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Dar Loughat, Arabic Language & Cultural Immersion Programs in Morocco

Tetouan, Morocco
Dar Loughat, positioned in Tetouan, Morocco, started its operations in 2004. The institution holds expertise in providing intensive Arabic courses and cross-cultural education to students from around the world. The teaching methodology focuses on learning by intensive communication and utilizing resources like local newspapers, videos, songs and popular Moroccan tales. Mostly the duration of a lesson is 4 hours with intervals of 5 minutes maximum per hour. The courses offered are: Modern standard Arabic, Colloquial Moroccan Arabic, Spoken Arabic and Specialized courses. The accommodation... See full description.

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About Language Immersion Courses in Morocco

Officially Arabic is the language of Morocco. So studying Arabic in Morocco makes sense if you want a comprehensive approach to your education. For foreign students visiting the country, language immersion courses are the ideal platform for imbibing the true spirit of Morocco. Language after all is essentially a means of communication. If a student or a working professional is planning to stay in the country for longer durations, it is imperative that he or she gets a firm grip of the Arabic language. Most international students are provided a holistic approach to cultural studies in Morocco, and learning the Arabic language is the first step towards this. Even those with some basic knowledge of Arabic find it a challenge to understand the language spoken here. The main reason for this is the different dialects of Arabic used in the different parts of the nation. People of north and south use different dialects of Arabic to communicate. If a student or an employee plans on staying in the country for longer periods of time, he or she must try to enroll for Arabic studies in the country.
Besides Arabic, another official language of the country is called the Amazigh. It is also widely spoken and written here. But unfortunately, most international students are not aware of this language or its intricacies. This makes it extremely difficult for outsiders to cope with the daily life in Morocco, until one gets admission in one of the many reputed language immersion centers in the country. There is another crucial aspect to language learning in the country. French is the other official language in Morocco, and most government schools and educational institutes have French as an important means of education. Moreover, French is used widely for business transactions in the country. Hence if you are a student of economics or business management, learning French in Morocco, makes sense here. Additionally, it is helpful to learn French in Morocco, as most of the higher educational courses are imparted in this language. For higher research work or master’s degrees, French is given priority over any other language, including Arabic. The language immersion courses in Morocco help students learn the French language from the basics. It does take some time to complete a French course in Morocco, but end of the day, it certainly helps if one desires to live in Morocco for a long time.
The legal formalities in the country are completed in the French language. So at the time of getting citizenship in the country, authorities normally check one’s ability to express themselves in French. French is both the language of higher education, as well as that of business and legal transactions. So, the importance of learning French cannot be ignored if you have to imbibe the cultural ethos of Morocco fully. Knowing fair to good French helps in understanding the local laws and regulations. Most traffic regulations or road signs are in French (or Arabic), and travelling in Morocco becomes easy if one has some knowledge of any of the two languages, or both.

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