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Studies & Degrees in Flight and Convention Attendant

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One of the best high paying jobs in the world for a non-managerial position is no other than being a flight attendant. Aside from having a great compensation package, they also get to travel the world for free. Now, that is indeed a dream job. The requirement before to be a flight attendant was really more on a physical basis albeit some of the airlines still use this formula. Beautiful girls bordering on the statuesque kind plus having a winsome smile usually have one foot in when they apply. For men flight attendants, although not as many as women flight attendants, having a nice general musculature and a height above 6 feet and facial features that could pass up as a cat-walk model are usually the norm to be considered as one. This was the old formula. However, now, because the list of qualified applicants with good physical attributes is so long and the fact that there are only a number of airlines in any given country, the human resources department of airlines are now looking for a little something extra among the resumes of the applicants. One of those little extras that will sure to get noticed by airline HRDs are no other than those who have graduated from a Flight and Convention Attendant course.

The Flight and Convention Attendant course is usually sponsored by aeronautical schools. Basically, this course would really give extreme advantage to other applicants who came from other disciplines because the airline companies wouldn’t need much time to train those who have graduated from this program. This course would deal mainly on customer service concepts, English competency, personal enhancement skill development and emergency and disaster preparation.

In the area of customer service, students of this course would learn about how to make guests feel welcomed. The Dos and Don’ts of dealing with customers will be discussed in detail because this will be the heart and soul of the job because everyday a flight attendant will face hundreds if not thousands of customers. Dealing with irate customers will be unavoidable as some flights are bound to be delayed. So techniques on how to calm down angry guests will really be a necessary skill to learn.

English competency would be the language of choice but this may not be the case in some countries where this course is being offered. International businessmen and tourists usually know how to speak English and so getting a good command of the English would be more or less be required.

Personal enhancement skill development would pertain on how to be a power dresser, having well enunciated diction and knowledge on some etiquette since people who fly are usually the crème de la crème of society.

Emergency and disaster preparation is also another important aspect in being a flight or convention attendant. Since no one can predict what can happen in a minute, flight and convention attendant course graduates are taught how to handle emergencies and so they could really do CPR, knows what to do in case of fire, earthquakes or any situation that might need evacuation.

The course combines flight attendants and convention attendants because they would basically be doing the same thing and so the training would be the same, the only difference is that flight attendant openings among airlines are scarce and is always on a waitlist basis, and so while waiting for the airlines to call up, being a convention attendant would be a good filler job to pay up the bills.