Study in Troy, The United States

Study in Troy, The United States

The city of Troy, a small college town in Alabama, United States, is a great place for individuals and families to study and live.  Located in Pike County, and in fact, the county seat, Troy has a population of just over 18,000 residents, a figure that is up 20 percent since the year 2000.  Its government operates as a Mayoral-council system, and the city is served by an elected mayor and a five-member city council representing the five single-member districts.

Troy is located in the East Gulf Coastal Plains region of Alabama, about 40 miles south of Montgomery.  It is situated along the Troy Cuesta ridge, which runs across the state from east to west and serves as the boundary between the Chunnenugee Hills and Southern Red Hills.  Troy is a very picturesque town, with miles of peaceful forests, featuring each of the city’s local tree varieties, including pine, hickory, oak, pecan and populous.  The Conecuh River, which flows at the north end of the city, and Pike County Lake, in the southern end, are both ideal locales for weekend getaways and are great places for fishing, water sports, camping and picnicking.

Demographically, Caucasians and African Americans account for over 80 percent of Troy’s population, and the official language, like it is in the rest of the United States, is English.  The city celebrates all U.S. national holidays, including Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, President’s Day and Martin Luther King Day just to name a few, and on these holidays all official offices are closed, including schools, banks and city and county services. 

The primary industries of Troy are education, manufacturing and trade, but similar to most regions of the United States, the economic recession dating back to 2008 has taken a toll on the city and contributed to unemployment.  Despite this, however, the average rate of unemployment in Troy during that time period, 8 percent, is still much lower than the national average.
In terms of weather, Troy, like most cities in the Southern Gulf region of the United States, has a humid subtropical climate, and while the summers do tend to be hot, humid and even uncomfortable on the warmest days, the winters are very mild.  If you are accustomed to long, cold winters, this could be music to your ears.

Whether you’re looking to buy or rent a home, condo or apartment in Troy, you’ll quickly learn that the prices here are very reasonable when compared to other parts of the country.  Last year the median home price in Troy was approximately $160,000, with condos valued at nearly $101,000, for a combined home and condo value of $133, 174.  Renters will also be able to save more of their hard-earned money in Troy, as the average rental cost is a mere $525 dollars.

City services are abundant in Troy, and the city features two large mall-style shopping centers, with a wide variety of department and specialty stores; three grocery stores; and five banks, including a Wells Fargo branch.  Several churches are located within the city’s boundaries, most of which are of the Baptist variety, a popular protestant denomination in the South, along with five lush green parks that are perfect for jogging and BBQ get-togethers, several small reservoirs, a federal post office and several hotels.  One large hospital is located within the city limits, as is a comprehensive library, municipal airport and several schools, both public and private.

When it comes to getting around in Troy, most people drive an automobile, but Pike County Transportation System does offers bus service 7 days a week throughout the city.  Sightseeing opportunities include two museums—the Pioneer Museum of Alabama and Conecuh River Depot Museum—both of which showcase the history, culture and geography of Troy in a cool and comfortable setting.  Outdoor recreation includes hiking, fishing and mountain biking, and golfers will enjoy the plush Trojan Oaks Golf Course, featuring 18 beautifully landscaped holes that can be played year round.  Those who enjoy other sports can head for the Troy Recreation Center, which includes one indoor track facility, two racquetball courts, one outdoor 8-lane swimming pool, one indoor heated pool, two high-school size basketball courts and a gymnastics facility.

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