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Contact: Alta-Vista, Spanish Language School in Nepal

Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal
Alta-Vista is the first Spanish language school established in Nepal. It was formed in 2006 by two individuals, passionate about the Spanish language. The school offers a range of courses, aiming to suit students of various personal and professional backgrounds. Classes are conducted by a team... See full description.

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About Language immersion courses in Nepal

When in Nepal, speak as the Nepalese do.  Perhaps this is especially beneficial if you want to explore the country, its culture, its heritage and its gorgeous natural beauty in the best possible way. Although the tribes and ethnic groups speak over hundred different languages and dialects in Nepal, numerically and officially the most prominent language in Nepal is Nepali or Nepalese.

Apart from the main cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara, one may find it difficult to converse in English with the local people. Therefore, it is better to study the Nepali language, if you plan to stay for a long time, and wish to experience Nepal fully.

Language immersion courses are particularly helpful and authentic as they involve making the student well acquainted with the language by putting him/her in a rural area where he/she is surrounded by people speaking in, say, Nepali. On the course of everyday living, one gets the chance of learning Nepali way faster.

Learning the Nepali Language in Nepal

Once in Nepal, one has to make an attempt to know about the rich cultural heritage of the country. Besides the historical importance, Nepal is also the place to be for adventurous trekking routes, and exploring the wild, mountainous nature at its best. However, for all this an ability to converse with the local people is an absolute necessity. The helpful and smiling locals would always be happy to guide you once they understand what exactly you need.

The easiest way to study Nepali in Nepal is to join Nepali classes in and around the main cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara. Many institutes and language schools offer language courses for groups as well as for individuals. Most of these courses are reasonably priced. Some also involve providing study materials and field trips to local areas.

One would also find it appealing to join courses that teach Nepali language through historical study lessons. This is especially for students of history or sociology.

Fastest Way to Learn the Nepali Language

While learning the language from an institute or language school, it is necessary that one constantly stays connected to the language. This may be done by reading hoarding written in Nepali script, trying to go through the newspapers thereby recognizing and memorizing the alphabets, conversing with the people around in whatever Nepali language you have learnt, etc. Browsing through local television channels and radio channels is also a good way to get comfortable about the new dialect. Try to learn a few new Nepali words each day and keep on using them whenever possible.

As with any other language, it is essential to stay in touch with the language, even when you do not have to use the language in the near future. That way you will never forget the sweet Himalayan language.