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One of the by-products of the computer age is the enablement of Robotics Technology. Without microchips, software and corresponding hardware, automated moving machines would not be possible. Microchips store the programs and codes that tell the robot what to do while the hardware provides the shell that defines the form of the robot. Currently, robots are widely used in just about any aspect of human life. Robots are now being used in manufacturing, assembly, packing, mining, space exploration, in surgical procedures, agriculture, mass production of consumer and industrial commodities and just about any field where extreme precision and heavy lifting are needed. Perhaps, the biggest contribution of robots to man is the etching of microchips. Almost everything now has a microchip, from computers to automobiles to cell phones to household appliances and even kid’s toys have microchip inside them.

In the science fiction genre, movies like “Transformers,” “Wall-E,” “I-Robot,” “A.I.”, “(short for Artificial Intelligence) ”Terminator,” “Robocop,” “Short Circuit” and “Star Wars” are all themed with robots and all were proven blockbusters in the tills. In the literary world, Isaac Asimov, tickled our imagination and fascination with best-selling novels centered on robots, in fact,” I-Robot” and “A.I. “were among them. Even kids are not spared from robots as popular cartoons uses robots. Who doesn’t know “Voltes V,” who started all the hoopla about vehicles bolting together to form one giant robot to defend the world from invading aliens?

Based on the movies and amount of books written about robots, it can be surmised that humans are indeed fascinated with robots. Maybe because robots symbolizes how great truly the human mind is. When we see a fictional robot like we did in the movie “Transformers” doing complex actions like transforming, we can’t help but gasp in awe and quietly say in our minds “how did they do that?”

Indeed, creating robots is a complex endeavor. One has to have very strong foundation in mathematics and physics. Probably, a degree in mechanical engineering or physics would be a good stepping stone to understanding basic concepts of motion and movements and then coupled by knowledge in computer programming to tell specifically what the robot is supposed to do.

The field of Robotics still has a long way to go. Right now, robotics scientists are just merely touching the tip of the iceberg. Currently, trends in Robotics are making use of nanotechnology. Dan Brown made mention of nanotechnology in his book “Deception Point” where robot insects are used as spies. Also, the technology that may be or may not be real to date and one that has sparked countless debates, the one where computers and robot are given the capability to think for themselves is allegedly being developed.

There will come a day when personal secretaries, traffic aides and house cleaners will be robots. Imagine, with a single command like “robot, wash the dishes” or “robot, mow the lawn” and the robot will do all your bidding provided it is in their programming. When this day has come to pass, it means that man can truly achieve what they conceive.

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