Language Immersion Courses in Romania

About Language Immersion Courses in Romania

For those interested to visit the European nation of Romania either for business, work or travel, it is vital to grasp some flavor of the local language. This will help tremendously in everyday communication with the local people across the country. Learning Romanian might be difficult for new comers, but then there are well established language schools that cater to every learner’s needs. The official language of this central European country is Romanian. The Romanian language is closely associated with some other major European languages like Italian and French. However, Romanian is a sovereign language by itself and hence for first-time visitors to the country (even European visitors), the language immersion courses are a must to get on with their everyday life here!
More than ninety percent of people in the country speak this language, and hence Romanian studies are sufficient to equip the visitors making a beeline for this small but flourishing European nation. Besides Romanian, the other languages (minority ones) used in this country are Hungarian, and an unknown tongue called Vlax Romani. The education system in Romania is truly global and hence a lot of other languages are taught here. For instance, students are exposed to English, French, German, Spanish and Italian from childhood. So Romania is a perfect cauldron for European studies and language. Over the years, Romanian kids were imparted education through multiple mediums. Despite Romanian being the national language, the government has provided equal space for every major European language in the country. A direct result of this is the richness of the culture and their heterogeneity that can be perceived in every aspect of Romanian psyche- history, art, culture, entertainment and everyday life!
Foreigners with partners or spouses from Romania, may find it easier to communicate, since every educated Romanian is well versed in more than one language! Knowledge of English- a global language- is a definite positive. But then it is always advisable to study the Romanian language from the best language immersion courses available here. Most of these language schools provide an in-depth analysis of this wonderful language. The students are provided daily training sessions, where they are expected to hear recorded Romanian speeches and dialogues to understand how exactly the script is used. Just learning the alphabet will not help an avid learner. He or she needs to know the basic grammar, sentence construction, word uses and key phrases of the language. Also, students in these language immersion courses are encouraged to read simple Romanian literature and newspapers to get a grip on the nuances and specialties of the language. In addition, they are given exercises in translation from different languages to Romanian. The stress is on comprehensive learning of the Romanian language- reading, writing and speaking. Also, the students at these language courses are provided with audio-visual aids to understand how exactly the language is used by the locals. Such holistic approach to this language helps these students, working professionals or immigration-aspirants to settle comfortably in this country.  
Study Romanian in Romania from some of the finest language schools to fully appreciate the quality of this European culture and language, and why most international language experts place it at par with the other top languages like French or Italian!

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