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The Centro de Estudios CEAC, or CEAC Studies Center, is a higher education institution that specializes in distance education and online courses.  Collectively, these programs lead to both degree and diploma conferment in a variety of academic and professional fields.

About the CEAC Studies Center

The CEAC Studies Center has been operating for 67 years.  Its commitment to its students is to provide the highest quality education and training that will ultimately lead to a professional career in the sector of the student’s choosing.  The commitment of the CEAC Studies Center is based on 4 aspects of the institution for which it is extremely proud— Formación de Calidad (Quality Training); a Metodología Personalizada (a Personalized Methodology); Titulación Oficial (the Conferment of Official Qualifications); and Bolsa de Trabajo (an unsurpassed Job Placement Record and History)—qualities that make it stand out from other schools in this category.

Quality Training

The CEAC Studies Center’s commitment to quality training has enabled the institution to boast a whopping 3 million graduates—working professionals who trained at, and later found their jobs through CEAC.

Over the course of its 67 years, the CEAC Studies Center has been offering the highest possible quality training for its students, with course content developed by education experts and endorsed by a variety of professional firms in many different economic sectors, most notably the Grupo Planeta.  Its goal is to offer courses that enable students to achieve their career goals, while having total freedom to study how, where and when they want.

The very content of the courses at the CEAC Studies Center are created from an exhaustive research and development process. The CEAC Studies Department provides a program of training using materials that are adapted to provide simple understanding of the otherwise technical text, the use of schemes and the inclusion of exercises that help instructors monitor and evaluate student progress.

Personalized Methodology

The CEAC Studies Center has an academic team of over 250 full and part-time teachers that are committed to student growth.  This massive support staff ensures small class sizes and plenty of personalized attention as students navigate their required course load.

In addition to the teachers, the CEAC Studies Center also employs tutors who can work with students on a one-to-one basis.  Students that are struggling with a particular concept or assignment can schedule these appointments whenever it is most convenient for them, as the tutors are on-call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to assist whenever possible.  Counselors are also available to advise and guide students, helping them determine the best possible education and career path.

The CEAC Studies Center understands that no two students are alike, and becomes it does, it offers a full range of learning resources that complement and personalize the experience for each student. Students have access to the most advanced technology and multimedia resources and have direct access to the school’s Virtual Campus, which offers video conferencing, face to face workshops, library services, and helpful videos and forums.

Official Qualifications

The CEAC Studies Center offers a wide range of official qualifications in a number of academic and technical areas.  Most courses are focused on the attainment of the Official Certificate known as “FP,” which is equivalent to the American Associate’s degree in fields such as Early Childhood Education, Nursing Assistant Technician, Automotive Mechanics, and more.  In addition, it is now possible to earn official certifications directly through the Center, thanks in large part to the agreement the school recently signed with the Generalitat de Catalunya.  The CEAC Studies Center designs customized plans to help students graduate in one to two years, while also preparing them to take the university admission test, if they so desire.

Job Placement

Last, but certainly not least, is the CEAC Studies Center’s commitment to job placement for all of its students. The center currently works closely and in conjunction with over 300 companies that collectively offer nearly 2,000 job placements every year in a range of economic sectors and fields.

CEAC believes in a curriculum that readies students for the world of employment.  Their professional work commences even before a student enrolls in one of its courses, as students are provided with the benefit of an educational advisor who is responsible for guiding them through the process according to their needs, skill levels and goals.

To help prepare students for one of the many employment vacancies offered each year through CEAC, the center incorporates into its curriculum a number of employment aptitude workshops, resume writing courses, and even opportunities to job shadow temporarily—an educational process by which a student accompanies a true professional at his or her place of employment as they navigate their daily duties. 

Needless to say, the enormous commitment demonstrated by the CEAC Studies Center with regard to student achievement goes well beyond what a student could expect from a traditional college; which is probably why the center consistently achieves a boost in its enrollment with every passing year.

All Programs Available:
  • Business
    • Business Administration
    • Marketing
  • Computing
    • Information Technology
  • Finance
    • Accounting
  • Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism and Travel
    • Hotel Management
  • Philology, Languages, Literature
    • Language Courses
  • Public Administration and Services
    • Public Administration/Management
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