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AMBergh Education

Stockholm, Sweden
AMBergh Education is a Swedish company, working in collaboration with the major universities and language schools in Russia, Ukraine and Latvia with the purpose of offering a wide range of courses and support to individuals or groups. Russian language learning opportunities are available in all skill levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. The organization helps with all that is needed to arrange one’s course and studies as well as with things like visa and accommodation. Extra-curricular activities like excursions and sightseeing are organized, too, ensuring an enriching and... See full description.

The Swedish Institute (SI)

Stockholm, Sweden
The Swedish Institute is a public educational agency with a staff of approximately 140 employees, serving students in its offices in Stockholm and Visby in Sweden, as well as Paris, France. The commitment of the Swedish Institute is to gain knowledge and understanding of different cultures, their people, and to promote Sweden and Swedish issues globally. About the Swedish Institute The Swedish Institute helps Sweden reach various international goals concerning foreign policy, education, international aid and development. The wide range of activities with which the ... See full description.

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About Language Immersion Courses in Sweden

While there are many students who come to pursue higher studies taught in English in Sweden, there are many others who want to immerse themselves in the language of Sweden, Swedish. Whether your objective is to be able to read August Strindberg’s dramas in their original dialectal, or just to learn sufficient words for ordering a cup of coffee, or impress your friends, there are courses available for you all over Sweden from basic introductory courses to full degree programs.

Language Immersion is a fantastic way of learning Swedish especially for students. Language Immersion is a method in which the students will opt for a course and all the lectures and instruction will be given in Swedish. Language immersion is an easy way for students to know the nitty gritty of the language and gel well with their surroundings. By this way, students can learn the language in a basic and day-to-day basis that can help them communicate.

Learning Swedish in Sweden

Though English is spoken by most of the people in Sweden, to fully immerse oneself into the Swedish culture and traditions, one must learn the language of Sweden, Swedish. There are many forms of Swedish, but the majority of the people speak Standard Swedish. There is a common ground between English and Swedish. Both the languages have similar morphology, as in the words have comparatively remarkably few inflections. 

Joining Swedish classes would be anyone’s first option. There are classes at every corner of Sweden, and it is not that difficult to enroll in them. The class lets you make your own mistakes and help you learn from them. They act as a backbone for you to learn the language. A Swedish class will comprise of many people like you who do not know the language and want to learn it, mostly international students. In an environment where everyone is at the starting point, learning a new language, Swedish becomes much easier for you.

There are a variety of coaching classes that are available, and that will suit any budget. They can start from elementary introductory courses and move on to degree courses. When one enrols oneself for Swedish classes, one must know the details of the program as well as the fee structure before enrolling. Generally, good classes charge a higher fee. These classes generally have a small strength, and hence provide an enjoyable learning environment wherein everyone can get individual attention. Do not forget, these classes also have their own set of homework for you!

There are courses that are available for business professionals who want to learn Swedish; and in these sorts of classes, students are generally exposed to cross cultural Swedish classes. Generally, most of the organizations tie up with Swedish learning centers for their employees who were asked to relocate to Sweden from their native countries. Sometimes, the company assigns a partner for you too.

Other simple ways to learn Swedish is:
  • Watch Swedish movies with English subtitles
  • Read newspapers and pick up words that you don’t understand and look it up in the dictionary.
  • Try to add new words that you have learnt in your daily conversations
  • When having conversations, keep certain words that the other person has spoken in your mind. Write them down on a piece of paper, and go through over them every day. It will help you learn the practical vocabulary.
  • Try to read Swedish posters or sign boards on the road or notices stuck to the wall.
  • Try to make out the commentary on the news channels and the radios. Switch to your native language’s news channel and then try and figure out what they were trying to say in Swedish
  • Try and speak Swedish with the locals. When you go shopping in the local market or any place where you have to mingle with the locals, avoid English and try out your Swedish.

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