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Studies & Degrees in Management Secretarial Studies

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Are you considering a career as a high-level secretary or administrative assistant, one who works hand-in-hand with management to ensure administrative tasks are completed quickly and effectively?  Are you aware of the qualifications needed for this type of position, namely a degree in Management Secretarial Studies?  A career as a secretary or administrative assistant can be quite lucrative, and in some cases may lead to management positions within the business or organization.  However, in order to land one of these fast-paced career positions, you will first need an education that provides extensive training in the field. Fortunately, this is exactly what you will receive while earning an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Management Secretarial Studies. 
Management Secretarial Studies Degree
The degree programs in Management Secretarial Studies cover all aspects of the secretarial sciences, including, but not limited to, office administration, administrative assistance and office systems technology.  They are designed for students seeking proficiency in general office skills, along with the various office management tools commonly used in today’s businesses.  The most common degree in this particular discipline is the Associate’s degree in Management Secretarial Studies, although the course is also offered at the Bachelor degree level.  At the Associate’s degree level, the program typically spans two years or four full semesters in duration and offers students the practical skills necessary to fill secretary and office administrator positions in a wide range of businesses and industries.
While pursuing a degree in Management Secretarial Studies, students gain hands-on experience with the latest computer and office applications, business office procedures and protocol, and general administrative job requirements.  Some programs may additionally offer the option of specializing in certain areas of the secretarial sciences, including advanced training for medical and/or legal assistants.  Course topics in this degree program may include:
  • Keyboarding
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Deskto p publishing
  • Records management
  • Data entry
  • Office procedures
  • Computer technology
  • Project management
  • Office automation
  • And more…
Students will also have the opportunity to take general education coursework with an emphasis on introductory business management, courses that may include business mathematics, bookkeeping and accounting, Internet and web applications and public speaking.

To qualify for admission into the Associate degree program in Management Secretarial Studies you must possess at least a high school diploma or its equivalent.  You should also be able to demonstrate strong interpersonal and organizational skills and the ability to work independently within an office setting.

Management Secretarial Studies:  Career Options

Secretaries, office administrators and administrative assistants are constantly in high demand and are needed to fill positions in a variety of office-related environments.  Potential careers in this field are virtually limitless, and may include positions as legal secretaries and office assistants; medical office secretaries; bookkeepers and accounting clerks; executive secretaries; data entry clerks; educational secretaries and more.  Graduates with an Associate’s degree in Management Secretarial Studies can also opt to continue their education, earning bachelor and Master’s degrees in fields such as business management, office technology and database management—degrees which can lead to greater mobility and higher salaries within their particular company or organization.