university, junior college, vocational school, etc.) admission.

In a survey taken three years ago it was found that 1 out of 10 Canadians did not possess a high school diploma, and only 1 in 7 Canadians went on to earn a university degree.  Recently, however, those statistics have been drastically improving due to changes in the labor market that now require individuals to have, at minimum, a high school diploma and, in certain instances, a university degree.

List of primary and secondary schools in Canada

Academie Ste. Cecile International School

Windsor, Canada
Academie Ste. Cecile International School is an elementary and secondary, day and resident school based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Since it is also an IB school, it receives students from all nationalities. The school takes special pride on the fact that it was established and is based on principles of the Roman Catholic Church. The school teaches respect for different faiths and cultures as well as promoting diversity in its student body and faculty. Academie Ste. Cecile International School is associated with the University of Windsor with access to library resources, laboratories and... See full description.

College Prep International

Montreal, Canada
College Prep International came into existence as a private institute in 1944 and is located in Montreal, Canada. Enrollment at the college is open to all regardless of their mother tongue. Students currently studying there are from over 20 countries worldwide. The teaching method is to offer special and individual attention to its students. State of the art facilities which the campus entails are multimedia rooms, ultra-speed internet network and computer labs. Students participate in the local science fair and music & art programs.

Columbia International College

Hamilton, Canada
As the largest private boarding high school / university preparatory school in Canada, Columbia International College has an enrollment of 1700 students from over 70 countries. Since 1979, under our unique Total Care Education System®, we have been preparing international students to be responsible global citizens and achieve their goal of gaining admission into top universities in Canada and worldwide. The diversity of Columbia’s staff and students enhances the learning environment and encourages creative thinking. Columbia believes in the individuality of each student; thus we... See full description.

Fieldstone Day School

Toronto, Canada
Fieldstone Day school was created in 1997 in Toronto Canada. In collaboration with Fieldstone college school, there are about 300 students now studying in this group of 2 schools based in northwestern Toronto. The school follows a ‘’Global Knowledge’’ kind of Curriculum coined by E.D Hirsch. The institution also provides an opportunity for students to participate in extracurricular activities such as ball hockey, badminton, basketball, cross country, soccer, skiing/snowboarding, dramatic arts etc. Additionally, Fieldstone Day School strives to always keep a team of nurturing and... See full description.

Headway School

We are a regular day M-F, KG-Grade 12 school for Canadian children. We take Grade 7 to Grade 12 INTERNATIONAL students. Tuition is C$ 6500 Bussing is C$ 1000 Room and Board costs C$ 13000. School can arrange this or parents can arrange this. Students get picked up at airport by school. Second language is French or Punjabi. Parents buy health Insurance. Parents give extra spending money.

LCBI High School

Outlook, Canada
LCBI High School is one of Canada’s most renown private schools. It is a co-educational, boarding, Christian school, located in Outlook, Saskatchewan. The institution offers high quality academic courses, which have been recognized by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education; they are also fully transferable to other provinces and are used for entrance to post-secondary institutions. LCBI High School is truly international in nature – students have been coming from Mexico, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Brazil, etc. It is also known for its rich extra-curricular program, which includes... See full description.

St. Michaels University School

Victoria, Canada
St. Michaels University School is a private Canadian co-educational, independent day and boarding school. The school was founded in 1906, and is currently accredited by Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS), the national accrediting body for Canadian independent schools. It educates 930 students from kindergarten to Grade 12. The main purpose of St. Michaels University School is to help students achieve their full academic potential in an environment which stimulates their character and personality. They offer 24 subjects, some of which are Environmental Science, French Language,... See full description.

The Prestige School

The Prestige School is an independent non-denominational school that offers an enriched education that nurtures critical thinking, character building and leadership development. Grounded in the knowledge of the individual learning profiles of each student, teachers develop mentoring relationships within small classes that set up each student for success. The Prestige School 44 Appian Dr Toronto, ON M2J 2P9 Canada (647) 494-9977

The York School

The York School is a coeducational JK to grade 12 independent school. Located in the heart of Toronto, The York School was founded in 1965 and is the first school in Canada accredited to offer the International Baccalaureate from junior kindergarten to university entrance.

W. J. Mouat Secondary School

Abbotsford, Canada
WJ Mouat Secondary School was founded in 1973 at Abbotsfordd, BC, Canada. The school is known for its excellent educational services as in 2004 it was ranked as one of the ten most innovative schools in Canada by MacLean’s magazine. The school has a unique character development program which incorporates concepts of respect, responsibility, integrity, care, awareness and teamwork. The school also holds pride in being good at athletics and arts. W. J. Mouat Secondary School won the provisional championships in football, wrestling and basketball in the years 2008, 2009 and 2011... See full description.

Cities to study in Canada

CSA Study Abroad
Accredited study abroad programs all over the world for students of all levels.

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