Language Immersion Courses in Syria

About Language Immersion Courses in Syria

Arabic is the official language of Syrian Arab republic. Kurdish is also commonly spoken in Syria, especially by people in the Kurdish regions. In addition, many educated Syrians speak English, Armenian, French and Turkish.
Arabic is the official language in many countries, including Yemen, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Tunisia, Sudan and Iraq. Arabic is the first language for over 200 million people globally. Arabic is the language of the Holy Quran, and it is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Learning Arabic is the best way to understand the rich history of Syria.

Benefits of Learning Arabic

Some people perceive that it is very difficult to learn Arabic. However, Arabic has a deep history and words from the language have made their place in astronomy, mathematics, chemistry and mythology. Learning the local language is essential to fully immerse oneself in a particular culture. Those who want to understand the holy Quran in the original version, written in older Arabic benefit greatly from learning the modern Arabic language.  Learning Arabic offers various advantages, from educational opportunities to job placements to career advancement. It also helps the learner achieve an increased cross cultural awareness. Given the growing role of Arab countries in the current political and socio-economic scenario, Arabic speakers are in great demand at consulting firms, news agencies, as well as, marketing departments of companies and universities in many countries. Arabic studies are offered by many schools in Syria. Corporations that have plans to expand their operations into the global arena are eager to have candidates with a background in the Arabic language.

Learn Arabic in Syria

Arabic is a very rich language. Individuals who visit Syria for business or personal purposes can easily study Arabic in the country, as the Syrians are friendly to foreigners and are especially helpful to those that wish to learn their language. Studying Arabic is beneficial for those who want to immerse in the Syrian culture. However, it does take some time to master the language, if it is learnt via conventional methods. Most people in Syria do not speak in English. Hence, the professionals, vacationers and students who come to Syria inevitably pick up at least a basic level of conversational proficiency in Arabic. Spending a few months in Syria is the best way to learn Arabic quickly and easily. In addition, they can get firsthand experience in the Arab culture. Syrians are proud of the Arabic language, and a thorough education in the grammar and other important elements of the language is mandatory. Any language is learnt best by surrounding oneself by native speakers, and learning Arabic in Syria offers that opportunity to those who wish to learn Arabic.

Classes and Courses to Learn Arabic in Syria

Modern standard Arabic courses are offered by institutions in Syria at all levels, including beginners, intermediate and advanced. Depending on the level of Arabic study, learners need to give presentations in the language and write Arabic essays. They are also trained in listening comprehension. The intense curriculum offered by some institutions helps learn Arabic faster.

Private Arabic courses and immersion courses are also available in Syrian Arab Republic, which help students increase their language proficiency.

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