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Asociacion de Enfermeria

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The Asociacion de Enfermeria (Nursing Association) in Spain is a national scientific organization that brings together nurses from all over the country. The objective of these nurses is to provide care to the community and the country at large in both illness and health situations. The goal of the association, on the other hand, is to help the nurses in the community to equip themselves with habits, skills, and behaviors that promote self-care for themselves and for others.

There are a number of trainings offered at the association. These training are conducted through specialized courses which are offered in different modalities, that is face-to-face or distance learning. The association also works in collaboration with other learning institutions and entities across the country. The courses offered in these trainings are in different fields, for instance, New Technologies (which covers languages, office automation, computing, and so on), Education (adult training, social integration, speech therapy, child psychology, and so on), and other health courses such as pharmacy, geriatrics, and oncology among others. Besides these specialized courses, the association also offers diploma and masters courses to its students.

To help its students develop their professionalism well, The Nursing Association offers the learners guidance, information, and documentation on all the subjects they are interested in. This is with regards to education, courses, and even employment. The association also helps the students get employment in a fast and efficient manner once they are done with their education.

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